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Reduce Returns and Shipping Costs with Address Validation iO

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Address Validation iO automatically validates addresses and therefore prevents order issues due to faulty address data. Customers which enter a wrong address are enabled to correct them. The app helps them by showing suggestions based on the address entries. By validating customers addresses, merchants can improve the customer satisfaction and avoid costs for returns, redeliveries etc.

Reduce ambiguity and improve customer interactions with the automatic Address Validation app. This powerful tool diminishes the potential for order complications arising from incorrect address data entries. The app enables your customers to rectify any incorrect dispatch information, effortlessly and efficiently.

The Address Validation app looks for postal code, street, city, and country format errors. When an error is detected, your customers are promptly notified with well-timed and accurate suggestions, empowering them to refine their entered data. This self-correcting feature contributes to a more seamless and delightful buying experience, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business.

Opting for an address validation strategy not only enhances customer satisfaction but it also translates into significant savings for your e-commerce. By eliminating inaccurate addresses, you're dodging unnecessary costs associated with returns and redeliveries. Opt for the proficiency of Address Validation and streamline your order dispatch process today.


Automatically validate addresses to reduce order complications and increase customer satisfaction
Streamline the order dispatch process and save money by eliminating unnecessary costs associated with returns and redeliveries
Enhance overall satisfaction and drive customer loyalty with self-correcting features that encourage repeat business
Prompt customers to correct errors with timely and accurate suggestions for address format issues
Empower customers to rectify dispatch information effortlessly and efficiently, contributing to a delightful buying experience.


Reduce order complications and increase customer satisfaction by automatically validating addresses, prompting customers to correct errors, and ensuring accurate deliveries
Save money by eliminating unnecessary costs associated with returns and redeliveries, thanks to accurate address validation that streamlines the order dispatch process
Drive customer loyalty and repeat business by providing a seamless and delightful buying experience with self-correcting features that enhance overall satisfaction and encourage future purchases.

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Shopify Flow, Checkout


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Owlfred Review

Whoooo'd have thought address validation could be so innovative? Dive right in and check out Address Validation iO, a clever Shopify app developed by the proficient team at Moving Primates GmbH. This app, despite being a backend app without a trackable install count, has garnered a solid reputation with merchants. This is reflected in its 3.8 out of 5 average review score from a humble 7 reviews. Address Validation iO specializes in reducing returns and shipping costs for merchants by assuring address validation. With sophisticated features such as Checkout-Validation, After-Checkout-Validation and Express-Checkout support, it lends a helpful talon to customers who may have entered incorrect address data, facilitating corrections through smart suggestions. Consitent with GDPR and CCPA policy, it also offers a multilingual interface that can be fully customized to suit your shop's branding, further enhancing user experience. This app saves time and money by reducing costly redeliveries and returns, and here's a hoot - it even features an insightful analytics BI-dashboard for tracking your progress. With a pricing range of $9.90/month to $99.90/month and a 7-day free trial on offer, this app seems well-suited for those seeking streamlined operations in order management. Address Validation iO is definitely one to squirrel away in your Shopify tool belt, merchants!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Address Validation app help with order editing?
The Address Validation app aids with order editing by reducing order complications arising from incorrect addresses entered by customers. It does this by automatically validating postal code, street, city, and country formats. If it detects invalidities or errors, it provides accurate suggestions to customers to correct their details, thereby streamlining the order editing process.
How does Address Validation contribute to the customer experience?
Address Validation enhances the customer experience by notifying the customers promptly in case of an error in their address details. It enables them to rectify their information seamlessly and effortlessly, which contributes to a more satisfactory and delightful buying experience.
How does Address Validation impact cost-savings for my Shopify store?
Address Validation can contribute to significant cost-savings for your store. By eliminating the chance of inaccurate addresses, it helps you avoid unnecessary costs related to returns and redeliveries. Therefore, it's a financially prudent decision to incorporate address validation in your order dispatch process.
How can Address Validation improve customer retention and loyalty?
Address Validation can positively impact customer retention and loyalty. By facilitating a seamless and error-free buying process, it inspires confidence in customers and encourages repeat purchases, enhancing their loyalty to your brand.

Shopify App Comparison: Address Validation iO vs Cleverific Order Editor - which is better?

After evaluating both the Address Validation iO app and the Cleverific Order Editor app, we can confidently say that both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits that can greatly improve your e-commerce operations and enhance the customer experience. The Address Validation iO app focuses on reducing order complications and increasing customer satisfaction by automatically validating addresses and prompting customers to correct errors. This feature not only ensures accurate deliveries but also saves money by eliminating unnecessary costs associated with returns and redeliveries. Additionally, the self-correcting features of the app drive customer loyalty and repeat business, contributing to a seamless and delightful buying experience.

On the other hand, the Cleverific Order Editor app streamlines your operations by providing a comprehensive order management tool. This app allows your customers to make simple changes to their orders without needing to reach out to support, promoting autonomy and enhancing the shopping experience. The app also offers various features such as order editing capabilities, automations for gift incorporations, and customized wholesale orders, all of which can drive sales and boost revenue for your store. With this app, you can expect greater efficiency, reduced stress, and an elevated shopping experience that can significantly improve client satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

In conclusion, both the Address Validation iO app and the Cleverific Order Editor app offer valuable solutions for enhancing your e-commerce operations. Depending on your specific needs and priorities, we recommend considering either or both of these apps to streamline your processes, improve customer satisfaction, and drive sales.

Address Validation iO Shopify AppAddress Validation iO
Cleverific Order Editor Shopify AppCleverific Order Editor
Average Rating 4 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 8 295
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $9.90 $29.00
Max Price $99.90 $249.00
Works With Shopify Flow, Checkout Shopify Flow, Checkout
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