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Comprehensive Guide to Selecting SKU and Barcode Apps

Inventory management is a critical component for any business, big or small. The task can sometimes be overwhelming, but it's crucial to ensure smooth operations and efficiency. This is where specialized SKU and Barcode apps come in handy. They are designed to help you manage your inventory better, reduce stock errors, and boost overall productivity by automating many day-to-day tasks. Depending on your needs, these apps usually support features such as barcode generation and printing, inventory checks, order fulfillment, and SKU management. When choosing an app, it's essential to assess the features, analyze the cost, understand the level of customer support provided, and evaluate its compatibility with your existing business systems.

Key Features to Consider

Barcode Generation and Printing

The ability to generate and print barcodes of various formats, including CODE128, UPCA, EAN13, EAN8, and QR codes, is a critical requirement of these apps. Evaluate whether the app allows for the creation of custom barcode labels, packing slips, and inventory reports to suit your specific business needs. Furthermore, compatibility with a range of printer models substantially expands the app's utility. Ask yourself: Does the app meet my barcode generation needs? Is it versatile in barcode formats and printing options?

SKU Management

Efficient SKU management significantly simplifies inventory tracking, saving you time and resources. An ideal app would enable you to effortlessly create and manage SKU templates, ensuring a consistent format across all SKUs. Some apps even offer automatic SKU generation when you add a new product to your inventory. Reflect on your SKU management needs: Would automatic SKU generation benefit my business operations? How intuitive is the app in creating and managing SKU templates?

Order Fulfillment

An app supporting order fulfillment processes can make a drastic difference in reducing errors and enhancing efficiency. Consider the app’s compatibility with barcode scanners and its ability to generate multi-order picklists. Some apps even aid with picking and packing services. Assess your fulfillment process: Would a barcode-compatible app streamline my process? Would multi-order picklists increase efficiency in my operations?


An app's seamless integration with existing business systems is another deciding point. For instance, it may integrate with inventory management tools like Stocky for quicker label printing, or it might support different printer models. Other added benefits could include dynamic links to data attributes like Metafields and international pricing modules, crucial for businesses dealing with global clientele. Seek answers to these integration-related considerations: Will the chosen app integrate well with my existing systems? How will these integrations benefit my operations?

Pricing, Trials, and Support

The app’s price, while important, should not be the sole deciding factor. Many apps offer a free trial period, providing you an opportunity to test the app’s functionalities before you decide to purchase it. Moreover, ensuring the app has a responsive customer support team is crucial in case you face challenges during use. Reflect on these financial and support aspects: Does the app offer value for its cost? How responsive and reliable is the app’s support?


In conclusion, the journey to selecting the right SKU and Barcode app depends significantly on your unique business operations and needs. Prioritize the features that align most with your requirements. Be mindful of pricing and trial options but remember, popularity or high ratings don't guarantee an app will support your needs perfectly. A lesser-known app may offer features more tailored to your operations. Always keep your business needs at the forefront of your decision-making process.

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