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June 13, 2024

Seamlessly Sync and Optimize Your Store Across All Amazon Marketplaces

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Simplify the challenges of online business management using an all-encompassing integration tool that seamlessly interlinks your e-commerce store with all Amazon Marketplaces. The app's unique value lies in offering an effortless synchronization and management system to oversee not just your products, but also inventory and orders across the two distinct platforms.

The app optimizes e-commerce operations, assuring a smooth and efficient experience throughout. Employ the power of automated workflows to eliminate redundancies, instantaneously updating inventory across platforms, nimbly managing orders, and ensuring product listings are perpetually up-to-date.

A noteworthy feature is the app's capacity for smooth navigation across platforms, allowing the centralization of operations from product listing to fulfilment processes. Its user-interactive interface promotes convenient usage, bridging the gap between your e-commerce store and Amazon, thus fostering an efficient business experience.

Unleash your e-commerce shop's potential by seamlessly integrating it with Amazon Marketplaces, ensuring time-efficient control and easy cross-platform business operations management.


Automatically sync your store with your Amazon Pro account
International support: manage multiple accounts, countries, and currencies seamlessly
Geo-location and Tax management (VCS), FBA, Prime, and Automatic product matching capabilities
Retrieve all orders in one centralized location for a seamless workflow
Compatible with order-printer and sheets for enhanced functionality.


Save time and eliminate redundancies by automating the synchronization of inventory and orders between your Shopify store and Amazon Marketplace.
Increase efficiency in managing your e-commerce operations by centralizing product listings, order management, and fulfillment processes across platforms.
Enhance your business potential by seamlessly integrating your e-commerce shop with Amazon Marketplaces, facilitating easy cross-platform management for a streamlined business experience.

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sheets, Amazon, order-priinter


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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! The Amazon Integration Plus app definitely stands out in our vast Shopify app forest. This handy helper allows Shopify merchants to become marketplace maestros by automating synchronization between your virtual store and multiple Amazon accounts. With an ability to import orders, harmonize stock levels, and create new product listings on Amazon, you've got the trifecta of inventory management essentials. But wait, there's more! Shipping fees and markups can be tailored per item, category, or whole catalog, adding an extra layer of flexibility to your operation. Worried about juggling multiple currencies? This app does the conversion for you! Neat, huh? While the average rating (a 3, to be precise) brings a slight frown to my beak, it's been tried and tested by almost 200 merchants, so don't let that put you off too much. Lastly, that it seamlessly works with other helpful apps like the order-printer and sheets, is just the cherry on top of this efficient app cake. So, got multiple Amazon marketplaces to manage? Amazon Integration Plus might be the app for you. Free plan available with a 14-day trial, because who doesn't love a good try before you buy, right? However, be aware, additional charges may swoop in later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inventory Sync?
Inventory Sync is a process that allows for the seamless flow of inventory data between varying platforms to maintain the consistency and accuracy. It will automatically update inventory levels on all synced databases to avoid overselling or understocking.
How does Amazon Integration Plus help with order synchronization?
Amazon Integration Plus aids in order synchronization by automatically updating order information between your Shopify store and Amazon. Any transaction made in Shopify will be instantly reflected in your Amazon Seller Central, and vice versa.
What is Amazon Codisto?
Amazon Codisto is a powerful tool for eCommerce platforms that enables you to control Amazon marketplace listings directly from your existing platform. It simplifies the process of listing, syncing inventory and connecting different eCommerce platforms with Amazon.
How does the Amazon Integration Plus app integrate with Shopify?
Amazon Integration Plus can be readily integrated with Shopify to help manage your Amazon sales channel within Shopify itself. Once integrated,the app allows syncing of product listings, inventory levels, and order details between Amazon and your Shopify store.

Shopify App Comparison: Amazon Integration Plus vs eBay Integration & Sync โ€‘ DPL - which is better?

In comparing the capabilities of the Amazon Integration Plus app and the eBay Integration & Sync โ€‘ DPL app, we find that both offer seamless synchronization between Shopify and external e-commerce platforms, namely Amazon and eBay, respectively. However, there are key differences in their features and benefits.

The Amazon Integration Plus app stands out with its automated workflows, allowing for instant updates and efficient management of inventory and orders across platforms. This capability not only saves time but also eliminates redundancies, ensuring a streamlined and error-free business experience. Additionally, the app offers international support, allowing you to manage multiple accounts, countries, and currencies seamlessly, which is a valuable feature for businesses looking to expand their reach. With its user-interactive interface, the Amazon Integration Plus app simplifies navigation and centralizes operations, making it a powerful tool for e-commerce optimization. We highly recommend this app for maximizing your business potential.

On the other hand, the eBay Integration & Sync โ€‘ DPL app excels in its bulk product upload feature, significantly reducing time and operational overhead. This capability makes it an optimal choice for Shopify merchants looking to list multiple products on eBay efficiently. The app also offers real-time inventory, product, and order synchronization, ensuring accurate inventory management and preventing overselling. Although it lacks the capacity for multiple eBay connections, its user-friendly dashboard facilitates easy tracking and syncing of orders, providing a unified business experience. For those seeking to streamline their e-commerce operations and expand their reach on eBay, we recommend the eBay Integration & Sync โ€‘ DPL app.

Amazon Integration Plus Shopify AppAmazon Integration Plus
eBay Integration & Sync โ€‘ DPL Shopify AppeBay Integration & Sync โ€‘ DPL
Average Rating 3.5 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Number of Reviews 218 45
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $9.99
Max Price $89.00 $9.99
Works With sheets, Amazon, order-priinter ebay, Printful, Shipstation, ebaymotors, ebaymag, deliverr
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