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April 9, 2024

Boost Your eCommerce Revenue with Powerful Analytics

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The eCommerce experience analytics platform to grow revenue fast. Air360 collects all user interactions in seconds to spot all opportunities to improve & optimize your user journeys. Air360 gives you the recommendations you need to prioritize actions and increase your eCommerce conversion rate fast.

Experience a redefined approach to analyzing your eCommerce data with a robust analytics app that captures all user interactions in near real-time. Boasting an advanced user experience analytics platform, this app is specifically designed to promote rapid revenue growth. It intricately scrutinizes user journeys, highlights optimization opportunities and provides you with in-depth insights to prioritize actions effectively.

Take advantage of this application's intelligent recommender system to unlock potential improvements within your eCommerce operations, swiftly strengthening your conversion rate. It is uniquely built to identify, analyze and offer feasible solutions to the most challenging aspects of eCommerce conversion optimization. The data-driven insights provided by this app will empower you to make informed decisions regarding your eCommerce operations.

Whether you're well-established or new in the eCommerce arena, leverage this app to navigate the complex landscape of user data. Experience a surge in user interaction and an increased conversion rate through this app's scientifically structured, insightful recommendations. This app is more than just an analytics toolโ€”it's your strategic partner for achieving significant eCommerce success.


Capture all user interactions in near real-time with full auto-tracking of retroactive and non-sampled user behavior
Discover behavioral patterns with funnels & user journeys for in-depth insights
Understand content attribution to conversion with On-Page Analytics
Confirm hypotheses with session replays for accurate analysis
Boost personalization strategy with behavioral user segments to enhance user experience.


Increase conversion rate with insights from user behavior analysis
Enhance eCommerce operations and prioritize actions effectively with data-driven recommendations
Boost user interaction and achieve significant eCommerce success through scientifically structured insights

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Owlfred Review

Air360 eCommerce XP analytics, presented by their vendor, Air360, is a promising shiny new app on the Shopify scene. Though it hasn't earned many reviews or installs yet, don't be too quick to judge a book by its cover, or an owl by its hoot! This app is a jazzy jazzed-up tool promising to be the catalyst for speedy revenue growth, transforming your eCommerce playground into a revenue-boosting powerhouse. With features like full auto-tracking of retroactive and non-sampled user behavior and behavioral user segments designed to elevate your personalization strategy, there's much room to hoot about. You'll discover behavioral patterns through funnels and user journeys and have session replays to confirm your hypotheses. Plus, the on-page analytics understanding attribution of content to conversion is a nifty tool to have in your arsenal. Air360 evidently intends to act like an interactive guide, spotting all opportunities to update and optimize your user journeys. Even though it doesnโ€™t currently steal the limelight in customer analytics, the clever and committed merchant might see it as a savvy secret tool. Keep in mind, this app is free to install, but additional charges may apply, so be sure to ask the wise owls at Air360 for more information. Curious for my feathery verdict? It's a grand thumbs up, or shall I say, talons up! Happy soaring!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can data analytics increase revenue?
Data analytics helps to increase revenue by providing you insight into customer behavior. You can use these insights to optimize marketing, improve product offerings, and enhance customer experience
How can e-commerce increase revenue?
E-commerce can increase revenue by reaching more customers globally, offering personalized shopping experiences, and run cost-effective marketing campaigns
What is the best strategy to increase ecommerce sales?
The best strategy to increase e-commerce sales is a mix of solid SEO strategies, effective email marketing, targeted ads, and robust customer analytics to identify customer preferences
How to use data analytics to increase sales?
By analyzing customer behavior, preferences and shopping patterns, you can create personalized marketing campaigns and promotions that directly cater to your customerโ€™s needs, which can effectively drive sales.

Shopify App Comparison: Air360 eCommerce XP analytics vs Retention X - which is better?

When comparing Air360 eCommerce XP analytics with Retention X, we can see that both apps offer robust analytics capabilities to help eCommerce businesses improve their operations and increase their revenue. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Air360 eCommerce XP analytics stands out with its advanced user experience analytics platform, which captures all user interactions in near real-time. This app provides in-depth insights into user journeys, highlighting optimization opportunities and prioritizing actions effectively. It also offers an intelligent recommender system that identifies and offers feasible solutions to the most challenging aspects of eCommerce conversion optimization. With Air360, you can expect a surge in user interaction and an increased conversion rate through scientifically structured recommendations.

On the other hand, Retention X excels in quantifying Customer Lifetime Value, Cohort Analysis, and Customer Segmentation. This app simplifies complex data and transforms it into actionable insights tailored to bolster revenue generation strategies. One notable feature of Retention X is its ability to generate synchronized audiences for multiple platforms, including TikTok, Pinterest, Klaviyo, and Meta. By utilizing Retention X, businesses can unlock the critical pathway to understanding customer behavior and refine their marketing strategies for exponential revenue growth.

While both apps offer valuable analytics capabilities, the choice between Air360 eCommerce XP analytics and Retention X would depend on your specific needs. If you prioritize user experience analysis and data-driven recommendations, Air360 would be a great choice. However, if quantifying customer value, cohort analysis, and synchronized audience generation are your priorities, Retention X would be the app for you.

Air360 eCommerce XP analytics Shopify AppAir360 eCommerce XP analytics
Retention X Shopify AppRetention X
Average Rating 3 out of 5 5 out of 5
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