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Understanding and Choosing from Shopify’s Operation-Other Apps

Successfully operating an online store entails navigating a number of backend operations – tasks that are vital but can often be overlooked. Shopify’s Operations - Other category of apps provides unique tools to streamline your store's day-to-day functions, encompassing store monitoring, return management, payment practices, live chat customer support, and even fraud prevention. The following guide helps you select the most effective apps by detailing the essential features to consider within each category.

1. Store Monitoring

If you're looking for an app that provides comprehensive store monitoring solutions, it's important to prioritize the right features:

  • Automated tests to ensure the smooth functioning of various store features like login, search, and add-to-cart
  • Custom test options which can be tailor-fitted for your store
  • Centralized error tracking and monitoring for quick identification and resolution of issues

2. Return Management

To simplify your return-related operations, consider an app that offers a holistic approach to return management, featuring:

  • Seamless integration with your chosen logistics and 3PL
  • Automated procedures for returns, exchanges, and refunds to save time and effort
  • A customer-friendly return portal that makes the return process effortless, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction

3. Cash on Delivery (COD) Customization

If your store offers COD payment, optimizing this process can remarkably improve customer experience. Consider apps providing features like:

  • Add a custom fee (fixed or percentage-based) to COD orders
  • Ability to display or hide the COD option depending on order total, destination country, and product type among others
  • Round-the-clock support to resolve any issues promptly

4. Live Chat Customer Support

Boost customer experience by offering real-time chat support. Consider apps that integrate with platforms like Facebook Messenger and offer:

  • Instant alerts for incoming chats to enable timely responses
  • Customizable chat settings, including triggers, delay, bubble icon, and button text to enhance user experience
  • Chat design customization to perfectly align with your brand’s visual appeal

5. Fraud Prevention

Choose a fraud prevention app that helps reduce fraudulent transactions and potential chargebacks. Look for apps with:

  • Real-time analysis of various data points for accurate validation
  • Automation in capturing payments for approved orders, reducing the likelihood of errors
  • Flexible rules you can customize to best suit your specific business needs

While assessing these features, also consider the cost of the app, the availability of trials, the quality and type of customer support provided, as well as the app’s overall impact on your business's operations. Evaluating these aspects will ensure you make an informed decision that meets the unique requirements of your online store.

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