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July 12, 2024

Increase Sales with Powerful Related Products and Cross-Sell Manager

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Optimize your online store's product selling strategy with a smart and efficient tool that offers seamless interconnection of related and cross-sell items. An easy, no-coding-required solution, it allows for the precise assignment of related products to desired pages or handles the selective instrumentation of cross sell items throughout your digital marketplace.

Benefit from adaptable display configurations that include randomization of related products, enriching your customer's browsing experience while keeping them engaged with the variety. It also allows for strategic integration of store-wide default items, providing an ideal balance between showcasing specific goods and ensuring constant exposure for your selected range.

Intuitive management features make mastering this tool a swift process, ensuring that you get maximum results from your dedicated strategy. Utilizing these schemes optimally stimulates visitor interaction, encourages further exploration of your store's offerings, and thereby fosters the potential for increased revenues.

This tool is designed for merchants who wish to unlock the potential of a carefully planned related-product strategy, facilitated by an intuitive interface and dynamic display settings. It brings the advantage of optimal product displays without the need for technical expertise.


Show handpicked related/cross products on product details pages and cart pages, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers
Easily select products to be displayed as generic related or cross-sell items throughout the entire store, effectively promoting a variety of offerings
Strategically integrate store-wide default items to balance specific product showcases and ensure continuous exposure for selected ranges
Utilize intuitive management features for effortless mastery of related-product strategies, maximizing visitor interaction and revenue growth
Optimize product displays with adaptable configurations, including randomized related products, to enrich customer browsing experiences and increase engagement


Increase customer engagement and boost sales by showcasing random related products, enhancing the browsing experience and keeping customers engaged with a variety of options
Drive revenue growth by strategically integrating store-wide default items, striking a balance between showcasing specific products and ensuring constant exposure for selected ranges
Save time and effort with intuitive management features, maximizing results from your related-product strategy and encouraging visitor interaction for increased revenues

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Exico Software Solutions
14-2307 st marys road, Winnipeg, MB, R2n0e4, CA
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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot, Shopify merchants! Let's talk about Exico Related/Cross Sell Manager, a nifty little app for managing related and cross-sell items for your store products. With an average rating of 4.2 from about 40 reviews, it's clear that users are finding value in this app. Though it's a backend app and I can't see how many installs it's had, don't let that put you off. For just $5.99 a month (with a 3-day free trial!), it allows you to assign specific related or cross-sell products per product page or cart page, or select any number of products as store-wide default related or cross-sell products. You can even randomize and limit the display of these products! Plus, no coding is required to integrate it into your store, making it a breeze to use. In short, if upselling and cross-selling are part of your sales strategy, Exico Related/Cross Sell Manager can be a wise addition to your Shopify toolbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase sales by cross-selling?
Cross-selling can be increased by strategically recommending additional related or complementary products to customers during their shopping experience. Offering bundle deals or suggesting items that pair well with their current selection can significantly boost sales.
How does cross-selling increase revenue?
Cross-selling increases revenue by persuading existing customers to purchase additional items. This leverages the cost of acquiring customers by increasing their overall purchase amount, thereby driving up average order value and revenue.
What is an example of cross-sell more products?
An example of cross-selling would be suggesting a phone case or screen protector when a customer purchases a new smartphone. These related items add value to the primary product and encourage additional spending.
Which factor is the most important in being effective at cross-selling?
The most crucial factor in successful cross-selling is understanding customer needs and preferences. By accurately predicting what else a customer might want or need related to their primary purchase, merchants can effectively offer additional items and increase overall sales.

Shopify App Comparison: Exico Related/Cross Sell Mgr vs Cross Sell & Upsell by SSC - which is better?

When comparing the Exico Related/Cross Sell Mgr app and the Cross Sell & Upsell by SSC app, it's clear that both offer valuable solutions for optimizing product selling strategies and increasing revenue. However, there are key differences that set them apart. Exico's app allows for easy and precise assignment of related products, with adaptable display configurations that include randomization. This feature enriches the customer's browsing experience and keeps them engaged with a variety of options. On the other hand, the Cross Sell & Upsell by SSC app provides personalized recommendations tailored to the customer's needs, with eight distinct locations for showcasing cross-sell suggestions. It also offers add-ons, bundles, and other immersive recommendations that create a unique shopping experience. This app goes beyond mere product listings and focuses on making customers feel uniquely served.

Overall, both apps have intuitive management features and are designed to increase customer engagement and boost sales. The Exico app is ideal for merchants who want to unlock the potential of a carefully planned related-product strategy, while the Cross Sell & Upsell by SSC app is perfect for revamping the shopping experience with personalized recommendations. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the specific needs and goals of the merchant. We recommend exploring the features and benefits of both apps to determine which one aligns best with your overall strategy and vision.

Exico Related/Cross Sell Mgr Shopify AppExico Related/Cross Sell Mgr
Cross Sell & Upsell by SSC Shopify AppCross Sell & Upsell by SSC
Average Rating 4.2 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 40 959
Estimated Installs 0 3887
Min Price $5.99 $0.00
Max Price $5.99 $59.00
Works With Shopify Checkout , FirePush, Pagefly, Shogun, Gempage, Back in Stock
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