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The best 3d/ar/vr apps for Shopify in 2024

Written by
Adam Sturrock
Published on
May 19, 2024

Shopify, with its massive user base and versatile capabilities, continues to be a go-to platform for eCommerce businesses of all sizes. Its adaptability to different merchant needs has made it a hub for innovation and growth, attracting entrepreneurs and established brands alike. As technology advances, the integration of 3D, AR, and VR experiences into online shopping has become increasingly popular, offering customers interactive and immersive ways to engage with products.

For Shopify merchants looking to stay ahead of the curve and provide cutting-edge shopping experiences, the selection of the right 3D/AR/VR apps is paramount. These apps can transform a standard online store into a dynamic and visually compelling space, enhancing customer engagement and driving sales.

In this guide, we'll explore the top 3D/AR/VR apps for Shopify in 2024, carefully curated to cater to a wide range of business needs and objectives. Whether you're a small boutique looking to enhance product visualization or a large retailer aiming to offer state-of-the-art shopping experiences, these apps can help you elevate your online store to the next level.

Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, is home to over 2 million active stores, representing a substantial 20% of the global e-commerce market. Shopify is especially renowned for accommodating a diverse range of merchants, from newcomers setting up their first store to large enterprises and household brands. Shopify's accessibility for beginners and scalability for major businesses make it an ideal choice for many individuals and businesses.

The platform provides a wide array of free and paid templates, effectively reducing development costs. Additionally, there are specialized Shopify agencies and experts proficient in handling a wide variety of requirements, offering a valuable resource for those who might otherwise need to build a comprehensive in-house team.

However, with over 7,000 Shopify apps available, choosing the right 3d/ar/vr apps for your Shopify store is crucial for effective business growth and efficient operation. This selection process and the resulting 3d/ar/vr apps utilized can significantly impact the management and scalability of a Shopify store.

With this in mind, this guide has been crafted with beginner eCommerce store owners to ambitious and sophisticated Shopify businesses in mind. The Shopify 3d/ar/vr apps we've selected are also immensely beneficial for medium and large Shopify stores that aim to outshine their competitors.

Let's dive into our top 3d/ar/vr app recommendations for Shopify!

#1 Shopify App Award

1. Zakeke โ€‘ Customizer 2D 3D

Zakeke โ€‘ Customizer 2D 3DZakeke โ€‘ Customizer 2D 3DZakeke 2D Customiser for Web-to-PrintZakeke โ€‘ Customizer 2D 3DZakeke โ€‘ Customizer 2D 3DZakeke 2D Customiser for Web-to-Print

From $19.90/month. Free trial available.

Reimagine the user experience in your online shop with this cutting-edge 2D and 3D customizer. Engage shoppers by allowing them to create bespoke designs on products with an intuitive, interactive interface. Their imagination comes alive as they witness a life-like 3D rendering of their unique creation, boosting engagement and conversion rates.

Through the seamlessly integrated AR functionality, shoppers can virtually interact with their personalized items, fostering a connection to your products that's ordinarily elusive in e-commerce environments. Plus, an advanced virtual try-on tool empowers customers to visualize how their tailor-made items will fit before making a purchase โ€“ reducing returns and increasing satisfaction.

Designed to refine your workflow, this multi-functional app provides practical tools like Web-to-Print automation for straightforward order fulfillment, and a 3D made-to-order solution for smooth management of custom orders. Live quoting functionality keeps your pricing transparent and customer-friendly.

Strengthen the bond with your audience through local and digital combined. This app facilitates integration with various print-on-demand platforms and the option to offer in-store design customization. It's an all-round solution for nurturing creativity, enhancing customer experience, and driving conversions.

Zakeke โ€‘ Customizer 2D 3D is developed and maintained by Zakeke (Futurenext Srl).

Zakeke โ€‘ Customizer 2D 3D has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars with 104 reviews from Shopify stores.

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#2 Shopify App Award

2. MageNative โ€‘Mobile App Builder

MageNative โ€‘Mobile App BuilderMageNative โ€‘Mobile App BuilderMagenative Shopify Mobile App custom landing pagesMageNative โ€‘Mobile App BuilderMageNative โ€‘Mobile App BuilderMagenative Shopify Mobile App custom landing pages

From $49/month. Free trial available.

Unleash the full potential of your Shopify store by transitioning seamlessly to mobile with the help of this robust tool. Offering an intuitive drag-and-drop theme builder, you can craft immersive mobile shopping experiences that resonate with your brand identity. Android and iOS native mobile apps can be created with this platform, capitalizing on the significant reach of mobile marketplaces.

Enrich your store's functionality with add-in features such as push notifications to connect directly with your customer base, expanding engagement and driving customer retention. Unique incentives like app-exclusive discounts are brilliant tools for attracting both new and old customers, resulting in more regular visits and heightened sales.

The integration of WhatsApp and Messenger support serves as an efficient communication channel, ensuring inquiries and concerns are attended to timely and effectively. Inventory management becomes a breeze with the added barcode scanner, bringing invaluable efficiency to the stock control.

Enhance the shopping experience further by leveraging augmented reality features that allow customers to virtually try-on items before purchase. The ability to integrate over 20 premium apps further expands the functionality of your mobile store, enabling customization to fit your unique business requirements. Digitally transform your business today for sustained growth and success.

MageNative โ€‘Mobile App Builder is developed and maintained by MageNative.

MageNative โ€‘Mobile App Builder has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars with 687 reviews from Shopify stores.

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#3 Shopify App Award

3. Angle 3D Configurator โ€‘3D & AR

Angle 3D Configurator โ€‘3D & ARAngle 3D Configurator โ€‘3D & ARCustomize your product in 3DAngle 3D Configurator โ€‘3D & ARAngle 3D Configurator โ€‘3D & ARCustomize your product in 3D

From $39/month. Free trial available.

Bring your online store to life with this high-powered 3D & AR app. Offering seamless compatibility with both Online Store 2.0 and older themes, this robust configurator breathes life into your product presentation like never before. Opening new realms of unique engagement, it gifts your customers the ability to interact and personalize products in jaw-dropping 3D, down to the most minute, photorealistic details.

Getting started couldn't be simpler. All that's required is just a 3D product model. Don't have one? Not an issue. A dedicated support team stands ready to assist, providing 3D models to fit your needs, and starting you on this immersive customer journey without delay. They're just a call away, ready to provide support any hour of the day.

By harnessing this state-of-the-art 3D & AR configurator, your online marketplace will transcend traditional boundaries of user interactivity and engagement. Elevate your store with this tool, providing a unique visual experience that not only captivates your audience but elevates their online shopping experience. Feel the transformative power of 3D shopping and set your store a cut above the rest.

Angle 3D Configurator โ€‘3D & AR is developed and maintained by Angle 3D.

Angle 3D Configurator โ€‘3D & AR has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars with 130 reviews from Shopify stores.

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4. LEVAR 3D & AR Platform

LEVAR 3D & AR PlatformLEVAR 3D & AR PlatformLEVAR designs life-life 3D models from your photosLEVAR 3D & AR PlatformLEVAR 3D & AR PlatformLEVAR designs life-life 3D models from your photos

From $59/month. Free trial available.

Experience the new frontier of online shopping with the 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) platform. This advanced application infuses your eCommerce store with lifelike 3D product models and immersive augmented reality experiences to transform the buying journey of your customers. Extend the reach of this shopping innovation to all of your marketing and sales channels, including product pages, emails, SMS, social media, and landing pages.

The use of exact-to-scale 3D models and AR technologies allows your customers to visualize products from every angle and within their own spaces before making a purchase. The seamless integration of this virtual store enhancement tool fills the gap between digital browsing and physical buying, fostering a deeper customer connection to the products and significantly enhancing purchasing confidence.

Profiting from this AR path opens up new opportunities for your store, mainly by driving higher conversion rates, lessening product returns, and deepening customer engagement. Get ahead in the eCommerce space and set your store apart with this cutting-edge 3D and AR platform.

LEVAR 3D & AR Platform is developed and maintained by levAR.

LEVAR 3D & AR Platform has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars with 29 reviews from Shopify stores.

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5. Camweara Virtual Try On

LEVAR 3D & AR PlatformCamweara Virtual Try OnCamweara Virtual Try-onLEVAR 3D & AR PlatformCamweara Virtual Try OnCamweara Virtual Try-on

From $90/month. Free trial available.

Transform your online shopping experience with an appealing virtual try-on feature that enables customers to visualize how products would look on them using augmented reality technology. This powerful tool gives buyers the confidence to make informed decisions and buy the perfect product with the right fit, leading to higher conversion rates and prolonged user sessions.

A unique advantage to the customer's viewing experience is the ability to try-on items realistically anywhere, be it a comfortable home setting, the heart of a bustling office, or a casual meet-up at the local restaurant. This unique engagement ensures customers can see how products look on their face or hand, bringing purchasing decisions to life.

By equipping customers with such realistic previews, there is a significant decrease in product returns. Customers can now ensure the product is the right match for them before clicking 'buy,' resulting in a significant uptick in customer satisfaction. This app ensures visitors are treated to an interactive and delightful shopping experience that's far beyond the conventional.

Camweara Virtual Try On is developed and maintained by Camweara.

Camweara Virtual Try On has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars with 17 reviews from Shopify stores.

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We hope you found this guide on the top 3d/ar/vr apps for Shopify useful.

Did we miss an app you think should be included in this guide, please let us know!

Top Shopify 3d/ar/vr apps FAQ

Which 3d/ar/vr apps do I need for my Shopify store?

Youโ€™ll want to take advantage of the many 3d/ar/vr apps and integrations available to make your Shopify store the best it can be. Every 3d/ar/vr app highlighted in this article can help take your Shopify store to the next level! With that said, if you can't find what you're looking for in this guide, we recommend checking our comprehensive list of every Shopify 3d/ar/vr app!

What is the best 3d/ar/vr app for Shopify?

The Shopify App Store is always adding new apps, but by analyzing merchant reviews, average ratings, estimated install counts, pricing and other signals we've identified that Zakeke โ€‘ Customizer 2D 3D is one of the top Shopify 3d/ar/vr apps available for merchants in 2024.

With that said, itโ€™s not always the best idea to just go for the most popular app or our recommendations. Always look at how many Shopify stars the app has and what the reviews are saying about the app itself. Where possible, we highly recommend testing apps you are considering by leveraging free trials before commiting to any fixed monthly subscription costs.

Why do I need to install a Shopify 3d/ar/vr app?

Whilst Shopify comes with a broad range of features and capabilities out of the box, many 3d/ar/vr apps go above and beyond what Shopify can provide. Every store has unique requirements and a diverse range of apps are available to meet these needs.

How many 3d/ar/vr apps are recommended for Shopify?

We recommend including atleast one 3d/ar/vr app for your Shopify store if this type of app would be beneficial for your store. There are a lot of free options out there and some great 3d/ar/vr apps that will help you run your business as smoothly as possible.

Can I build my own custom 3d/ar/vr app for Shopify?

The short answer is yes ofcourse! Shopify provides a lot of great documentation to build 3d/ar/vr apps.

The longer answer is that you should weigh up the upfront time, resources and costs of building a custom apps vs finding a 3d/ar/vr app that handles the majority of your requirements for free or for a low monthly fee.

Ofcourse if you can't find a suitable 3d/ar/vr Shopify app to meet your needs then it's definitely worth investigating what it would take to build the app of your dreams!


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