Scaleup Multi Announcement Bar

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Capture your customers' attention and boost sales with a rotating, customizable announcement, promotion, and countdown bar for your Shopify store.

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If you want to capture your customers' attention quickly and effectively, Scaleup Multi Announcement Bar is the way to go with its rotating promotion and countdown bars!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
June 13, 2024

Capture Attention and Boost Sales with Multiple Announcement Bars!

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With limited time to engage web users, it's essential to ensure their attention lands on the most critical aspects of your Shopify store. With this unique and straightforward app, you can easily seize this attention by strategically placing an announcement bar to promote the very best your store has to offer.

Crafted with simplicity and efficiency in mind, the app empowers you to effortlessly showcase your store's deals, discounts, and ongoing sales. It transforms the bland, often overlooked space around your web page into a dynamic platform for meaningful communication with potential customers. Within seconds, visitors are invited into your vibrant world of exclusive deals and tempting discounts.

By delivering key retail insights at the most opportune moments โ€“ from exciting sales to character-defining offers โ€“ the app ensures that your best deals never go unnoticed. Equip your store with an announcement bar today and unfurl the red carpet for your next influx of satisfied customers.


Slider, marquee, static, and rotating announcement bars with a countdown timer
Create unlimited announcement bars to promote different links and deals
Customize animation, font, color, and text to personalize announcement bars
Include a call-to-action button to capture visitor attention
Fully responsive on all devices.


Increase customer engagement and drive sales by strategically showcasing deals, discounts, and ongoing sales with customizable announcement bars
Enhance marketing effectiveness and customer retention by delivering key retail insights at opportune moments, ensuring best deals never go unnoticed
Save time and effort with easy personalization of announcement bars, from animation to text, to match the branding and style of your store

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Owlfred Review

Even though the Scaleup Multi Announcement Bar app is relatively new, it has already garnered high praise with a fabulous five-star average rating from its early users! This app makes a convincing argument for itself, particularly considering today's quick-fire internet browsing habits. The app focuses on capturing fleeting user attention and converting it into potential sales with dynamic announcement bars showcasing your discounts, deals, and sales. And since it's fully responsive, it's going to look sleek on any device! With features like slider, marquee, and rotating barsโ€”not to mention the cherry on top: a countdown timerโ€” customization is easier than ever. You can modify everything from fonts and colors to animations and text, making each announcement bar uniquely yours. It's a smart Shopify addition for any merchant wanting to highlight promotions and boost conversions, without breaking the bank. Plus, there's a free plan available, so why not take it for a test fly? Nice work, XgenTech!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an announcement bar on Shopify?
An announcement bar on Shopify is a prominent and attention-grabbing section usually placed at the top or bottom of the webpage. It's used to make important announcements, highlight special offers, or guide visitors to take specific actions.
How can the Scaleup Multi Announcement Bar enhance my Shopify page?
The Scaleup Multi Announcement Bar allows Shopify store owners to deliver important messages to their visitors. Whether it's for a sale, free shipping, countdown timer or seasonal offers, it helps draw users attention to valuable information that can drive user engagement and improve conversion rates.
What makes an effective announcement bar content for my Shopify store?
Effective announcement bar content should be clear, concise, and compelling. It can include sales promotions, special deals, free shipping messages or important store updates. The key is to keep it relevant, timely, and appealing to catch your visitors' attention and guide them towards your intended call-to-action.
Why would I want my Shopify announcement bar to be sticky?
A sticky announcement bar remains visible and fixed to the top or bottom of the screen as a visitor scrolls down your webpage. This ensures that your important messages stay in sight and have maximum visibility at all times, regardless of where your customers are on the site.

Shopify App Comparison: Scaleup Multi Announcement Bar vs FSB Free Shipping Bar - which is better?

When comparing the Scaleup Multi Announcement Bar app and the FSB Free Shipping Bar app, we can see that both apps offer unique capabilities and features to enhance the customer engagement and drive sales for your Shopify store. The Scaleup app allows you to strategically showcase deals, discounts, and ongoing sales with customizable announcement bars. With slider, marquee, static, and rotating options, you can create unlimited announcement bars that capture visitor attention. Additionally, the app allows you to personalize the bars with custom animation, font, color, and text, matching the branding and style of your store. This app is recommended for those looking to increase customer engagement and enhance marketing effectiveness with dynamic and customizable announcement bars.

On the other hand, the FSB app focuses on creating visually dynamic promotional bars and countdown timers to ignite interest and foster brand loyalty. With device, page, and geographic targeting options, you can engage customers with personalized promotions based on their location. The app also offers curated templates for specific holidays or events, allowing you to create unique promo notification bars that maximize visitor and buyer attraction. Furthermore, the app enables efficient email collection and quick announcements, facilitating an efficient and holistic shopping experience. We recommend the FSB app for those who want to create personalized, location-specific promotions and enhance communication channels to boost overall sales and brand loyalty.

Scaleup Multi Announcement Bar Shopify AppScaleup Multi Announcement Bar
FSB Free Shipping Bar Shopify AppFSB Free Shipping Bar
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 15
Estimated Installs 0 182
Min Price $0.00 $4.90
Max Price $3.99 $4.90
Works With Mailchimp, Klaviyo
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