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A Comprehensive Guide to Picking a 'Recently Viewed' Shopify App For Your Store

Understanding your customer’s digital journey is a key aspect of offering a tailor-made shopping experience. Recently Viewed Shopify apps help capture this important detail, enhancing your ability to boost conversions along the way. In this guide, we'll deep-dive into what you should consider to select a 'Recently Viewed' app that aligns perfectly with your store needs.

Primary Factor: Cross-Sell and Upsell Features

A smart business strategy involves enticing your customers to explore and purchase more than they initially planned. Some 'Recently Viewed' apps are crafted to serve this purpose with cross-sell and upsell features. These attributes, coupled with various automated recommendation options, can guide customers towards additional purchases. One moment they're viewing a product they've recently perused, the next they're eyeing the top-rated or freshly added items they may also like! To have a more targeted approach, consider an app that allows you to manually select and highlight specific items for recommendations.

Factor 2: Enhancing Customer Experience through Personalization

In an age where customization is king, an app that personalizes product displays to align with your brand's aesthetics can greatly improve the user experience. Some 'Recently Viewed' apps utilize machine learning for personalized recommendations, enhancing the relevance of product suggestions for each unique customer. This not only fast-tracks product discovery for your customers but also imparts a sense of familiarity with your brand, fostering customer loyalty.

Factor 3: Advancing Consistency through Customization Capabilities

Wouldn't it be great if the 'Recently Viewed' app melded seamlessly with your website design? Check if potential apps offer customization features like the ability to tweak the 'Buy Now/Add to Cart' button or modifying product layout, like opting for a slider display or adjusting design elements. By offering a consistent visual experience, you can enhance usability and increase the chances of customer conversions.

Factor 4: Integration of Powerful Marketing Tools

A 'Recently Viewed' app with marketing tie-ins can be a not-to-be-missed opportunity! These features allow further engagement via elements like countdown timers, free shipping announcements, or pop-ups, stirring a sense of urgency among your customers. An added advantage is if the app can also collect customer emails which you can leverage for targeted marketing strategies. This blend of marketing with 'Recently Viewed' apps can elevate sales and overall user engagement on your online store.

Factor 5: Embracing Mobile-Friendly Display

With mobile commerce on the rise, it's imperative to opt for an app that presents a mobile-friendly display. Ensure the app doesn't compromise on operational features and functionality across different device types, allowing effortless browsing and shopping for your mobile audience.

Factor 6: Weighing the App’s Price and Trial Period Benefit

The cost of the app and the chance to test it before making a long-term commitment are significant considerations. A free trial period offers firsthand insight into the potential benefits and compatibility with your business requirements before incurring cost. Make a comparative assessment of various pricing plans and evaluate the value for money each app offers.

Factor 7: Dependability of Technical Support

Choosing an app that is backed by prompt, reliable technical support can help ensure uninterrupted services. Responsive assistance can be tremendously beneficial when encountering any teething issues or requiring ongoing support for optimal usage of the app.

By evaluating these facets, you can confidently navigate through the 'Recently Viewed' app options on Shopify. Choose wisely to find the perfect mix of functionality, customization, and support to elevate your Shopify store's user experience and success.

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