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Easily dropship Amazon products or earn affiliate commissions through Shopify with Zonify.

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Zonify is a fantastic app for Shopify store owners looking to easily dropship products from Amazon or earn commissions through the Amazon affiliate program.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Streamline Your Shopify Store with Zonify's Amazon Integration

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Zonify was developed for Shopify store owners who want to Dropship products from Amazon or use the Amazon affiliate program and earn amazon affiliate commissions by referring the visitors to complete the purchase on Amazon.

Envision the vast catalog of Amazon at your fingertips, ready to integrate into your Shopify store in a seamless, efficient way. With powerful dropshipping functions, this app empowers you with the ability to list Amazon products directly to your Shopify store. Merchants looking to widen their product offerings need look no further as this tool deftly tames the Amazon jungle, providing an expansive product base to select from.

You're not just gaining access to a plethora of productsβ€”but also harnessing the power of the Amazon affiliate program. Each visitor you steer towards Amazon for the product final purchase fosters a chance to garner a luscious commission. This enticing blend of dropshipping and product affiliate marketing opens up a new revenue stream that can support and grow your business.

With the ease of use in its design, you can swiftly locate and incorporate products into your Shopify retail space. It's about curating an experience for your customers, underpinned by the reliability and variety a titan like Amazon can offer. Streamlined, effective, and profit-oriented, this app is the key to weaving the virtual isles of Amazon products into the fabric of your online store.


Import Amazon's best-selling products with just a few clicks
Display 'Add to Cart' or 'View on Amazon' buttons on your product page
Earn commissions by directing visitors to complete purchases on Amazon
Seamlessly integrate Amazon products into your Shopify store for a wider product selection
Enhance customer experience and boost sales by incorporating high-quality Amazon products


Import Amazon's vast product catalog seamlessly into your Shopify store, expanding your product offerings effortlessly
Earn commissions by directing visitors to Amazon for final purchases, leveraging the Amazon affiliate program to boost your revenue streams
Quickly and easily incorporate high-quality Amazon products into your Shopify store, enhancing customer experience and driving sales

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Owlfred Review

Whoosh! Zonify is consciously tailoring the dropshipping experience for Shopify merchants with an extra touch of Amazon integration. Retailers adore this app because it allows them to import top-selling products from Amazon into their store with just a few clicks. And guess what! It serves dual purposes - either choose to dropship products or leverage the Amazon affiliate program to rack up commissions. Zonify lets you wear the hat of customization by giving you the power to choose between an 'Add to Cart' or 'View on Amazon' button on your product page. The installation rate may be on the lower side, but those using it vouch for its effectiveness with an applauding average rating of 4.7 from about 115 reviews. With pricing starting at $14.95/month, you can give it a nod without burning a hole in your pocket. Built by Importify, it's no surprise that Zonify is becoming merchants' best buddy in the affiliate programs and dropshipping categories. Whoot-Whoot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dropship products from Amazon to Shopify using Zonify?
Zonify allows you to easily import products from Amazon into your Shopify store for dropshipping. After installing Zonify on your Shopify store, you can browse Amazon for products and then add them to your store with a single click using the Zonify Chrome extension.
What are the key benefits of using an application like Zonify for Amazon Dropshipping in Shopify?
Zonify makes Amazon dropshipping easier by automating the product importation process to your Shopify store. This significantly cuts down the time you spend on product research and listing. Plus, you can edit product details before pushing them to your store, offering a more customized experience for your customers.
What is the role of affiliate programs in Zonify ‑ Amazon Dropshipping?
Affiliate programs play a crucial role in Zonify ‑ Amazon Dropshipping by offering a chance to earn additional income. When a customer purchases an Amazon product listed on your Shopify store, Amazon pays an affiliate commission for driving that sale.
Is Zonify ‑ Amazon Dropshipping compatible with other Shopify applications?
Yes Zonify is designed to be compatible with an extensive range of other Shopify applications. However, it is always a good idea to test Zonify with other apps you use on your Shopify store to ensure seamless integration.

Shopify App Comparison: Zonify ‑ Amazon Dropshipping vs Jaka Affiliate Marketing - which is better?

When comparing Zonify - Amazon Dropshipping App and Jaka Affiliate Marketing App, we can see that both apps offer powerful features that can enhance your online business. Zonify allows you to seamlessly integrate Amazon's vast product catalog into your Shopify store, expanding your product offerings effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can import Amazon's best-selling products and display 'Add to Cart' or 'View on Amazon' buttons on your product page. Moreover, you can earn commissions by directing visitors to complete purchases on Amazon, leveraging the Amazon affiliate program to boost your revenue streams. This app provides a streamlined and effective way to curate an experience for your customers with high-quality Amazon products.

On the other hand, Jaka Affiliate Marketing App offers an all-in-one resource for establishing potent referral programs and overseeing adept affiliate networks. With this app, you can easily build your own affiliate campaign with attractive commissions and discounts. It allows you to connect influencers and customers to become your referral partners effortlessly. The app's advanced tracking mechanisms generate distinct links and coupons automatically, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. With Jaka, you can generate revenue effortlessly by tapping into fresh affiliate connections or converting satisfied customers into persuasive advocates without the need for a dedicated marketing team. This app offers a cost-effective marketing strategy that can accelerate your growth in the world of e-commerce.

In conclusion, Zonify - Amazon Dropshipping App and Jaka Affiliate Marketing App both have their unique advantages. If you are looking to expand your product offerings and leverage the power of Amazon, Zonify is the way to go. However, if you want to establish potent referral programs and tap into the potential of affiliate marketing, Jaka is the ideal choice. Depending on your specific business needs and goals, we recommend considering both apps and deciding which one aligns better with your overall strategy.

Zonify ‑ Amazon Dropshipping Shopify AppZonify ‑ Amazon Dropshipping
Jaka Affiliate Marketing Shopify AppJaka Affiliate Marketing
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 120 12
Estimated Installs 36 166
Min Price $14.95 $0.00
Max Price $24.95 $0.00
Works With amazon
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