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Get real-time store updates via email with Email My Webhooks app for Shopify.

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Email My Webhooks is a great tool to stay informed about your store's activity with email notifications sent straight to your inbox!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 15, 2024

Stay in the Loop with Store Notifications - Get Instant Updates!

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Streamlining your e-commerce operations is crucial for your efficiency, and 'Email My Webhooks' serves this purpose. This app significantly contributes to your store's transparency by automating the process of updating you about key events. Your team, as well as you, will be instantaneously notified about significant occurrences, including account creation, deletion, or activation by a customer, order fulfilment or cancellation, product creation, deletion, or update, and creation of a refund. The elicited notifications contribute to the streamlined management of your store, keeping you continuously informed about the status of your operations.

Install the app in seconds and get started with an uninterrupted stream of notifications, significantly improving your efficiency by reducing the need for manual checks. This way, the app offers an automated, real-time monitoring solution for your store, allowing you to track changes and anticipate any required interventions proactively. Thus, the app turns the overwhelming chaos of managing multiple facets of the store into a systematically ordered information flow that ensures you remain on top of every significant event. Enhance your productivity with this smart app that cleverly consolidates notifications and updates related to your store, in your fingertips.


Receive notifications instantly upon key events like account creations, order fulfillments, and product updates for proactive monitoring
Add multiple emails for your team to ensure everyone stays updated on important store activities
Set up is quick and easy, allowing you to start receiving notifications immediately
Stay informed and in control with consolidated notifications for improved efficiency and productivity
Automated real-time monitoring of important store events for proactive intervention


Automated real-time monitoring of key events in your store, such as order fulfillment, product updates, and refunds, ensuring you stay informed and proactive
Installation within seconds to start receiving uninterrupted notifications, saving time and reducing the need for manual checks
Streamlined management with consolidated notifications, improving efficiency and productivity by keeping you informed and in control

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Email My Webhooks
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Owlfred Review

"Hoot hoot, Shopify merchants! Allow me to share my nuggets of wisdom about Email My Webhooks. This handy-dandy app is all about keeping you in the loop. You and your team get notified via email whenever key events occur in your store. New account created? They've got you covered. Order cancelled or fulfilled? You'll know about it. Product created, updated or deleted? Yup, you won't miss a beat. They even have notifications for when a refund is created. It's a pretty versatile customer analytics tool, ideal for those who like their updates prompt and their setup swift. There's a free plan for baby birds trying their wings and paid options for more seasoned flyers. While it doesn't have as many chirps in the way of reviews, with a few tweaks it promises potential. Owlfred gives a nod of approval for Email My Webhooks."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an app like Email My Webhooks in customer analytics?
Email My Webhooks helps you streamline your customer analytics process. It helps to organize and utilize the behavioral data from your Shopify store which can drive major business decisions.
What value does Email My Webhooks offer for my Shopify store?
Email My Webhooks offers your Shopify store the opportunity to gather and analyze customer data in real-time. This can lead to data-driven decision making, improve customer service, and optimize product offerings.
How does Email My Webhooks enhance customer analytics?
It provides an efficient system to collect, analyze, and convert your customers' data into meaningful insights. This can lead to better understanding of your customers' behavior, preferences, and can help in tailoring your products and services.
Is Email My Webhooks suitable for all sizes of Shopify stores?
Yes Email My Webhooks can streamline customer analytics for any size of Shopify store. It is designed to handle both small and large volumes of data efficiently.

Shopify App Comparison: Email My Webhooks vs Customerly ‑ Churn, LTV & more - which is better?

When comparing 'Email My Webhooks' and 'Customerly - Churn, LTV & more', we find that both apps offer valuable features and benefits for e-commerce store owners. However, they differ in their focus and capabilities.

'Email My Webhooks' is a powerful tool that provides automated real-time monitoring of key events in your store, ensuring you stay informed and proactive. With its seamless installation process, you can start receiving uninterrupted notifications within seconds, saving time and reducing the need for manual checks. The app consolidates notifications and updates, streamlining management and improving efficiency by keeping you informed and in control. It also allows you to add multiple emails to your mailing list, ensuring that your entire team stays informed about the status of your operations. Overall, 'Email My Webhooks' is recommended for store owners who prioritize real-time monitoring and streamlined management.

On the other hand, 'Customerly - Churn, LTV & more' focuses on leveraging customer analytics and insights to boost email marketing revenue and enhance customer retention. The app provides access to critical customer-oriented statistics, such as repeat sales patterns and potential cart abandonments, saving you time and effort in obtaining valuable information. It also offers personalized customer segments based on buying behavior data, empowering you to optimize sales trajectories and increase conversions. With streamlined analytics and strategic decision-making, this app helps drive business growth and increase overall sales and customer lifetime value. If you're looking to enhance email marketing revenue and optimize your sales strategies, 'Customerly - Churn, LTV & more' is the recommended choice.

Email My Webhooks Shopify AppEmail My Webhooks
Customerly ‑ Churn, LTV & more Shopify AppCustomerly ‑ Churn, LTV & more
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