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Display logos of clients, partners, brands, and vendors on your website to build trust and enhance your brand image.

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Elfsight Logo Showcase is the perfect solution to showcase logos of your clients, partners, brands, and vendors on your website with style and ease!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Boost Your Brand Image: Showcase Logos of Clients, Partners, and Brands

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Elevate your online presence by showcasing an array of collaborated partners, sponsors, or press credential logos right on your website. The mentioned app provides a trustworthy way to portray your established brand image while acknowledging the significant alliances you have formed.

This highly adaptive tool allows you to integrate countless logos seamlessly. Choose between displaying them attractively in a slider format or as a grid, with the flexibility to customize logo size to your preference. The functionality to add captions and working links to company sites maximizes user interactivity and optimally enhances the reach and influence of your visible connections.

Furthermore, make your partners’ logos stand apart by shaping a unique look with a variety of colors and font options. With this tool in hand, you have the means to design an appealing logos section that exudes authenticity, amplifies your brand reliability, and confirms your worthiness of user trust.


Embed any number of logos effortlessly to customize your online presence
Select a layout, adjust sizes, and enhance visual appeal
Paint elements, experiment with varied shapes to create a unique look
Access a versatile tool that seamlessly integrates logos and enhances user interactivity
Customize colors and fonts to design a distinctive logos section that enhances brand reliability and trust


Showcase an array of collaborated partners, sponsors, or press credential logos to elevate your online presence
Seamlessly integrate countless logos in a slider format or grid, customize sizes, add captions and working links to enhance user interactivity
Design a unique logos section with customizable colors and fonts to amplify brand reliability and user trust

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Owlfred Review

Who knew hooting about an app could be this exciting? The Logo Showcase app, by Elfsight, has ruffled my feathers in the best way possible! This intuitive widget allows you to demonstrate all your partners’, sponsors’ logos, or press mentions seamlessly – proving that you're a trusted partner. Reviewed with a perfect 5 star, it's evident that this lesser-known app can help you paint a positive brand image. I especially love the flexibility it provides; from embedding any number of logos, varying their sizes, selecting a layout, to even painting elements and tweaking shapes, not forgetting the options to add captions and company links. All this for only $5.99 a month after a 7-day free trial! Whether intending to create a unique look or keen to showcase logos in a grid or slider, this app is a smart solution for any brand-conscious Shopify merchant in the sector of Icons/Image Slider. Can't wait to see more installs – go on, give it a flap!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I showcase client logos on my website?
You can showcase client logos on your website using a logo showcase app. It easily arranges logos in a neat, professional and visually appealing manner usually using a carousel or a grid layout.
How to improve your brand identity?
Improving brand identity can be achieved by maintaining consistency in logo usage. This involves using the same logo in all your marketing materials. The logo should also effectively communicate your brand values.
How do you effectively use logos to promote your business?
Logos can be effectively used to promote a business by placing them on all marketing materials, social media profiles, website and storefront if available. Additionally, creating a logo that is distinctive, simple, and reflective of the brand can foster brand recognition.
How do businesses use their logos in marketing and advertising to create a strong brand identity and attract customers?
Businesses use logos in marketing and advertising to create strong brand identity by consistently incorporating their logo into every customer touchpoint. This includes email correspondence, product packaging, business cards as well as online and offline advertising. All these efforts can help attract and retain customers.

Shopify App Comparison: Logo Showcase vs Logolicious - which is better?

The Logo Showcase app and the Logolicious app both offer a way to showcase logos on your website or Shopify store to boost brand credibility and trust. However, there are some notable differences in their capabilities and features.

The Logo Showcase app allows you to seamlessly integrate countless logos in a slider or grid format, with the option to customize the size, add captions, and working links to enhance user interactivity. Additionally, you can customize the colors and fonts to create a unique logos section that amplifies brand reliability and builds user trust. With its versatility and adaptability, this app is a great choice for businesses looking to showcase their collaborations and alliances in a visually appealing and user-friendly way.

On the other hand, the Logolicious app is designed specifically for Shopify stores and focuses on displaying product brands, affiliates, and customer testimonials. Its customization abilities allow you to choose between a carousel or grid display, adjust logo dimensions, scrolling style, color overlays, and background colors to align with your store's aesthetics. This app also offers easy logo uploading and optimizing features, as well as a responsive design for seamless display across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. If you're looking to elevate your Shopify store to Online Store 2.0 standards and make a strong visual impact, the Logolicious app is a great choice.

In conclusion, both the Logo Showcase app and the Logolicious app offer valuable features for showcasing logos, but their capabilities and focus differ. Depending on your specific needs and platform, you can choose between the Logo Showcase app for a more versatile and customizable display of logos on your website or the Logolicious app for a visually striking and optimized logo showcase on your Shopify store. We highly recommend exploring the capabilities and benefits of both apps to determine which one best suits your branding and marketing goals.

Logo Showcase Shopify AppLogo Showcase
Logolicious Shopify AppLogolicious
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