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Powerful post-purchase surveys to measure & scale your ads performance with customer-led insights.

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If you're looking to gather powerful post-purchase insights to boost your marketing performance, AS: Post Purchase Survey is the app for you!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Measure & optimize ads performance with customer-led post purchase surveys

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Aftersights post purchase surveys enables deep customer insights across marketing attribution, CRO, NPS, research, personalisation & much more. Improve marketing ROI accuracy & get key insights for each channel through post purchase surveys. Use our pre-built 'question library', 'cohort based targeting', 'conditional logic' & much more to create intelligent post purchase surveys. Use advanced analytics to assess channel wise revenue reports for insights collected through post purchase surveys.

Unlock the potential of your customer's experience with comprehensive and intelligent post-purchase surveys. This app will be your secret weapon for deep customer insights across various facets of your business, from marketing attribution to research and personalisation. Not only does this put you in a prime position to optimize your conversion rate, but it also helps improve marketing return on investment accuracy.

Make use of the pre-built 'question library' to extract crucial customer insights, which will then feed the 'cohort based targeting' and 'conditional logic.' Creating intelligent post-purchase surveys have never been easier. The ability to draw on advanced analytics for channel-wise revenue reports gives you unprecedented control over insights collected through post-purchase surveys. It's like adding a super-charged engine to your analytics capacity.

This app takes the guesswork out of how to improve your store’s customer relations and marketing strategies. Now, you can uncover the true potential of every customer interaction, transforming insights into actionable changes. Start your journey to more informed and strategic decision-making today.


Get started within minutes with 30+ ready-to-use post-purchase survey questions
Implement precise customer targeting with options like New vs repeat, AOV filter, and product purchased
Utilize conditional logic branching to create smart surveys and boost response rates
Choose from multiple question types such as NPS, multiple choice, and open text
Gain deeper insights through question level analysis and revenue reports


Unlock deep customer insights post-purchase
Create intelligent surveys with advanced analytics
Improve marketing ROI accuracy

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Artemis Labs, 198, 2nd Floor, CMH Road, Stage II, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, KA, 560038, IN
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Works with

Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Recharge


Free plan available. 14-day free trial.
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Owlfred Review Recap

AS: Post Purchase Survey by Artemis is an intelligent app for Shopify merchants looking to gain customer insights and improve their marketing ROI. This app gets a hoot of approval from its users, boasting a full nest of 5-star reviews! Despite being a backend app with untraceable installs, its testimonies sing praises of its effectiveness. Its feature list is not just a bunch of feathers – it's legit. It comes with 30+ ready-to-use post-purchase survey questions, precision targeting abilities, and dynamic survey responses via conditional logic branching. It also has multiple question formats to suit your needs. Its analytical prowess shines through with deep question-level analysis and comprehensive revenue reports for collected insights. Compatible with Klaviyo, Google Analytics, and Recharge, this app fits right into your tech stack. Pricing won't ruffle your feathers either; with its free plan available and a 14-day free trial, you can make a wise decision before availing their maximum $25 plan. In a nutshell, this app is a real hoot for those looking for a smarter, more effective way to understand their customer base and make their marketing efforts count. Crack open the potential of your customer insights and glide towards higher returns with the AS: Post Purchase Survey!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a post purchase survey?
A post purchase survey is a questionnaire presented to customers after they've completed a purchase. It's used to gather feedback and gain insights about customers' buying experience, products or services, and overall satisfaction.
How can a Post Purchase Survey help in marketing analytics?
Post Purchase Surveys can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can be used to refine and enhance marketing strategies. They assist in understanding the customer journey and identifying areas for improvement.
Why are feedback and surveys important for my online shop?
Feedback and surveys are important because they directly capture the voice of the customer. This helps online businesses understand customers' needs, improve products or services, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately, drive growth.
What is the value of measure in a Post Purchase Survey?
A 'measure' in a Post Purchase Survey refers to a key metric or indicator that the survey aims to monitor or track. This could be anything from customer satisfaction levels, product ratings, to feedback on the purchasing process. It's crucial for understanding customer sentiment and making data-driven decisions.

Shopify App Comparison: AS: Post Purchase Survey vs Lebesgue: Marketing & LTV - which is better?

When comparing AS: Post Purchase Survey App and Lebesgue: Marketing & LTV App, we can see that both apps offer valuable capabilities and features for businesses looking to optimize their marketing strategies and improve profitability.

The AS: Post Purchase Survey App stands out with its comprehensive and intelligent post-purchase surveys. With features like a pre-built question library, conditional logic branching, and advanced analytics for revenue reports, businesses can gain deep customer insights and make informed and strategic decisions. This app helps optimize conversion rates, improve marketing ROI accuracy, and transform insights into actionable changes. It is a powerful tool for understanding customer interactions and improving marketing strategies.

On the other hand, the Lebesgue: Marketing & LTV App focuses on intelligent business analytics and marketing optimization. With features like comprehensive store analytics, ad performance analysis, customer lifetime value (LTV), and retention metrics, businesses can uncover areas for refinement and growth. The app also offers an interactive KPI dashboard for real-time analytics tracking and improved profitability. This app provides valuable insights for developing superior marketing content and forecasting potential revenue.

In conclusion, both apps offer unique capabilities and features for businesses to enhance their marketing strategies. Depending on your specific needs, we recommend either the AS: Post Purchase Survey App for deep customer insights and improving marketing strategies or the Lebesgue: Marketing & LTV App for comprehensive business analytics, marketing optimization, and profitability enhancement.

AS: Post Purchase Survey Shopify AppAS: Post Purchase Survey
Lebesgue: Marketing & LTV Shopify AppLebesgue: Marketing & LTV
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 15 104
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Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $25.00 $79.00
Works With Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Recharge
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