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Capture orders quickly with Leadify's customizable COD order form, simplifying the checkout process and boosting conversions.

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Leadify is a must-have app for Cash On Delivery businesses looking to simplify their checkout process and increase conversions with a customizable order form.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Streamline Checkout with Leadify's Simple and Customizable Order Form.

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Simplify and expedite the order capture process in your Cash-On-Delivery (COD) or offline payment-based business with an efficient solution that combines speed and functionality. The app eliminates complex checkout steps, presenting a smooth ordering process for your customers. Swiftly enable a form on your store with a single click and start capturing leads instantly.

What’s uniquely impressive is the app’s capacity for customization. If your business only requires particular details from your customers, you can construct a tailored form collecting only the necessary information. This means your customers enjoy an uncomplicated, direct experience, and your business reaps the benefits of data focused on its specific needs.

Save precious time and resources while optimizing your order capture process. Rapid lead capturing and order processing are just a few clicks away. Whether you operate COD-based or offline payment business, seize the opportunity to streamline customer interactions and expedite growth.


Upsell products and draft products to increase sales potential.
Prevent fake orders with the ability to block them, ensuring a smooth and reliable order process.
Control product availability by limiting the quantity of items that can be ordered.
Enhance user engagement with button animations for a visually appealing shopping experience.
Utilize advanced Facebook Multi Pixel integration for targeted advertising and improved marketing strategies.


Reduce checkout abandonment rates by simplifying the order capture process for your customers, resulting in increased conversion rates and higher order values.
Customize order forms to collect only necessary information, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers and helping you gather targeted data for improved marketing strategies and customer retention.
Save time and resources with rapid lead capturing and streamlined order processing, allowing you to focus on growing your COD-based or offline payment business efficiently.

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Owlfred Review

Whooo's looking for a COD order form solution? Let me introduce you to Leadify, the app that's got all your Cash On Delivery business needs covered. With Leadify, you can easily replace your traditional checkout process with a simple, fully customizable order form. Its one-click enable feature will have you capturing leads and orders at light speed, without having to navigate through complex checkout steps. Plus, you can Upsell products (including draft products), control order quantity to prevent stock shortages, and even block phony orders. The app also integrates splendidly with Facebook Multi Pixel for social media wizards. With an average rating of 5 stars from all its users, it's clear that merchants find it tremendously useful. At only $6.95 per month after a 7-day free trial, Leadify certainly flutters past competition in terms of value for money. So, let the Leadify app be the wind beneath your wings as you soar higher in the Cash On Delivery e-commerce space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I integrate cash on delivery service in Shopify?
Integrating cash on delivery service in Shopify can be done by installing an app such as Leadify-COD Order Form. This app makes it easier for merchants to manage and process COD orders.
What is a COD order form?
A COD order form is a feature that allows customers to place orders and make payment upon the receipt of their goods. It's a popular payment option in ecommerce as it mitigates the risk of online fraud.
How can I improve my COD order management?
Improving COD order management is about streamlining the process. Apps like Leadify - COD Order Form can help by providing efficient order tracking and verification features.
What benefits does a COD order form offer to my Shopify store?
A COD order form provides an additional payment option which can boost sales as some customers prefer to pay on delivery. Furthermore, since payment is collected at delivery, the risk of chargebacks and online fraud is significantly reduced.

Shopify App Comparison: Leadify ‑ COD Order Form vs EasySell COD Form & Upsells - which is better?

When comparing Leadify - COD Order Form App and EasySell COD Form & Upsells App, we can see that both apps have similar capabilities and benefits. They both simplify the order capture process for customers in COD or offline payment-based businesses, resulting in increased conversion rates and higher order values. Additionally, they offer customization options for order forms, allowing businesses to collect only necessary information and gather targeted data for improved marketing strategies and customer retention.

However, EasySell COD Form & Upsells App offers some unique features that set it apart. It provides additional upselling and downselling features, allowing merchants to maximize profitability by capitalizing on every transaction and preventing potential lost sales. The app also includes a phone number verification system using SMS and OTP technologies, which minimizes fraudulent orders, saving businesses time and money. Furthermore, EasySell COD Form & Upsells App integrates with popular social media and advertising platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Google, providing robust tracking capabilities to understand customer behavior better.

Based on these differences, we would recommend EasySell COD Form & Upsells App for businesses looking to streamline their cash-on-delivery system and enhance security while gaining valuable insights and capabilities.

Leadify ‑ COD Order Form Shopify AppLeadify ‑ COD Order Form
EasySell COD Form & Upsells Shopify AppEasySell COD Form & Upsells
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 3 873
Estimated Installs 0 8988
Min Price $6.95 $0.00
Max Price $6.95 $24.95
Works With the latest themes
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