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Import Amazon Products to Your Store and Boost Your Sales

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Illuminate your Shopify store with the power of Amazon's vast product range. The Amazon Associate Connector app is a strategic tool for merchants aiming to diversify their offerings and generate substantial affiliate revenues. This cogent tool enables the seamless importation of Amazon variants either as distinctive products on your Shopify storefront or in variant styles mirroring those available on Amazon.

Yet, the function of this app extends beyond simple variant importation. It nimbly synchronizes your inventory and pricing structures with those outlined on Amazon – bringing pristine accuracy and up-to-date relevance to your store. The app equips you with the capacity to harness the powerhouse of Amazon's product environment within the familiar confines of your Shopify store, paving the way for augmented customer satisfaction and amplified affiliate revenue.


Import Amazon products seamlessly with high-resolution images into your Shopify store for an expanded product range
Effortlessly sync inventory and pricing structures with Amazon for accurate and up-to-date information
Import Amazon product reviews directly to your Shopify product pages for enhanced credibility and customer trust
Easily access and showcase Amazon variants on your Shopify store for a diverse product offering
Seamlessly integrate Amazon's vast product range within your Shopify store to boost affiliate revenue and customer satisfaction


Leveraging Amazon's vast product range can broaden your store offerings, thus potentially boosting shopper engagement and increasing your opportunities for affiliate revenues
The app's seamless synchronization capabilities can reduce the time spent on manual inventory and pricing updates, helping you maintain up-to-date, accurate listings and thus improving your store's credibility
Importation of Amazon product reviews to your Shopify product pages can enhance your product credibility and contribute to improved conversion rates.

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let's talk about the Amazon Associate Connector app. This nifty piece of tech, developed by InfoShore Software Private Limited, is perfect for Shopify merchants eager to bring Amazon's vast product range into their own online store. Its highlight features include importing Amazon variants as unique Shopify products, importing reviews for a comprehensive buying experience, and synchronizing inventory and prices - this neat little app really takes the hassle out of ensuring your store data is up-to-date! While the app could improve its users' experiences, as indicated by its 3.2 average rating from 65 reviews, it still offers merchants a great way to profit from Amazon's large inventory. If you're an 'Amazon Associate,' the pricing starts at $4.95 per month after a 7-day free trial. This app falls under the 'store data importers' category and despite its low install count, don't let that ruffle your feathers—it's likely an untracked backend app. In summary, if you're looking to bring the power of Amazon to your Shopify store and don't mind a bit of a learning curve, this app could be a wise choice for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import products from Amazon to my Shopify store using Amazon Associate Connector?
Yes with Amazon Associate Connector, you can easily import products from Amazon to your Shopify store. This allows you to take advantage of Amazon's extensive product network and bring it into your e-commerce experience.
How does Amazon Associate Connector help increase sales?
Amazon Associate Connector simplifies the process of adding Amazon's vast array of products to your Shopify store. By offering more products and ensuring smooth operation, you possess a higher chance of increasing sales.
Is it possible to buy products on Amazon and resell them on my Shopify store using Amazon Associate Connector?
Buying and reselling products from Amazon on your Shopify store is doable via dropshipping. Amazon Associate Connector can facilitate this process by seamlessly importing the products you wish to resell.
What category does Amazon Associate Connector fall in?
Amazon Associate Connector falls under the 'Store Data Importers' category. It supports Shopify merchants by pulling product data from Amazon and importing it into their Shopify store.

Shopify App Comparison: Amazon Associate Connector vs Data Fetcher - which is better?

The Amazon Associate Connector app offers a unique set of capabilities and features that allow merchants to seamlessly import Amazon products into their Shopify store. Not only does this enhance the product range and attract more customers, but it also synchronizes inventory and pricing with Amazon to ensure accuracy and timeliness in driving sales. Additionally, the app enables the importation of Amazon product reviews, fostering trust and credibility among customers. With the ability to import high-resolution images, the app enhances the aesthetics of the Shopify store, creating a visually appealing shopping experience. Overall, the Amazon Associate Connector app provides an all-in-one solution for merchants to leverage the power of Amazon's vast product range and generate substantial affiliate revenues.

In contrast, the Data Fetcher app specializes in data migration, offering a simple and efficient process to transfer customer and product data from existing eShops to Shopify. With its user-friendly interface, merchants can easily fill out store information and initiate the fetch process without the need for specialized coding knowledge. The app's versatility is highlighted by its ability to save time and effort by centralizing and synchronizing data across platforms, ensuring consistency and saving costs on manual data entry. The highly-responsive support team is also available for quick issue resolution, providing peace of mind and optimal performance for the Shopify store. Overall, the Data Fetcher app empowers merchants to stay ahead in the e-commerce game, simplify business operations, and maintain optimal performance.

Based on our evaluation, we recommend both the Amazon Associate Connector app and the Data Fetcher app for different purposes. If you are looking to diversify your offerings, generate affiliate revenues, and enhance your product range, the Amazon Associate Connector app is the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you are in need of seamless data migration, centralization, and synchronization across platforms, the Data Fetcher app is the ideal solution. Both apps offer unique capabilities and features that can greatly benefit merchants in different aspects of their business.

Amazon Associate Connector Shopify AppAmazon Associate Connector
Data Fetcher Shopify AppData Fetcher
Average Rating 3.8 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 67 23
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