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The best managing inventory apps for Shopify in 2024

Written by
Adam Sturrock
Published on
May 19, 2024

Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform, hosts a vast number of online stores worldwide. With a multitude of merchants ranging from small startups to established brands, Shopify's user-friendly interface and scalability cater to a wide range of business needs.

When it comes to managing inventory effectively, the right Shopify apps can make all the difference in streamlining processes and optimizing operations. With thousands of apps available on the platform, selecting the best inventory management tools for your Shopify store is essential for seamless business growth and operational efficiency.

Whether you're a novice in the e-commerce space or a seasoned Shopify veteran, having the right inventory management apps at your disposal can have a significant impact on your store's success. By leveraging the power of these tools, Shopify merchants can enhance their inventory control, reduce stockouts, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

This guide is tailored to assist Shopify store owners in identifying the top inventory management apps for 2024. From basic inventory tracking to advanced order management systems, these apps are designed to meet the diverse needs of Shopify merchants at every stage of their business journey.

Let's explore our top recommendations for managing inventory on Shopify in 2024!

Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, is home to over 2 million active stores, representing a substantial 20% of the global e-commerce market. Shopify is especially renowned for accommodating a diverse range of merchants, from newcomers setting up their first store to large enterprises and household brands. Shopify's accessibility for beginners and scalability for major businesses make it an ideal choice for many individuals and businesses.

The platform provides a wide array of free and paid templates, effectively reducing development costs. Additionally, there are specialized Shopify agencies and experts proficient in handling a wide variety of requirements, offering a valuable resource for those who might otherwise need to build a comprehensive in-house team.

However, with over 7,000 Shopify apps available, choosing the right managing inventory apps for your Shopify store is crucial for effective business growth and efficient operation. This selection process and the resulting managing inventory apps utilized can significantly impact the management and scalability of a Shopify store.

With this in mind, this guide has been crafted with beginner eCommerce store owners to ambitious and sophisticated Shopify businesses in mind. The Shopify managing inventory apps we've selected are also immensely beneficial for medium and large Shopify stores that aim to outshine their competitors.

Let's dive into our top managing inventory app recommendations for Shopify!

#1 Shopify App Award

1. European Fulfillment | byrd

European Fulfillment | byrdEuropean Fulfillment | byrdInventory tab – manage your inventory & create new productsEuropean Fulfillment | byrdEuropean Fulfillment | byrdInventory tab – manage your inventory & create new products

Free to install. External charges may be billed by byrd separately from your Shopify invoice.

Take your online store deliveries to a new height with meticulous logistics management powered by a game-changing 3PL and fulfillment platform. This strategic solution offers merchants a complete cross-border e-commerce fulfillment system designed to streamline operations with a few simple clicks.

Capitalizing on its cloud-based software, compatibility with the Shopify platform is rendered effortless. This tool enables a seamless transition to outsourcing, delving into all the intricacies of e-commerce delivery processes: from storage and pick & pack operations to navigating tricky cross-border shipping and managing returns.

With tailor-made solutions at your fingertips, the stresses of managing these aspects become a thing of the past. This is an essential tool for quickly scaling direct-to-consumer brands in a fast-paced e-commerce landscape. Embrace the era of smart logistics and elevate your Shopify store's operations to unparalleled levels of efficiency and precision.

European Fulfillment | byrd is developed and maintained by byrd.

European Fulfillment | byrd has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars with 1 reviews from Shopify stores.

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#2 Shopify App Award

2. Inventory Planner Forecasting

Inventory Planner ForecastingInventory Planner ForecastingForecast to have inventory when and where customers want itInventory Planner ForecastingInventory Planner ForecastingForecast to have inventory when and where customers want it

Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Stay ahead of the supply-demand curve and take full control of your inventory with this precision forecasting tool. Catered particularly for online retailers, this application seamlessly amalgamates historical sales data with an automation algorithm to deliver comprehensive, accurate, and real-time forecasts.

This tool goes beyond mere number crunching; it assimilates additional data such as vendor lead times to deliver cutting-edge inventory predictions that ensure you never run into out of stock situations. Consequently, you eradicate all possibilities of losing revenue due to stock unavailability.

More than just an inventory tracker, this application helps refine your inventory strategy. With its intuitive reporting feature, it aids in identifying poorly-performing products, thus saving you from investing capital in unnecessary safety stock. The smart replenishment option empowers you to optimize both your stock levels and cash flow effectively, rendering this tool a critical player in navigating your way towards e-commerce success.

Inventory Planner Forecasting is developed and maintained by Inventory Planner by Sage.

Inventory Planner Forecasting has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars with 142 reviews from Shopify stores.

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#3 Shopify App Award

3. InsureShield Package Protect

InsureShield Package ProtectInsureShield Package ProtectProtect your shipments from loss, damage, and porch piracyInsureShield Package ProtectInsureShield Package ProtectProtect your shipments from loss, damage, and porch piracy

Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Safeguard every parcel shipped from unexpected mishaps such as damage, loss, or theft with this comprehensive insurance solution tailored to e-commerce. With an easy, pay-as-you-go model, merchants can rest assured knowing their goods are covered from warehouse to doorstep. Defend against the rising threat of porch-piracy by offering customers the option to protect their orders at checkout, ensuring each product lands safely into their hands.

With no monthly subscription fees, this insurance solution integrates seamlessly into your existing order fulfillment process. Set customized rules based on your business needs to automatically add package protection to your orders. Should customers choose not to secure their package, the option to extend coverage on their behalf stays open to you, delivering both peace of mind and elevated customer service.

Gain full visibility over claims, meticulously tracked and updated 24/7, ensuring swift, hassle-free settlements typically completed in just a few days. Conveniently manage your protection charges and pay your monthly invoice through an intuitive online portal, crafting the perfect balance between security and simplicity for all your shipping needs.

InsureShield Package Protect is developed and maintained by UPS Capital Insurance Agency Inc..

InsureShield Package Protect has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars with 56 reviews from Shopify stores.

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4. QuickEdit: Bulk Product Edit

QuickEdit: Bulk Product EditQuickEdit: Bulk Product EditUse intuitive rules to edit exactly what you wantQuickEdit: Bulk Product EditQuickEdit: Bulk Product EditUse intuitive rules to edit exactly what you want

Free plan available

Optimize your online store operations with an unparalleled bulk product editor. This powerful tool is specifically designed to streamline and expedite the process of modifying numerous products or variants simultaneously, revolutionizing the way you manage your offerings. Make sweeping changes across your catalogue by adjusting descriptions, titles, tags, prices, and inventory counts - all at the click of a button.

This app brings a whole new level of flexibility by allowing you to effortlessly add, remove, and reorganize product options. With precise automation capabilities, prepare changes ahead of time and schedule them to take effect whenever you decide. This app's unique functionality even extends to its extraordinary safety measures. If, for any reason, you need to backtrack any modification, a single click reverts tasks, undoing the changes effortlessly.

A one-stop solution to reshape, reinvigorate and realign your catalog - this bulk product editor is a must-have tool for every Shopify merchant seeking to elevate their digital store management strategy and maximize the value of their time.

QuickEdit: Bulk Product Edit is developed and maintained by QuickBulkEdit.

QuickEdit: Bulk Product Edit has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars with 62 reviews from Shopify stores.

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5. DPL ‑ Selling Codes app

QuickEdit: Bulk Product EditDPL ‑ Selling Codes appView the Shopify inventory of your license codesQuickEdit: Bulk Product EditDPL ‑ Selling Codes appView the Shopify inventory of your license codes

Basic: $15/month, Pro: $29/month, Premium: $44/month

Dive into a seamless digital product selling experience with DPL ‑ Selling Codes! This unique tool is a byproduct of a successful software license and game key selling business, and it's designed to translate those tried-and-true practices into a robust Shopify application dedicated to the quick and efficient dispatch of access codes, license keys, and more.

Start selling digital downloads with remarkable ease; just choose a product and add your respective access codes via quick copy-pasting or even bulk importing. With every purchase, whether it's a digital download or a physical product, your customers receive pertinent code information swiftly, boosting their purchase satisfaction and loyalty towards your store.

Need customized communications set-up? This app extends beyond the regular email dispatch system by offering advanced merchants the choice to connect to their personal email SMTP, SMS, and more. Empower your Shopify store with this command center for digital code distribution and redefine smooth e-commerce operations with DPL ‑ Selling Codes.

DPL ‑ Selling Codes app is developed and maintained by Digital Product Labs.

DPL ‑ Selling Codes app has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars with 29 reviews from Shopify stores.

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We hope you found this guide on the top managing inventory apps for Shopify useful.

Did we miss an app you think should be included in this guide, please let us know!

Top Shopify managing inventory apps FAQ

Which managing inventory apps do I need for my Shopify store?

You’ll want to take advantage of the many managing inventory apps and integrations available to make your Shopify store the best it can be. Every managing inventory app highlighted in this article can help take your Shopify store to the next level! With that said, if you can't find what you're looking for in this guide, we recommend checking our comprehensive list of every Shopify managing inventory app!

What is the best managing inventory app for Shopify?

The Shopify App Store is always adding new apps, but by analyzing merchant reviews, average ratings, estimated install counts, pricing and other signals we've identified that European Fulfillment | byrd is one of the top Shopify managing inventory apps available for merchants in 2024.

With that said, it’s not always the best idea to just go for the most popular app or our recommendations. Always look at how many Shopify stars the app has and what the reviews are saying about the app itself. Where possible, we highly recommend testing apps you are considering by leveraging free trials before commiting to any fixed monthly subscription costs.

Why do I need to install a Shopify managing inventory app?

Whilst Shopify comes with a broad range of features and capabilities out of the box, many managing inventory apps go above and beyond what Shopify can provide. Every store has unique requirements and a diverse range of apps are available to meet these needs.

How many managing inventory apps are recommended for Shopify?

We recommend including atleast one managing inventory app for your Shopify store if this type of app would be beneficial for your store. There are a lot of free options out there and some great managing inventory apps that will help you run your business as smoothly as possible.

Can I build my own custom managing inventory app for Shopify?

The short answer is yes ofcourse! Shopify provides a lot of great documentation to build managing inventory apps.

The longer answer is that you should weigh up the upfront time, resources and costs of building a custom apps vs finding a managing inventory app that handles the majority of your requirements for free or for a low monthly fee.

Ofcourse if you can't find a suitable managing inventory Shopify app to meet your needs then it's definitely worth investigating what it would take to build the app of your dreams!


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