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Boost sales with BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty; incentivize customers to refer friends for rewards.

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BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty is a fantastic app to boost your word-of-mouth marketing efforts and reward your customers for referring their friends through a seamless and customizable referral program. Recommended!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Supercharge Your Sales with BLOOP's Referral & Loyalty Program

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Experience the power of a social proof driven marketplace with an intuitive referral app tailored for Shopify store owners. Utilize the proven method of word-of-mouth marketing optimization that facilitates easy recommendation of your products to potential customers' networks. The app breathes life into your brand, allowing existing customers to earn rewards through loyalty points, creating a thriving ecosystem of customer engagement and boosting sales.

The app's fluid integration capabilities with a plethora of commonly-used apps ensures storefront operations remain as smooth as ever. Launching a referral program is streamlined and simple, letting you witness a spike in your sales without the need for complex setups. The appโ€™s dedicated support team is on standby, ready to be of assistance, ensuring every phase of your journey is seamless.

Reap the benefits from each referral, increase customer loyalty, and experience robust growth in your sales with this rewarding Referral and Loyalty program. This app goes beyond just aiding online marketing, it offers a comprehensive solution to fostering brand loyalty and driving sales growth in your Shopify environment.


Automated rewards for referrers and referees to simplify the process
Customizable social sharing, email content, and branding alignment for a personalized touch
Flexible setup for the referral program with multiple rules
Loyalty points system to incentivize and reward repeat purchases
Comprehensive tracking and reporting of referral revenue and successful referrals


Maximize your sales spike with a streamlined referral program setup, witnessing increased revenue without complex configurations.
Foster brand loyalty through a customizable loyalty points system, encouraging repeat purchases and creating a thriving ecosystem of customer engagement.
Simplify operations and ensure seamless storefront management with fluid integration capabilities, backed by a dedicated support team for assistance at every step.

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Owlfred Review

BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty is a highly recommended app with an impressive average rating of 5 out of 5 based on 95 reviews and 469 installs. This app allows your customers to easily refer their friends, receive rewards, and loyalty points through social shares, enhancing your word-of-mouth marketing efforts. With features like automated rewards, customizable social sharing, and a loyalty points system, BLOOP offers a seamless referral program experience. The app integrates well with other popular apps and provides comprehensive tracking and reporting features. If you're looking to boost customer engagement and sales growth, BLOOP is definitely worth considering for your Shopify store!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can affiliate programs boost my store sales?
Affiliate programs can increase store sales by driving traffic to your online store through affiliates or partners who earn a commission for each sale they refer. This incentivizes them to spread the word about your products thereby increasing your customer base and sales.
Why should I implement a loyalty and rewards system?
A loyalty and rewards system encourages repeat purchases by awarding points or rewards to customers for their purchases. This not only retains existing customers but also attracts new ones as shoppers are motivated to earn rewards and get value for their money.
What does the BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty app do?
The BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty app allows you to set up an affiliate program and a rewards system in your Shopify store. It helps to streamline the process of managing your affiliates and rewards, making it easier to boost sales and customer loyalty.
How can referrals impact my online business?
Referrals can significantly impact your online business as they are one of the most trusted forms of advertising. Referred customers are more likely to make a purchase and become loyal customers because they trust the source of the referral. This can result in increased sales and customer retention.

Shopify App Comparison: BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty vs Automizely Referral&Affiliate - which is better?

BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty App is a comprehensive solution for Shopify store owners looking to boost sales and foster brand loyalty. With an intuitive referral app integrated seamlessly with commonly-used apps, launching a referral program becomes a breeze. The app's automated rewards, customizable social sharing, and branding alignment features provide a personalized touch to encourage customers to refer their networks. The loyalty points system incentivizes repeat purchases, creating a thriving ecosystem of customer engagement. The app also offers comprehensive tracking and reporting of referral revenue and successful referrals. With a dedicated support team, storefront management remains seamless throughout the journey. Overall, BLOOP is a robust app that maximizes sales, fosters brand loyalty, and simplifies operations.

Automizely Referral&Affiliate App is a dynamic app that transforms customers into brand promoters through referral marketing. The app motivates repeat customers by giving them a platform to support your brand among their networks. It extends rewards for successful referrals, incentivizing customer engagement and driving new sales with enticing discounts. Additionally, the app offers collaboration with social influencers, opening a new channel for lead generation. You can compensate influencers based on their sales performance, encouraging further brand promotion. With features like one-click referral campaigns, automatic reward emails, bulk email invites to influencers, and customizable widgets, the app streamlines marketing efforts and fosters customer loyalty. Ultimately, Automizely Referral&Affiliate App is a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your storefront, and boosting revenues.

Based on the capabilities and features of these two apps, I recommend both BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty App and Automizely Referral&Affiliate App for Shopify store owners. BLOOP offers a more comprehensive solution with its fluid integration capabilities and dedicated support team. On the other hand, Automizely provides unique features like collaboration with social influencers, offering a new channel for lead generation. By using both apps, store owners can maximize their referral marketing efforts, foster brand loyalty, and drive sales growth.

BLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty Shopify AppBLOOP: Referrals & Loyalty
Automizely Referral&Affiliate Shopify AppAutomizely Referral&Affiliate
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 95 2365
Estimated Installs 447 6206
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $20.00 $0.00
Works With Klaviyo Automizely, AfterShip
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