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June 13, 2024

Protect Your E-Commerce Store with Advanced Visitor Restriction

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Experience cyber tranquility with this robust fraud-blocking application designed specifically for Shopify sellers. Featuring an advanced system that neither imposes limits on the number of sessions nor intrudes on customer data privacy, this app offers unmatched security balance.

The appโ€™s key function lies in its superior evaluation of site visitors; wielding both risk scores and geographical IP information to determine possible threats. This comprehensive analysis deters malicious players including hackers, spammers and content scrapers. The end result is an optimised website performance, unmarred by the chaos of fraudulent orders.

In collaboration with Google Analytics, this essential tool substantially enhances its reporting capacities. It allows you to cross-verify visitorโ€™s blacklist status, providing an extra layer of intelligence. Furthermore, the flexibility offered is truly praiseworthy; granting the choice not to block certain servers or visitors, thus ensuring absolute control in your hands.

A potent combination of security and discretion, this powerful app safeguards your Shopify marketplace, thereby elevating your business performance to its greatest potential.


Analyse visitor's risk score and set auto email alerts for cautious traffic
Block visitors based on IP, host, country, and continent information without any hidden limits
Monitor and analyze successful blocked or redirected visitors through detailed reports
Bulk block IPs, countries, bots, servers, VPNs, and TOR networks by uploading lists for easy management
Maintain control by selectively choosing not to block certain servers or visitors, ensuring ultimate flexibility and customization.


Block fraudulent orders and protect your Shopify store from hackers, spammers, and content scrapers
Improve website performance by deterring malicious players, leading to a reduction in fraudulent activities and an increase in legitimate orders
Enhance reporting capabilities through collaboration with Google Analytics, allowing you to cross-verify visitor blacklist status and gain valuable insights for decision-making.

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Owlfred Review

Step up your Ecommerce fortress with Unlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker by PORGOK! This wise choice of an app flaunts a near-perfect 4.8-star average rating, powered by glowing reviews. It belts out powerful security features that range from risk score analysis of site visitors to restricting those pesky, unwelcome threats boasting impressive speed and reliability. You can bask in the swift action of blocking visitors through IP, host, country, and even continent info, all without any hidden caps on sessions. Stay informed with detailed reports on successful blocked or redirected visitors and even download this data via CSV file. What's even better is the option to bulk block IPs, bots, servers, and more, making it an essential tool in your fraud prevention arsenal. Keen on not blocking certain servers or visitors? You've got the reigns! Bonus: The app does not collect your customer's info, staying true to privacy needs. A free plan and a 1-day trial are available, making it a wallet-friendly choice. So, dear Shopify sellers, be wise as an owl and give the Unlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker a go in fortifying your digital storefront.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I shield my e-commerce shop from fraudulent transactions?
The Unlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker helps protect your e-commerce store from fraudulent transactions by identifying and blocking suspicious IP addresses based on geographical location. This ensures that only valid customers can access your site.
How can I enhance the security of my e-commerce platform?
You can enhance the security of your e-commerce platform by using an app like Unlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker. It works by blocking IP addresses that are known to be associated with fraudulent activities heading off potential attacks.
How can I ensure the privacy of my customers?
To ensure the privacy of your customers in e-commerce, employ apps such as the Unlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker which aids in safeguarding your customers' details by preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to your website.
How can I safeguard my e-commerce system from potential attacks?
Safeguarding your e-commerce system from potential attacks can be achieved with the use of security tools such as the Unlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker, which identifies and blocks suspicious activity based on IP addresses.

Shopify App Comparison: Unlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker vs SEON Fraud Prevention - which is better?

When comparing the Unlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker and SEON Fraud Prevention apps, both offer robust fraud prevention measures for online businesses. However, the Unlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker app stands out with its advanced system that evaluates site visitors using risk scores and geographical IP information. This comprehensive analysis effectively deters malicious players such as hackers, spammers, and content scrapers, resulting in optimized website performance and a reduction in fraudulent orders. The app also offers the flexibility to selectively choose not to block certain servers or visitors, giving you ultimate control over your fraud prevention strategy.

On the other hand, the SEON Fraud Prevention app utilizes real-time transaction analysis and advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to scrutinize various data points and validate transactions efficiently. This tool allows for highly flexible customization with custom business-specific rules and allow/blocklists, empowering you to tailor your fraud prevention strategy to your store's unique risk profile. By saving money on expensive chargeback protection services and having the ability to mold your fraud prevention measures to your business's needs, the SEON Fraud Prevention app provides a remarkable layer of security and peace of mind.

With both apps offering valuable features and benefits, we recommend the Unlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker app for those seeking a comprehensive fraud prevention solution with advanced visitor evaluation capabilities and a high level of control. However, the SEON Fraud Prevention app is a great choice for businesses looking for real-time transaction analysis and highly customizable fraud prevention measures tailored to their specific risk profile. Ultimately, the decision depends on your business's priorities and requirements.

Unlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker Shopify AppUnlimited Fraud GEO IP Blocker
SEON Fraud Prevention Shopify AppSEON Fraud Prevention
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 3.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 6 59
Estimated Installs 0 570
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $4.99 $599.00
Works With Adyen, Affirm, Afterpay,, Braintree, CyberSource, Klarna, PayPal, Shop Pay, Stripe, Chargeflow, Recharge, Bold Subscriptions, Upsell apps and many more ...
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