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Get all your marketing insights in one place with Almund's Customer Data Platform.

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Almund is a great tool for getting all your marketing insights in one place, making it easy to share and collaborate with your team to focus on customer retention in 2023.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Unlock Your Marketing Insights with Almund, Your Single Source of Truth.

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Take control of your marketing data and sail your online store towards retaining more customers with the Almund app. Providing an easy-to-navigate platform, this app brings together all your essential marketing information into one easy-to-collaborate space that drives precise team engagement.

Think of this app as your digital compass, guiding your journey of knowing your customers better. By focusing on those who have previously sailed with you, it plots a course for increased customer retention in 2023 and beyond. Set your sights on flourishing repeat business, maximizing lifetime value and optimizing your e-commerce marketplace performance.

Additionally, this app's standout feature is a dedicated account manager, acting as an experienced first mate who tirelessly scrutinizes weekly audits with you. This ensures ongoing enhancements, better strategic decision-making, and ensures the ship sails smoothly towards your business goals.

Equip your online store with tailored insights, directional strategies, and an ever-watchful guide. Set sail into a bountiful future with the Almund app, becoming the beacon of customer retention in the competitive e-commerce sea.


Sync Shopify data in real-time to streamline workflow and provide valuable insights
Enhance your strategy with data-driven insights and real-time analysis
Integrate with GA & Meta Ad Manager to understand store performance effectively
Automatically segment cohorts based on products
Build your team and share insights to drive better decision-making for sales.


Increase customer retention and drive repeat business
Maximizing lifetime customer value and optimizing e-commerce performance
Ensure ongoing enhancements and strategic decision-making for smooth business sailing

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Owlfred Review

Who doesn't love a comprehensive data platform that makes navigating the Shopify universe a little bit breezier? I'm talking about Almund-Customer Data Platform, folks. Even though it doesn't have any visible installs (hey, it’s a backend app, don’t get scared away), it has some powerful features that can dock it into your favorites in no time. Almund brings all your valuable marketing insights into one easy-to-navigate newschannel, and enhances collaboration within your team. With real-time Shopify data syncing, automatic cohort segmentation based on products, and integration with GA and Meta Ad Manager, it seems like the ultimate sidekick you would want for your Shopify store's performance analysis. Plus, a dedicated account manager running weekly audits is just the cherry on top! Currently, the app hasn't received any stars under its belt, but don't let that dissuade you. Remember, even the night sky started out empty! And the best part? This potential goldmine is, wait for it... absolutely FREE! As you strive to understand your customers better and amp up retention in 2023, Almund-Customer Data Platform could well be the companion you need. So, why not give it a whirl?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a single source of truth in marketing?
A single source of truth (SSOT) in marketing refers to a unified, consistent set of data that all users can reference. This ensures everyone in the organization is working with the same data and can make decisions based on correct, up-to-date information.
How does a single source of truth for data benefit marketers?
Marketers benefit from a single source of truth as it provides them with accurate, consistent and real-time data. This enables them to make informed decisions, measure effectiveness accurately and to predict future trends more reliably.
How do you ensure a single source of truth?
Ensuring a single source of truth requires centralizing all relevant data to a dedicated platform or system. This platform should be accessible to all stakeholders, regularly updated, and rigorously maintained to ensure data integrity and consistency.
What is a single source of truth metrics?
Single source of truth (SSOT) metrics refers to a data management strategy where every data element has one primary reference source. This source of truth metrics measures the consistency and accuracy of data across multiple platforms, thereby improving data quality and reliability.

Shopify App Comparison: Almund‑Customer Data Platform vs Customerly ‑ Churn, LTV & more - which is better?

When comparing Almund-Customer Data Platform and Customerly-Churn, LTV & more, both apps offer valuable insights into customer behavior and aim to improve customer retention. However, Almund sets itself apart with its focus on collaboration and team engagement. With its easy-to-navigate platform and tools for sharing insights, Almund ensures that your entire team is on board and working together towards your business goals. Additionally, the standout feature of Almund is the dedicated account manager, acting as your experienced first mate, who tirelessly scrutinizes audits with you, ensuring ongoing enhancements and better decision-making for sales. Overall, Almund is the app for businesses looking to establish a collaborative approach to customer retention and drive precise team engagement.

On the other hand, Customerly-Churn, LTV & more excels in providing robust customer analytics and insights. It simplifies the process of maintaining customer retention and escalating repeat sales by offering critical statistics on customer behavior, such as repeat sales patterns and potential cart abandonments. The app also leverages personalized customer segments grounded in buying behavior data to boost email marketing revenue and enhance customer retention. With streamlined analytics and a focus on strategic decision-making, Customerly empowers businesses to optimize sales trajectories and drive business growth. If you're looking for a tool that provides in-depth customer insights and helps optimize your sales strategies, Customerly is the app for you.

Both apps offer unique benefits and capabilities that can greatly benefit your business. While Almund focuses on collaboration and team engagement, Customerly highlights robust customer analytics and strategic decision-making. Based on your business needs and priorities, we recommend either or both of these apps to drive customer retention and boost sales performance. Choose Almund if you prioritize collaboration and teamwork, and choose Customerly if you prioritize in-depth customer insights and optimized sales trajectories.

Almund‑Customer Data Platform Shopify AppAlmund‑Customer Data Platform
Customerly ‑ Churn, LTV & more Shopify AppCustomerly ‑ Churn, LTV & more
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