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Verify user age to restrict underage access to your website with an easy-to-use age verification popup.

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AgeEX - Restrict site access is a great tool to verify age and restrict underage users from accessing your website, ensuring legal compliance and user safety.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Unlock Exclusive Content with Age Verification

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Age Verification app provides you with the option to higher legal compliance of business, with only full aged users. Your users will be given the option to easier age verification via a handy popup on the web page.

Capitalize on tighter control over your online visitorship with AgeEX - your reliable digital gatekeeper. This app concentrates on promoting legal business compliance by filtering out underaged users, ensuring that your online content and/or products are accessible only to suitable audiences.

With a simple and intuitive pop-up interface, AgeEX ensures effortless age verification, paving the way for enhanced user experience while tightening the reins over website accessibility. Maintain a responsible and legal online marketplace with AgeEX, your partner in verifying user consent and age, effectively supporting your commitment to responsible commerce.

From the moment a visitor lands on your site, this sophisticated yet user-friendly tool gets to work, prompting users to confirm their age before proceeding. This restriction of site access to only those users old enough for your content is not just about maintaining legality; it plays a vital role in ensuring your Shopify store remains a trusted, responsible marketplace for all customers.

Adopt AgeEX to uphold content integrity, user trust, and legal compliance in one fell swoop. Straddle the worlds of professional business responsibility and consumer-friendly access with ease. Embrace AgeEX, where user consent and age verification ensure the path to successful, reputable commerce.


Effortless age verification at the moment a visitor lands on your site ensures enhanced user experience
Restrict site access by filtering out underaged users to maintain legal compliance
Content integrity and user trust are upheld, ensuring your Shopify store remains a trusted marketplace
Sophisticated yet user-friendly tool prompts users to confirm their age before proceeding
User consent and age verification support responsible commerce and professional business integrity.


Enhanced user experience with effortless age verification at the moment a visitor lands on your site
Maintain legal compliance by filtering out underaged users, ensuring your online content is accessible only to suitable audiences
Uphold content integrity and user trust, ensuring your Shopify store remains a trusted, responsible marketplace.

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Here we have AgeEX ‑ Restrict site access. This app by Vortex App Labs is your handy tool for reinforcing legal compliance on your online store by verifying user’s ages. It swiftly cocoons your checkout process, with a simple yet effective age verification pop-up. It’s not just about preventing underage visitors, you can fine-tune your age control system to tailor it to specific countries and collections – quite a snappy solution for businesses selling age-restricted products. While this young app has had a single review and a score of 1/5, don’t be too quick to judge. AgeEX can be customized to blend in with your site's décor, making sure the age-verification process is as seamless and user-friendly as possible. Plus, a free plan is available, with an upgraded service for just a smidge under $3. So, if you're eager to add an extra layer of responsibility to your shop, AgeEX might just be the feather in your cap! Yet remember, every owl has its day, and this app is still finding its wings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can AgeEX - Restrict site access assist in managing age-restricted content?
AgeEX - Restrict site access is a Shopify app designed to manage age-restricted content. It validates the age of your visitors, helping you ensure you're not selling age-restricted products to minors.
Why is AgeEX - Restrict site access important for certain businesses?
If you sell products like alcohol, tobacco, or adult content, AgeEX - Restrict site access is essential as it allows you to restrict site access to only those who confirm they are of legal age.
Are there legal implications if I don't have an age verification system like AgeEX - Restrict site access on my website?
Yes selling certain products to minors could expose your business to significant legal penalties. An age verification system like AgeEX - Restrict site access can provide peace of mind and added legal protection by ensuring minors cannot access age-restricted content on your website.
Can I customise the age verification process on my shopify store using AgeEX - Restrict site access?
Absolutely. The AgeEX - Restrict site access app offers customizable settings that offer flexibility to tailor your age-verification process to best suit your business needs. You can define the age limit and style the verification popup to fit your store's branding.

Shopify App Comparison: AgeEX ‑ Restrict site access vs Enchant Product Age Verifier - which is better?

When comparing AgeEX and Enchant Product Age Verifier, we can see that both apps offer age verification and site access restriction features, allowing merchants to maintain legal compliance. However, AgeEX stands out with its emphasis on promoting responsible commerce and user trust. With its intuitive pop-up interface, AgeEX ensures that users confirm their age before accessing the site, enhancing user experience and upholding content integrity. This app's comprehensive approach to age verification and user consent solidifies it as a reliable digital gatekeeper, making it an excellent choice for Shopify store owners.

On the other hand, Enchant Product Age Verifier focuses on offering a straightforward and effective solution for merchants to designate age restrictions on specific products. This feature allows for an inclusive customer base while still maintaining regulatory compliance. The app's customizable age verifier and flexibility in conforming to diverse regional age restrictions add to its appeal. Although it provides an efficient way to regulate products, Enchant Product Age Verifier does not prioritize the same level of comprehensive protection for user trust and content integrity as AgeEX.

In conclusion, both apps have their strengths, but AgeEX offers a more holistic solution for fostering responsible commerce and maintaining a trusted marketplace. We highly recommend AgeEX for merchants who prioritize not only legal compliance but also user trust and content integrity.

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