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Merge duplicate accounts and optimize Customer Lifetime Value

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Take control of duplicate customer accounts and enhance the accuracy of your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) with an ingenious app that seamlessly finds, links, and merges similar entries. A prevalent issue in most shops, redundant accounts can distort your customer data, leading to skewed business insights and missed opportunities. Tackle this with an app adept at weeding out duplicates from Point Of Sale sales, multiple email accounts, or even conglomerate accounts from one company.

Maintaining the authenticity of your customer database has never been so effortless. With this tool, you get a simplified yet powerful solution that not only housecleans your database but also optimizes it for better business decisions. See the real-life value of a client company by linking all their accounts, and understand how that impacts your bottom line. This app is all about delivering clarity and precision, casting out the shadow of uncertainty caused by duplicate accounts.

Turn raw data into valuable insights and let this remarkable app refine your understanding of customers and their worth to your business. Put the power of accurate data in your hands and realign your path to profit with a more realistic view of your CLV, all with ease of use and a streamlined approach to account management.


Find duplicate accounts
Link duplicate accounts
Merge duplicate accounts
Privacy-focused approach to customer data
Works with all types of accounts


Identifying and merging duplicate customer accounts to improve Customer Lifetime Value
Enhancing the accuracy of customer data for better business decisions and increased profitability
Streamlining account management for a more efficient and effective approach to customer relationship management.

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Owlfred Review

Hoot, hoot! Doppelganger is an interesting add-on brought to you by Marquee Development. Scheming through accounts becomes effortless as this app helps merge duplicate ones to present a more accurate view of your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). With credit card sales or customers using multiple emails, duplicate accounts can easily pile up, but not with Doppelganger. Its focus on privacy ensures you maintain complete control over your customer's data. Although the rating currently hovers around 2.3 from 8 reviews, it's essential to remember that most backend apps don't get heaps of reviews. Its free plan and low-cost paid option makes it a seemingly efficient choice in the realm of customer account management. However, I would suggest exercising a bit of caution due to its relatively lower rating. Remember, every app doesn't fit all, explore your options first!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you optimize customer lifetime value?
Optimizing customer lifetime value can be achieved in a few key ways such as enhancing customer service, offering personalized experiences, and implementing a robust loyalty program; all aimed at improving overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, leveraging customer data can help tailor offerings to match customer preferences and behaviours.
How do you influence customer lifetime value?
Influencing customer lifetime value largely involves nurturing the customer relationship. This includes providing excellent customer service, understanding customer needs and preferences, and consistently delivering value with your products or services. The more value a customer perceives, the greater their loyalty and potential spend.
What are the risks of duplicate customer records?
Duplicate customer records can lead to several problems, including the inability to track customer behaviour accurately and increased difficulty in managing customer communications. These issues can negatively affect customer service and, ultimately, customer relationships. Also, it can lead to inaccurate reporting and skewed results in data analysis.
What are the two methods for calculating CLV?
There are two primary methods for calculating Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Historic and Predictive. The historic method looks at the gross profit from all past purchases of a customer while the predictive method uses previous transactions and behavioural indicators to forecast future value. Both methods can be useful in shaping a company's marketing strategy and customer approach.

Shopify App Comparison: Doppelganger vs InviteYard β€” Invite Customers - which is better?

The Doppelganger app offers a comprehensive solution to the problem of duplicate customer accounts, allowing you to seamlessly find and merge similar entries. By identifying and merging duplicate accounts, you can enhance the accuracy of your customer data, leading to better business decisions and increased profitability. This app also streamlines account management, making it more efficient and effective for customer relationship management. Additionally, the app takes a privacy-focused approach, giving you control over your customer's data. Overall, the Doppelganger app delivers clarity and precision, eliminating the shadow of uncertainty caused by duplicate accounts. We highly recommend this app for businesses looking to optimize their customer database and improve their customer lifetime value.

In contrast, the InviteYard app focuses on eliminating the hurdle of customer account activation, providing an easy and automated process. By inviting previously uninvited and guest customers, this app reduces customer friction and facilitates quick onboarding, helping to retain and nurture your valuable customer base. With immediate account activation, customers can have a better, personalized shopping experience, which is crucial in the competitive e-commerce landscape. The InviteYard app also saves time and reduces customer friction by smoothly transitioning your business to Shopify. By automatically inviting new customers to activate their accounts, you can focus on business growth, knowing that your customers are being taken care of. We recommend the InviteYard app for Shopify merchants looking to increase customer engagement and loyalty while streamlining their onboarding process.

Doppelganger Shopify AppDoppelganger
InviteYard β€” Invite Customers Shopify AppInviteYard β€” Invite Customers
Average Rating 2.2 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 8 6
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