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The best tokengating & loyalty apps for Shopify in 2024

Written by
Adam Sturrock
Published on
May 7, 2024

Shopify hosts a plethora of apps tailored to enhance the functionality and performance of e-commerce stores, with over 7,000 options to choose from. Selecting the most effective tokengating & loyalty apps for your Shopify store is essential for driving customer engagement and increasing retention rates.

Whether you're a novice in the e-commerce arena or a seasoned Shopify merchant looking to boost customer loyalty, the right tokengating & loyalty apps can make a significant difference in your store's success. These apps can help you create rewarding customer experiences, implement loyalty programs, and drive repeat business, ultimately contributing to the growth and sustainability of your Shopify store.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the top tokengating & loyalty apps for Shopify in 2024, catering to businesses of all sizes and levels of expertise. From boosting customer engagement to increasing sales, these apps offer valuable features and functionalities to help you build a loyal customer base and drive long-term success for your Shopify store.

Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, is home to over 2 million active stores, representing a substantial 20% of the global e-commerce market. Shopify is especially renowned for accommodating a diverse range of merchants, from newcomers setting up their first store to large enterprises and household brands. Shopify's accessibility for beginners and scalability for major businesses make it an ideal choice for many individuals and businesses.

The platform provides a wide array of free and paid templates, effectively reducing development costs. Additionally, there are specialized Shopify agencies and experts proficient in handling a wide variety of requirements, offering a valuable resource for those who might otherwise need to build a comprehensive in-house team.

However, with over 7,000 Shopify apps available, choosing the right tokengating & loyalty apps for your Shopify store is crucial for effective business growth and efficient operation. This selection process and the resulting tokengating & loyalty apps utilized can significantly impact the management and scalability of a Shopify store.

With this in mind, this guide has been crafted with beginner eCommerce store owners to ambitious and sophisticated Shopify businesses in mind. The Shopify tokengating & loyalty apps we've selected are also immensely beneficial for medium and large Shopify stores that aim to outshine their competitors.

Let's dive into our top tokengating & loyalty app recommendations for Shopify!

#1 Shopify App Award

1. Verisart

VerisartVerisartCreate and sell NFTsVerisartVerisartCreate and sell NFTs

From $29.99/month. Free trial available.

Transform the digital shopping experience with the cutting-edge advantage of blockchain technology. This advanced tool provides sellers the ability to authenticate any sold item with a digital blockchain certificate, offering an added layer of trust and transparency for your customers. The tool integrates seamlessly with your online store, helping you bundle both physical and digital products in an efficient manner.

Shopping gets a modern twist with an optimized checkout process, ensuring a frictionless journey from product selection to final transaction. This tool echoes quality and reliability, trusted by high-profile personas and brands, emphasizing its robust functionality and proven effectiveness. Trust and transparency are paramount in today's digital shopping age, and with the prowess of blockchain certification, this tool efficiently meets those demands.

The marriage of simplicity and control in this software enables a streamlined user experience, positioning your eCommerce platform in the forefront of digital innovation. Extraordinary in its utility, and revolutionary in its approach, it offers a new standard of eCommerce, bridging the gap between Web3 and everyday accessibility.

Verisart is developed and maintained by Verisart.

Verisart has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars with 31 reviews from Shopify stores.

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#2 Shopify App Award

2. Shopthru

ShopthruShopthruA screenshot of the campaign creation pageShopthruShopthruA screenshot of the campaign creation page

Price: Free

Ignite your digital selling potential with web3 capabilities. Designed specifically for online marketplaces, the app integrates seamlessly with your existing Shopify store, enabling an unprecedented level of sophistication in your e-commerce operations. The app's primary strength is transforming your conventional online store into a cutting-edge web3 facility.

Navigate and interact with the digital world, complete transactions securely, and harness advanced e-commerce tools. The end result is a substantial improvement in customer experience, increased brand credibility, and potentially higher sales. With agile integrations and optimal user compatibility, this versatile tool is all about extending your selling capabilities into the new age of online commerce.

Benefit from safe, secure, and private transactions, fostering greater trust and confidence in your customers. Through encrypting customer data and transactions, the software prevents potential security breaches, giving your business and consumers the protection they need in the digital sphere. Stay ahead of the market curve, welcome in the future of e-commerce, and equip your site with the web3 superpowers it requires to excel.

Experience a dynamic shift in operational capabilities, from managing your sales to scaling your growth. The elegance of this solution lies in its comprehensive, attainable approach to leveraging the potential of web3 in the e-commerce world. Offering both foundational benefit and future-proof versatility, this Shopify app raises the bar in online commerce technology.

Shopthru is developed and maintained by Shopthru.

Shopthru has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars with 18 reviews from Shopify stores.

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#3 Shopify App Award

3. PERCS NFT Gating

PERCS NFT GatingPERCS NFT GatingTokengate products using NFTsPERCS NFT GatingPERCS NFT GatingTokengate products using NFTs

Free plan available

With the potential to revolutionize your eCommerce business, the app at hand provides an innovative way to create and launch an array of token-gated experiences on your Shopify platform. This immersive tool allows businesses to cultivate a unique community environment while offering effectively enticing perks such as discounts, exclusive access, and exciting giveaways.

Originally envisioned and developed by web3 experts, this app has been adopted by a range of industry juggernauts. This spectrum of user-base attests to its robust functionality and its capacity to adapt to the diverse needs of different organizations. It's a market-smart tool, decidedly capable of keeping up with the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

Moreover, the functionality of the app is ever-expanding, continuously enhanced with new features developed from valuable user feedback. This makes it a living tool, always growing and adapting to deliver the best possible service for your business. Harnessing the power of tokens, you'll be able to leverage a novel form of customer interaction, standing out amidst the competition. Try it out today.

PERCS NFT Gating is developed and maintained by PERCS.

PERCS NFT Gating has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars with 11 reviews from Shopify stores.

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4. Taco Loyalty Rewards Tokengate

Taco Loyalty Rewards TokengateTaco Loyalty Rewards TokengateAdd UtilityTaco Loyalty Rewards TokengateTaco Loyalty Rewards TokengateAdd Utility

Free plan available

Transform the customer experience by rewarding your most loyal customers with this one-of-a-kind loyalty rewards app. With a seamless integration of loyalty points and membership options, your customers get a chance to leverage their spending habits into enticing rewards and exclusive access opportunities.

Designed with adeptness at gamifying customer interactions, this app enables users to earn and spend loyalty points. They can redeem these points for exclusive rewards tailor-made to their wants or tradable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), bridging the gap between traditional reward systems and the trending world of NFTs.

Additionally, the app offers a membership feature that allows the creation of member-only rewards based on traditional tier systems or integrated NFT collections, enhancing customer retention and encouraging steady customer spending habits.

A standout feature of this app is Tokengate, which truly sets this app apart from other loyalty reward offerings. It's as simple as importing your collection, selecting a product, and creating a gate, ushering in an era of token holder-exclusive access. Integration is supported across several platforms including Tezos, Ethereum, Polygon Solana, and Flow, ensuring a broad range of accessibility for users on varied platforms.

With its sophisticated, appealing, yet simple UI, this app elevates the eCommerce customer journey, empowering store owners to optimize customer loyalty and sales in a way that's engaging, modern, and fun.

Taco Loyalty Rewards Tokengate is developed and maintained by Taco Labs Inc..

Taco Loyalty Rewards Tokengate has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars with 10 reviews from Shopify stores.

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5. Manifold Merch Bridge

Taco Loyalty Rewards TokengateManifold Merch BridgeGM-CART Technology automatically adds connect buttons and flowsTaco Loyalty Rewards TokengateManifold Merch BridgeGM-CART Technology automatically adds connect buttons and flows

Price: Free

Revolutionize your e-commerce experience with the merchandise integration system trusted by leading brands. Offering a blend of top-tier security and seamless customer experience, this app allows for token-gate access and instantaneous discounts on any product. This transforms the shopping experience, offering your customers a fluid, intuitive, and familiar purchase process that is as simple as buying a regular item.

Facilitating easy customization, this app includes easy-to-use blocks that can be incorporated into your theme by a simple drag-and-drop process. This enhances user interaction by effortlessly adding connect-wallet buttons and NFT verification mechanisms during both add-to-cart and checkout flows. Personalize your products with the finest details by indicating the NFTs you've chosen for access or discounts, all the way down to the attribute level.

Trust is a precious commodity in the world of e-commerce, and this app is designed to earn yours. The advanced technology employed is deemed "unhackable," providing merchants with much-needed peace of mind. It couples this hardened security with an agile, responsive user interface that makes it a cinch to manage and a delight to use, satisfying the dual demands of modern e-commerce.

Give your customers an evolved shopping experience with this robust yet user-friendly app. Start bridging the gap between traditional e-commerce and the world of tokens, with the assurance of top-level security and an abundance of customization options at your fingertips.

Manifold Merch Bridge is developed and maintained by Manifold Technologies Ltd..

Manifold Merch Bridge has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars with 10 reviews from Shopify stores.

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We hope you found this guide on the top tokengating & loyalty apps for Shopify useful.

Did we miss an app you think should be included in this guide, please let us know!

Top Shopify tokengating & loyalty apps FAQ

Which tokengating & loyalty apps do I need for my Shopify store?

You’ll want to take advantage of the many tokengating & loyalty apps and integrations available to make your Shopify store the best it can be. Every tokengating & loyalty app highlighted in this article can help take your Shopify store to the next level! With that said, if you can't find what you're looking for in this guide, we recommend checking our comprehensive list of every Shopify tokengating & loyalty app!

What is the best tokengating & loyalty app for Shopify?

The Shopify App Store is always adding new apps, but by analyzing merchant reviews, average ratings, estimated install counts, pricing and other signals we've identified that Verisart is one of the top Shopify tokengating & loyalty apps available for merchants in 2024.

With that said, it’s not always the best idea to just go for the most popular app or our recommendations. Always look at how many Shopify stars the app has and what the reviews are saying about the app itself. Where possible, we highly recommend testing apps you are considering by leveraging free trials before commiting to any fixed monthly subscription costs.

Why do I need to install a Shopify tokengating & loyalty app?

Whilst Shopify comes with a broad range of features and capabilities out of the box, many tokengating & loyalty apps go above and beyond what Shopify can provide. Every store has unique requirements and a diverse range of apps are available to meet these needs.

How many tokengating & loyalty apps are recommended for Shopify?

We recommend including atleast one tokengating & loyalty app for your Shopify store if this type of app would be beneficial for your store. There are a lot of free options out there and some great tokengating & loyalty apps that will help you run your business as smoothly as possible.

Can I build my own custom tokengating & loyalty app for Shopify?

The short answer is yes ofcourse! Shopify provides a lot of great documentation to build tokengating & loyalty apps.

The longer answer is that you should weigh up the upfront time, resources and costs of building a custom apps vs finding a tokengating & loyalty app that handles the majority of your requirements for free or for a low monthly fee.

Ofcourse if you can't find a suitable tokengating & loyalty Shopify app to meet your needs then it's definitely worth investigating what it would take to build the app of your dreams!


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