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Boost Sales and Grow Your Email List with Spin To Win

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Engage your customers and vitalize your online store with a thrilling and highly interactive tool that magnetically holds visitors on your site. Offering a gamified approach to email list building and customer retention, it helps you foster a sense of excitement and reward among customers, thereby encouraging repeat visits and purchases.

It's as easy as a twist of the wrist. Create captivating pop-ups within mere minutes. But this tool is not just about immediate engagement - it's about long-term loyalty. It keeps customers coming back by delivering unique offers and bonuses that they can't resist. Imagine the joy your customers will feel as the spinner lands on a discount - and the loyalty that this simple, gamified interaction can inspire.

But the real power of this tool lies in its ability to help you strategically grow your email list. Each spin is an opportunity to capture visitor information, allowing you to build a robust marketing database that is sure to fuel your future sales campaigns. Step into a seamless experience that perfectly marries fun and functionality, boosting your customer interaction, increasing sales, and enhancing customer loyalty.


Increase sales by boosting customer engagement and retention through gamification
Easily create unique pop-ups in minutes to cultivate long-term loyalty among customers
Strategically build your email list with each spin to fuel future sales campaigns
Customizable design options for a personalized touch
Seamless integration with other Shopify apps like quick view, free gifts, and more


Boost customer engagement and retention with a gamified approach, encouraging repeat visits and purchases
Create captivating pop-ups in minutes to deliver unique offers and bonuses, fostering long-term loyalty
Strategically grow your email list with each spin, building a robust marketing database to fuel future sales campaigns

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Owlfred Review

Spin To Win by Secomapp is a delightful, game-powered spin for a discount that's proven to make your customers feel lucky while boosting your email list and sales. Trading the routine for the unexpected, with this app, it's time to wave goodbye to regular popups and coupon codes. Packed with 10 customizable wheel slice options that cater to your brilliant discount offers, it introduces a fun, luck-based mechanism that your customers will love. This cleverly draws customers into your store, causing a positive ripple effect on your sales. It's user-friendly - no coding or complicated installations here, just a simple click and you're ready to roll. Plus, the design is fully adaptable from text to colors, and it works seamlessly across all devices. Packed with valuable features like multiple campaigns and translation support, it fits like a glove into marketing, sales, and conversion optimization strategies. Spin To Win is from the trusted vendor, Secomapp, a name synonymous with Shopify high-performance apps. Try it out with a 14-day free trial and watch your customer engagement and sales soar. The future of Shopify apps is here and it's disguised as a vibrant, spinning wheel of luck and discount goodness. Spin To Win is worth giving a... well, spin!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put a spin wheel in an email?
Integrating a spin wheel in an email can be tricky due it's interactive nature. Usually, you'll create a spin wheel on your website then place a call-to-action or link in your email that directs recipients to the website to play the game.
How do you make a spin and win?
To create a spin and win game, you need a tool like Spin To Win by Secomapp. It will allow you to customize your wheel, input the prizes or results for each segment of the wheel, and integrate the game into your website.
How do you win spin the wheel online?
Winning a spin the wheel game is usually up to chance. The random algorithm of the game determines which prize or result the spinner lands on. However, some wheels may have more segments with certain results, increasing the chance of landing on them.
How can you reach more people online in the attempt to grow your mailing list?
There are multiple ways to reach more people online to grow your mailing list. You can use social media advertisement, content marketing, SEO, and email marketing. More specifically, offering incentives like a spin the wheel game, where the visitor provides their email for a chance to win a prize, can be particularly effective.

Shopify App Comparison: Spin To Win by Secomapp vs Checkoutify - which is better?

We have reviewed two different apps that offer unique solutions to common problems faced by e-commerce businesses. Spin To Win by Secomapp is a gamified email list building and customer retention tool. It engages customers with a thrilling spin game, offering discounts and other unique offers to encourage repeat visits and purchases. The real power of this tool lies in its ability to strategically grow your email list, capturing visitor information with each spin. The customizable design options allow for a personalized touch, seamlessly integrating with other Shopify apps.

On the other hand, Checkoutify provides a value-driven solution for cart abandonment. It offers data-driven analytics to understand the buyer's journey better, helping to devise powerful strategies for continued customer engagement. With unlimited reactive emails and aesthetic templates, merchants can effectively communicate with customers, enhancing credibility and conferring a personalized touch. The customizable push notification campaigns further improve customer engagement and encourage visitors to complete their purchases.

Both apps have their unique capabilities and benefits. Spin To Win focuses on gamification to boost customer engagement and retention, while Checkoutify focuses on reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing revenue retention. Depending on your business goals, you may choose one or both of these apps to enhance your e-commerce strategy.

Spin To Win by Secomapp Shopify AppSpin To Win by Secomapp
Checkoutify  Shopify AppCheckoutify
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