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Customize payment and shipping, enhance upsells, and personalize your checkout with AddUp Checkout Upsell.

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AddUp Checkout Upsell is a fantastic tool to enhance your checkout experience with customized payment and shipping options, along with upsells to boost your sales.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Transform Your Checkout Experience with Custom Payment and Shipping

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Presenting a perfect solution for B2B companies seeking to solidify their digital footprint and amplify their brand with an all-in-one tool. This versatile app offers intricate yet simplistic customization of shipping and payment methods. It enables merchants to tailor their online shop, including renaming, hiding, or reordering the existing methods. This translates into a seamless checkout process that gladly retains and confidently attracts new customers.

Unleash your store's potential with the app's dynamic product conditional discounts, that are centred on user-behavior, rewarding loyal customers while luring potential ones. Its tiered and code-pattern-based discounts are also an excellent method to spike conversion rates. These are designed meticulously with both the merchant's profitability and customer's satisfaction in mind.

Specifically curated for B2B businesses, the app offers custom form fields. It assembles vital information from consumers, creating an informative database that bolsters informed decision making. Furthermore, its custom line item blocks provide a cutting-edge platform for upselling during checkout. This paves the path for increased average order values and thus, bloated revenues.

Take your branding status a notch higher with exclusive B2B checkout branding features. Let your brand vision shine with dedicated features that prioritize your brand's identity. Bask in the power of the app's prowess to showcase upsell products, for that final push in securing extra purchases and creating a unique customer experience. Create an unforgettable shopping journey today.


Hide, rename, and reorder delivery and payment methods using Shopify Functions
Boost sales with checkout upsells and product recommendations to increase average order value
Collect essential information from B2B users using custom fields at checkout
Create discounts that auto-apply for products or variants in checkout
Elevate checkout customization through advanced rule-based conditions.


Increase average order value by strategically presenting upsell products during checkout
Encourage repeat purchases and boost customer loyalty with dynamic product conditional discounts based on user behavior
Save time and improve decision-making by collecting essential information from B2B customers with custom form fields at checkout

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Owlfred Review

Meet AddUp Checkout Upsell, a newcomer in the Shopify market. Although it's yet to gain its fan base, it's specifically designed to transform your regular checkout process into a masterpiece of efficiency and a catalyst for increased sales. Primarily targeted at B2B users, AddUp Checkout Upsell allows for comprehensive customization, including the ability to hide, rename, reorder your shipping, payment methods and even customize line item blocks for upselling at the all-important point of checkout. Essential information collection? Checked, this app has custom fields ready at your command. And let's not overlook the enticing benefits of checkout upsells, discount auto-application, and rule-based conditions. Boosting your average order value and sales and taking your branding to the next level? Sounds nifty, right? It comes with a 14-day free trial and monthly rates starting at $19. Before you take flight, bear in mind that it garners a mere 2-star review, likely from it being a fledgling. There could still be bugs to work out, and the developer, WebContrive Technologies Pvt Ltd, is expected to address these issues as the app matures. Indeed, it's an all-in-one solution promising to elevate your Shopify store to new heights. Will it soar or not? Only time will tell. So, keep it on your radar!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can AddUp Checkout Upsell enhance my Shopify checkout experience?
AddUp Checkout Upsell allows you to customize your checkout process by adding upsell and cross-sell recommendations. This helps to increase the average order value and boost sales
What does customization in the checkout process mean in the context of AddUp Checkout Upsell?
Checkout customization with AddUp Checkout Upsell entails adding suggested products to the checkout page. This feature allows you to recommend related items and encourage customers to add more to their cart
How does AddUp Checkout Upsell aid in improving my Shopify checkout experience?
AddUp Checkout Upsell improves your Shopify checkout experience by making it interactive and personalized. It provides tailored product recommendations based on customers' shopping behavior, thus increasing customer satisfaction and repeat purchases
Can I tailor my Shopify checkout using AddUp Checkout Upsell app even though Shopify has a non-customizable checkout?
Even though Shopify checkout is generally non-customizable, the AddUp Checkout Upsell app enhances the process by allowing cross-sell and upsell opportunities to be added. This feature gives you the ability to boost your average order value and maximize revenue

Shopify App Comparison: AddUp Checkout Customizer vs Checkout Bear - which is better?

After examining the capabilities, features, and benefits of both the AddUp Checkout Upsell App and the Checkout Bear App, we can confidently say that both apps offer impressive solutions for optimizing the checkout process and increasing sales. However, there are some key differences between the two that may make one more suitable for your business than the other.

The AddUp Checkout Upsell App is specifically curated for B2B businesses, offering custom form fields and custom line item blocks that enable upselling during checkout. This app's focus on B2B needs and its ability to capture essential customer information make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to make informed decisions and increase average order values. Additionally, the dynamic product conditional discounts based on user behavior help boost customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

On the other hand, the Checkout Bear App offers extensive editing capabilities and a range of customizable features to enhance the checkout experience. Its upselling opportunities, free gifts, and exclusive deals help increase average order values, while the trust badges, product reviews, and countdown timers boost customer confidence and conversions. If you're looking for a more versatile app that can cater to various business types and wants to create a sense of urgency in customers, the Checkout Bear App may be the better choice.

Ultimately, whether you choose the AddUp Checkout Upsell App or the Checkout Bear App will depend on your specific business needs and objectives. Both apps offer valuable solutions for optimizing the checkout process, but the AddUp app may be more suitable for B2B businesses looking to capture essential customer information and increase loyalty, while the Checkout Bear app may be better for businesses looking to create a sense of urgency and offer a range of customizable features. It's important to evaluate your priorities and goals before making a decision.

AddUp Checkout Customizer Shopify AppAddUp Checkout Customizer
Checkout Bear Shopify AppCheckout Bear
Average Rating 3.8 out of 5 3.4 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 4
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Works With checkout , payment customizations, shipping customizations, checkout upsell, checkout , upsell Checkout
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