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June 13, 2024

Revolutionary Real-Time Q&A Platform: Boost Sales with Instant Answers

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Revitalize your online customer engagement with this remarkable Q&A platform that features unrivaled real-time responsiveness. By allowing instant routing and rating of queries to your sales units or active customers, it ensures uninterrupted support for your brand round the clock. Notifications regarding customer queries are dispatched promptly, reaching your staff or existing customers wherever they are globally.

This cogent platform not only efficiently guides shoppers through the decision-making process but also plays a significant role in retaining them on your site. It offers an intuitive embed with a typing indicator, mirroring popular messaging platforms. This visibility in communication dramatically enhances transparency, reassuring customers and encouraging them to finalize their purchases on your site.

Beyond streamlining customer interaction, the platform extends its value by doubling up as a tool for leveraging your loyalty program. Existing customers can be rewarded with points from your current loyalty scheme, fostering stronger ties and inspiring continuous patronage. This incorporation of a rewards system further manifests itself as a driver for conversion and retention, securing a virtuous cycle of customer engagement and sales growth.

Your brand deserves a comprehensive tool that boosts its accessibility, responsiveness, and loyalty. Embrace this unparalleled Q&A platform that bestows an exciting spin on proactive, real-time customer interaction and rewards programs, setting your brand up for enduring success.


Respond 300x faster with push notifications & mobile apps for real-time engagement
Provide a chat-like experience with a typing indicator to engage customers and boost purchasing confidence
Crowdsource Q&A globally from staff, customers, or the community for comprehensive insights
Access full analytics on Q&A, products, staff, and moderation, along with My Trust Score
Reward customers and brand ambassadors through your loyalty program for increased patronage and sales growth.


Increase customer engagement and conversion rates with instant real-time responsiveness, reducing bounce rates and increasing average order value
Enhance customer trust and transparency by providing a chat-like experience with a typing indicator, encouraging shoppers to make confident purchasing decisions on your site
Drive customer loyalty and retention by rewarding existing customers with points from your loyalty program, fostering continuous patronage and sales growth

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Owlfred Review

Get ready to take your customer engagement to the next level with Answerable Real-time Q&Ai! This app is nothing short of revolutionary, acting as the world's first real-time engagement platform where merchants can route, rate, and reward people who drive sales. Instant push notifications allow your brand to shine 24/7, sending questions in real-time to staff or customers anywhere on earth. Seemingly like wizards at work, Answerable allows consumers to see a typing indicator, akin to iMessage, so shoppers can view your swift responses as they peruse your site. Users note that the interactive feel of the Q&A helps keep customers on-site, converting their interest into purchases at awe-inspiring rates. Plus, who doesn't love a little reward? Use your current loyalty program to give back to your loyal customers and brand ambassadors, a win-win for all! Furthermore, with comprehensive analytics for Q&A, staff and ambassador moderation, this Shopify app is a veritable gold mine for data. With outstanding reviews and a free trial available, there's no reason not to give Answerable a go. As your wise guide, I wholeheartedly recommend any merchant seeking top-notch customer engagement and analytics to give Answerable Real-time Q&Ai a try!

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What is the difference between real-time PCR and qPCR?
Real-time PCR and qPCR are essentially the same. Both are techniques used to amplify and simultaneously quantify targeted DNA molecules. The term qPCR stands for quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction, which is also done in real-time.
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Shopify App Comparison: Answerable Real‑time Q&Ai vs Social Proof & Sales Booster - which is better?

We have evaluated the capabilities, features, and benefits of the Answerable Real‑time Q&Ai app and the Social Proof & Sales Booster app. Both apps aim to enhance customer engagement and boost sales for online businesses, but they differentiate themselves through unique functionalities.

The Answerable Real‑time Q&Ai app stands out with its unrivaled real-time responsiveness. With push notifications and mobile apps, it allows businesses to respond 300x faster to customer queries, reducing bounce rates and increasing average order value. Additionally, the app provides a chat-like experience with a typing indicator, enhancing customer trust and transparency during the decision-making process. The platform's integration of a rewards system also fosters customer loyalty and retention, further driving sales growth. Overall, the Answerable Real‑time Q&Ai app offers a comprehensive solution for brands looking to boost accessibility, responsiveness, and loyalty.

On the other hand, the Social Proof & Sales Booster app focuses on reinforcing the reliability of online stores through social proof notifications. By displaying real-time recent sales pop and countdown widgets, it instills confidence in potential customers about their purchasing decisions, ultimately boosting sales. The app also simplifies operations by automating customer email collection and responsive chat widgets, saving businesses valuable time. With over 30 different widgets available, businesses can address various challenges and personalize their customer engagement strategies. For brands looking to streamline communications and increase customer trust, the Social Proof & Sales Booster app is a versatile tool that supports their path to success.

Answerable Real‑time Q&Ai Shopify AppAnswerable Real‑time Q&Ai
Social Proof & Sales Booster Shopify AppSocial Proof & Sales Booster
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 9
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $500.00 $39.00
Works With Shopify Flow, Yotpo, Zapier Integromat, Trustpilot Yotpo, Judgeme Stamped, Mailchimp Omnisend, Google Reviews Feefo
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