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Detailed Guide to Selecting the Best Order Tagger Apps on Shopify

Your role as a Shopify merchant requires effective management and labeling of orders, which is necessary for streamlining operations and fostering customer satisfaction. One category of apps, named Order Taggers, presents a range of functionalities, from tracking orders to automating specific tasks. The guide provided below outlines a structured approach when choosing this class of apps to optimize your online store's performance.

Key Considerations for Selection

1. Automation and Efficiency: Opt for apps that offer robust automation capabilities. They should automate tagging orders, customers, or products based on certain criteria. These features promise time efficiency, making room for other vital aspects of your business. Thus, explore apps that are automation-driven and ensure they align with your business operations.

2. Order and Status Tracking: A reliable app should accommodate 1,100+ global carriers, including the likes of USPS, Royal Mail, and YunExpress. This functionality is crucial for delivering customizable shipping status alerts to keep customers informed about their orders. Therefore, ensure the app's tracking system is comprehensive and responsive.

3. Email and SMS Engagement: Assess whether the potential app comes equipped with features that facilitate customer interactions through emails or SMS. Regular updates regarding their orders can build trust and give a sense of transparency, which can result in loyal customers.

4. Customer Satisfaction: Scrutinize the extent to which an app can contribute to customer satisfaction. Does it offer features like estimated delivery dates or visual tracking of the shipment journey? These elements can significantly enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

5. Integration: Verify that the app is compatible with other tools already in use within your Shopify store. An app with compatibility features that allow seamless blend with other tools can create highly efficient automated workflows, which are vital elements for optimizing business operations.

Evaluating the Options

1. Price: Many apps offer a variety of pricing tiers, each boasting different features. Identify your budget for this app, and weigh it against the value the app provides. Does the app offer excellent features at a reasonable price?

2. Support: Ensure the app provider offers proactive and responsive customer support. Access to help at moment's notice can be beneficial, especially when you are grappling with queries and require immediate troubleshooting.

3. Customizable Workflows: Investigate the flexibility and customizability of the app's workflows. Top-tier apps should offer adjustable workflows, which can be tweaked to match your business’s unique needs.

4. Reports: A valuable app should provide insightful reports based on your activities. Double-check whether the application provides comprehensive reports that can guide your decision-making process.

5. Free Trials: Many app providers offer a risk-free trial period. Make sure to utilize this opportunity to evaluate if the app’s features align with your business requirements before making a financial commitment.


Effectively tagging orders can prove instrumental in enhancing business efficiency, bolstering customer engagement, and potentially increasing revenue. Therefore, it is crucial to select an order tagger app based on your budget, unique business requirements, and vital features covered above. Always remember, the overarching goal is to improve efficiency, enrich your customers' shopping experiences, and ensure you receive a valuable return from the purchased app.

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