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Secure Your Shopify Store with OTP Login/Register Verification

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Experience seamless user authentication with this top-tier application that elevates the security of your Shopify platform through One-Time Password (OTP) verification. This robust app revolutionizes login and registration processes, with a special focus on minimizing identity theft and fraudulent activities, greatly benefiting both e-commerce sellers and their customers.

The app streamlines user registration by verifying email or mobile numbers using OTP, which is sent during the login or sign-up process. This distinct feature doesn't just make sign-ups quick and effortless, it also significantly boosts registration numbers and helps marketplaces maintain a genuine customer database.

An additional edge this app provides is the chance for returning customers to link their contact details with their existing accounts, simplifying the process further. This unique approach negates the need for passwords while strengthening account security.

The inclusion of two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra protective layer to your store, helping store owners to ward off unsolicited sign-ups. Switch to this passwordless login solution and experience a smart, secure, and streamlined login process that can significantly enhance your store's registration rates and overall functionality.


Allow user registrations and login with OTP over SMS, Email, and WhatsApp
Enable OTP verification on the Shopify checkout page
Make OTP the default login option for your Shopify store
Enhance security by restricting user credential sharing with MFA and session management
Implement Multipass, 2FA, Custom OTP Length & Validity for added security


Increase user registration numbers and maintain a genuine customer database
Simplify the login process for returning customers by linking contact details to existing accounts
Enhance store security with two-factor authentication to ward off unsolicited sign-ups

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Owlfred Review

As Owlfred, the knowing owl in the realm of Shopify apps, let's dive into the world of miniOrange OTP Login/Register App. Averaging a rating of 3.3 with 7 reviews, the miniOrange OTP Login/Register sets itself apart as an application that takes customer verification seriously. Despite lacking in installs, this app, mostly used as a backend, brings extra layers of secure authentication to your store by enabling OTP login through SMS, email, or even WhatsApp! From enhancing user registration by OTP to limiting unnecessary sign-ups, it delivers a smooth and secure customer journey. Have OTP as the default login and grant users convenience. With features like session management and MFA, sharing credential information is utterly thwarted. The ability to customize OTP length and validity as well as OTP integration over digital marketing channels are icing on the cake. Free to start, with competitive pricing plans up to $65, the miniOrange OTP app is a smart stop for merchants looking to fortify their website security while maintaining user experience in the realm of accounts and logins. Extra-helpful and practical, wouldn't you agree?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add OTP verification to Shopify?
To add OTP verification to Shopify, you would typically need an app, such as miniOrange OTP Login/Register. After you've installed and activated the app, you can set up the OTP verification feature using the instructions provided within the app.
What is the login with OTP feature?
Logging in with OTP is a security feature that uses a one-time password (OTP) for authentication instead of a traditional password. The OTP is sent to the user's registered contact details (email or phone number) and needs to be entered to verify the user's identity and log them in.
How do I authenticate my Shopify store?
Authenticating your Shopify store can be done by enabling a two-factor authentication (2FA) feature. An app like miniOrange OTP Login/Register can provide this functionality by sending a one-time password (OTP) to the user's registered contact details (email or phone number) for login.
How do I turn off two factor authentication on Shopify?
Turning off two-factor authentication on Shopify depends on how you activated it. If you used an app like miniOrange OTP Login/Register, you would need to go to the app settings and deactivate the two-factor authentication feature there. Remember, deactivating this feature may reduce the security of your user accounts.

Shopify App Comparison: miniOrange OTP Login/Register vs Kraken ‑ Login as a Customer - which is better?

In comparing the miniOrange OTP Login/Register app with the Kraken - Login as a Customer app, we can see that both apps offer unique features and benefits for enhancing user authentication and simplifying the login process. The miniOrange OTP app stands out with its focus on elevating security through one-time password (OTP) verification, enabling seamless user authentication on the Shopify platform. This app not only streamlines user registration but also strengthens account security with two-factor authentication (2FA), minimizing identity theft and fraudulent activities. The inclusion of OTP verification on the Shopify checkout page and the ability to make OTP the default login option further enhances security and user experience. Overall, the miniOrange OTP app provides a smart, secure, and streamlined login process that can greatly enhance a store's registration rates and overall functionality.

On the other hand, the Kraken - Login as a Customer app offers a different approach to user authentication by simplifying the login process and enhancing user experience. Its Login Helper feature allows users to find their profiles effortlessly by using their email, improving convenience and reducing the hassle of lengthy form-filling. The app also streamlines account activation processes, displays personalized messages, and automates account invitations, boosting subscription renewals and new user conversions. Additionally, the unique 'Login as Customer' feature provides deeper insights into customer perspectives, allowing store owners to tailor their services and products to meet client needs. Overall, the Kraken app is designed to enhance user experience, minimize password-related issues, and optimize services to achieve customer satisfaction and retention.

Based on these comparisons, we recommend both apps depending on the specific needs and goals of your Shopify store. If security is a top priority and you want to minimize identity theft and fraudulent activities, the miniOrange OTP Login/Register app is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you want to enhance user experience, simplify the login process, and gain valuable insights into customer perspectives, the Kraken - Login as a Customer app is a great option. Both apps provide unique capabilities and benefits that can greatly improve the functionality and success of your Shopify store.

miniOrange OTP Login/Register Shopify AppminiOrange OTP Login/Register
Kraken ‑ Login as a Customer Shopify AppKraken ‑ Login as a Customer
Average Rating 3.8 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 12 2
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $25.00
Max Price $65.00 $25.00
Works With ZenDesk, Gorgias
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