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Ensure ADA and WCAG Compliance with our Accessibility Assistant app

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The Accessibility Widget intelligently modifies items on your site that have been detected as non-compliant, preventing keyboard-only navigation, or violating ADA Compliance or WCAG Compliance. Being the Customizable app, we have accessibility tools in tact with your site identity. ADA Increase in brand value by implementing the Social Responsibilities at one, Cleave to country accessibility law-thus avoid colossal penalty. Ease of access for the Blind, Ease of access for Visually impaired.

Unlock a new dimension of opportunities and responsibilities with this specialized app, expertly designed to ensure compliance with ADA and WCAG requirements. This app doesn't just make your store more accessible - it talks, it interacts, and it makes your products reachable to everyone anytime, anywhere. It vividly invokes inclusivity, from aiding the visually impaired to facilitating keyboard-only navigation.

The app goes far beyond the standard accessibility requirements. With an intelligent detection system, it actively identifies and rectifies non-compliant elements, making your Shopify store seamless to use for all customer demographics. Expect not just an increase in brand value, but also a huge leap in customer appreciation and trust. No more fearing hefty penalties for violating country accessibility laws - this app has got you covered.

Deceptively simple in design yet powerfully capable, this app proves its worth by aligning with your brand identity through comprehensive customization options. As adaptable as it is versatile, it presents an effortless way to make your site more navigable and user-friendly. Accessibility is no longer just a requisite; it's a reflection of your store's commitment to offering a truly inclusive shopping experience.


Increase website reach by ensuring compliance with ADA and WCAG requirements
Intelligent detection and rectification of non-compliant elements for seamless usability
Customizable design alignment with brand identity for enhanced navigation
Keyword navigation, desaturation, gigantic text, cursor, and starred links for improved accessibility
Word spacing, letter spacing, and line height functionality for better user experience.


Increase brand value and trust by providing a seamless shopping experience for all customer demographics
Avoid penalties and comply with country accessibility laws effortlessly
Reflect your store's commitment to inclusivity and improve customer appreciation

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Owlfred Review Recap

Tickle my feathers, CartCoders Accessibility ADA is truly a wonderful app for Shopify merchants who value inclusivity. It boasts an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, backed by 23 reviews from satisfied users. This clever tool ensures your site is both ADA and WCAG compliant, seamlessly adapting non-compliant elements for better navigation and accessibility. Be it for the visually impaired or keyboard-only navigators, this app enhances the overall experience for all users, potentially growing your customer base. With features like keyword navigation, desaturation, adjustable text size and contrast, it makes a colossal difference in ensuring compliance with country accessibility laws. The pricing structure is reasonable too, starting from $3.99 per month with a handy 7-day free trial period. Overall, I highly recommend CartCoders Accessibility ADA if you are keen on making your store accessible to everyone and avoiding any legal repercussions for non-compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADA compliance and why is it important for my online store?
ADA compliance refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, which require certain businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities. Making your online store ADA compliant can improve user experience, boost SEO, and avoid potential legal issues.
What is WCAG compliance and how does it relate to my eCommerce business?
WCAG compliance refers to conformity with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, a set of recommendations for making online content more accessible, particularly for people with disabilities. Ensuring your eCommerce business follows these guidelines can increase your site's usability and reach a broader audience.
What steps can I take to make my Shopify store ADA and WCAG compliant?
You can make your Shopify store ADA and WCAG compliant by providing text alternatives for non-text content, ensuring all functions can be operated via keyboard, offering adaptable content, and designing consistent navigation. Using an app like Accessibility ADA CartCoders can also simplify this process.
What benefits can the Accessibility ADA CartCoders app bring to my online store?
The Accessibility ADA CartCoders app can help enhance the user experience for customers with disabilities. It can assist with ADA and WCAG compliance, potentially boosting SEO and expanding your customer reach. It can also reduce the risk of non-compliance lawsuits.

Shopify App Comparison: Accessibility ADA CartCoders vs Appify ‑ Accessibility Toolkit - which is better?

The Accessibility ADA CartCoders app is a powerful tool that ensures compliance with ADA and WCAG requirements, making your Shopify store accessible to all customer demographics. The app goes beyond standard accessibility features with its intelligent detection system, actively identifying and fixing non-compliant elements. This not only increases brand value but also avoids hefty penalties for violating accessibility laws. The app's customizable design alignment options allow you to make your site more navigable and user-friendly, reflecting your commitment to inclusivity. With features like keyword navigation, customizable text size and spacing, and cursor and starred links, the Accessibility ADA CartCoders app provides a seamless shopping experience for all customers.

On the other hand, the Appify ‑ Accessibility Toolkit app takes a comprehensive approach to digital inclusivity by offering a range of features. It empowers visually impaired and dyslexic individuals with Text-To-Speech support and diverse Cursor Sizes for enhanced navigation. The app also includes Gray Scale Mode for those with color perception difficulties, Link Highlighting for smoother browsing, and the ability to Mute Sounds and Pause Animations for auditory-sensitive and neurologically diverse users. The app enables font size adjustments and provides Custom CSS and Image Hiding functionality to cater to specific user needs. By prioritizing accessibility for all, the Appify ‑ Accessibility Toolkit app creates an inclusive community and broadens your audience appeal.

Both apps offer valuable accessibility features for your e-commerce platform. However, the Accessibility ADA CartCoders app stands out with its intelligent detection system, which actively rectifies non-compliant elements for seamless usability. This feature ensures that your Shopify store is continuously compliant with accessibility laws. Additionally, the app's customization options allow you to align the design with your brand identity, enhancing the overall user experience. We would recommend the Accessibility ADA CartCoders app for its comprehensive and proactive approach to accessibility compliance.

Accessibility ADA CartCoders Shopify AppAccessibility ADA CartCoders
Appify ‑ Accessibility Toolkit Shopify AppAppify ‑ Accessibility Toolkit
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 26 16
Estimated Installs 958 14
Min Price $3.99 $3.99
Max Price $9.99 $3.99
Works With PageFly, Shogun, Flits, Metizsoft, GemPages, EComposer
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