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April 9, 2024

Supercharge Your Marketing with Stream's Integrated Email & SMS Solution

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Stream provides a complete set of marketing operation solutions for independent website sellers. Sellers do not need to create strategies, nor conduct AB tests. One-click open our operation&marketing strategies. The Stream Strategy Center help sellers collect full user info. (generally 10%-30% of website visitors) and conduct targeted recalls for customers who have abandoned orders, purchases and browsing. And bring new revenue through marketing emails&SMS (generally by more than 20%)!

Dive into simplified yet robust marketing solutions with an app offering a comprehensive toolkit for independent e-commerce merchants. Leave behind the laborious task of creating marketing strategies and conducting AB tests with the convenient one-click operation.

This powerful tool houses an intelligent Strategy Center, designed meticulously to capture crucial user information from a significant portion of your site visitors. Unlike other platforms, it hones between 10-30% more visitor data, providing a more substantial foundation for your marketing efforts.

Retaining customers who have previously abandoned orders or simply browsed your site is no longer a arduous task. With targeted recalls, this app nurtures potential buyers back, reviving previously lost opportunities to finalize purchases.

Let your marketing reach go beyond traditional methods with the incorporation of targeted email and SMS strategies. Reap the benefits as it champions a considerable increase in your new revenue streams by over 20%. Say goodbye to conventional ways and welcome this ambitious and effective approach to digital marketing.


Stream: Email & SMS Marketing simplifies marketing strategies with one-click operations, capturing 10-30% more visitor data for robust marketing efforts
Nurture potential buyers back with targeted recalls, reviving lost opportunities to finalize purchases
Increase new revenue streams by over 20% with targeted email and SMS strategies that go beyond traditional methods
Personalized strategies collect users' emails and phone numbers, enhancing user shopping experiences
Implement dynamic strategies that vary based on users' ever-changing needs, ensuring tailored marketing approaches for different segments.


Stream: Email & SMS Marketing helps independent e-commerce merchants capture 10-30% more visitor data, providing a substantial foundation for marketing efforts
With targeted recalls, this app nurtures potential buyers back, reviving previously lost opportunities to finalize purchases
Champion a considerable increase in new revenue streams by over 20% as this app goes beyond traditional methods with targeted email and SMS strategies.

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Owlfred Review Recap

Hoot hoot! Let's talk about Stream: Email & SMS Marketing, an innovative tool perfect for independent website sellers. This fantastic app gives you a full suite of marketing solutions, sparing you the chore of building strategies or conducting tiresome A/B tests. It generously collects sufficient user info (10-30% of site visitors), targeting abandoned orders, purchases, and browsing for recall maneuvers. Stream even increases your revenue by over 20% through the power of email and SMS marketing! The real magic of Stream emerges from its personalized strategies, gathering users' emails and phone numbers, and accurately matching individuals with the right products - making shopping a hoot! Fickle as customers might be, this app is never behind, always varying implementations according to changing needs. Though it's non-installed in traditional terms, its glowing 5-star rating suggests successful backstage operations. And the best part? It costs no more than a squirrels' acorn - absolutely free! So, if you want to make your revenue stream flow with more gusto, it might be time to dive into Stream!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is integrated email marketing?
Integrated email marketing is a strategy that combines email campaigns with other digital marketing channels such as social media, SEO, and content marketing. This approach allows businesses to create consistent brand experiences, improve customer engagement, and enhance campaign performance.
What are the 4 types of email marketing?
The four main types of email marketing include promotional emails, which share special offers and sales; transactional emails, such as order confirmations and notifications; informational emails, which are newsletters or updates; and personalized emails that use AI and customer data to tailor messages to each recipient.
How does Netflix use email marketing?
Netflix uses email marketing to communicate with its subscribers. It sends various types of emails such as personalized recommendations based on viewing history, promotional offers for new releases, reminders for unfinished shows, and account-related notifications. These strategies keep subscribers engaged and encourage them to continue using the platform.
How can I make my email marketing more effective?
There are various ways to make your email marketing more effective. These include segmentation of your email list to deliver relevant content to different audiences, personalization of emails to engage customers on a deeper level, regular testing of your email campaigns to optimize them, and the use of AI tools to analyze and understand customer behavior.

Shopify App Comparison: Stream: Email & SMS Marketing vs Bold Discounts โ€‘ The Sales App - which is better?

When comparing Stream: Email & SMS Marketing to Bold Discounts - The Sales App, we find that both apps offer unique capabilities and features that cater to different aspects of digital marketing. Stream: Email & SMS Marketing stands out with its comprehensive toolkit that simplifies marketing strategies with one-click operations and captures 10-30% more visitor data. This app takes personalized marketing to the next level by implementing dynamic strategies based on users' ever-changing needs. With targeted recalls, Stream nurtures potential buyers back and revives previously lost opportunities to finalize purchases, leading to over 20% increase in new revenue streams. Overall, this app proves to be a robust solution for independent e-commerce merchants looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

On the other hand, Bold Discounts - The Sales App excels in creating coupon-free flash sales with customizable countdown timers and sale icons, increasing urgency and encouraging quick buying decisions from potential customers. This app also simplifies promotional management by automatically highlighting items on sale and populating sale collections. With industry-leading support and a track record of serving high growth brands since 2012, Bold Discounts proves to be a reliable choice for Shopify store owners. If you're looking to boost sales and create an interactive and exciting flash sale experience for your customers, this app is a great option.

Stream: Email & SMS Marketing Shopify AppStream: Email & SMS Marketing
Bold Discounts โ€‘ The Sales App Shopify AppBold Discounts โ€‘ The Sales App
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 4 1216
Estimated Installs 0 148
Min Price $0.00 $19.98
Max Price $0.00 $19.98
Works With Bold Product Upsell, Checkout, POS, Order Management Tools, Product Feeds (ie Google), All 3PLs
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