Flying Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer

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Enhance your Shopify site with Upsell Cart Drawer, Progress Bar, Discounts, and more!

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Flying Cart Slide Drawer Cart is a fantastic app that enhances the shopping experience for your customers by providing a seamless cart drawer, upselling options, discounts, and more.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Skip the Cart and Optimize Your Checkout Experience

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Flying Cart Slide Drawer Cart skips the redirection to cart page when product is added to cart and show sidebar cart drawer or popup with your cart items. The app also includes the functionalities of Progress Shipping Bar, Discounts, Agree Terms, Upsell. You can rely on the app for hassle free experience for your users to see there products in cart anytime on your site and checkout at the same time. It also includes animated checkout button in cart drawer which will attract users attention.

Streamline the shopper's journey and maximize your conversions with this cleverly designed slider cart drawer Shopify app. Instead of the usual trip to a separate cart page, your customers will enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted shopping experience. The moment an item is added to the cart, a sleek sidebar or popup effortlessly provides cart insights without squashing the spirit of impulse buying.

This app is not a one-trick pony. It brings along advanced features such as a Progress Shipping Bar, which offers customers a visual guide of their delivery status. The functionality of Discounts motivates customers to make purchases by offering them real-time savings while shopping. Keeping apace with legal necessities, it also covers you with an Agree Terms feature setting up a compliance checkpoint before checkout.

Further tantalizing your customers is the Upsell capability included. This app provides you with the opportunity to do real-time product recommendations, increasing add-to-cart actions, maximizing your average order value. Always visible, the animation-enhanced checkout button adds flair to your sales funnel—a little nudge reminding customers that completing their purchase is just a click away.

This app excels in creating an unbroken shopping experience guaranteeing a smooth checkout process, consequently improving both the purchase process and your conversion rates. With such rich features, it's indeed a sales optimization master toolkit for ambitious Shopify merchants.


Easy Installation with no coding skill required
Boost sales with upselling
Update cart through Cart Drawer and easy checkout option
Fully customizable
Free Shipping Progress Bar with indication of the amount left for free shipping


Increase conversion rates by providing customers with a seamless shopping experience through a slider cart drawer, avoiding the need for a separate cart page
Boost average order value by utilizing the advanced Upsell capability to offer real-time product recommendations and encourage add-to-cart actions
Enhance the checkout process with an animation-enhanced checkout button that remains visible, guiding customers towards completing their purchase

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Owlfred Review Recap

Looking for a snazzy solution to boost your sales? Meet Flying Cart Slide Drawer Cart, swooping in with quick installation and no need for coding skills. This savvy little tool skips the redirect to the cart page when a product is added to the cart, and instead displays a sidebar cart drawer or pop-up with your cart items. It boasts a wingful of features like Progress Shipping Bar, Discounts, I Agree to Cart Terms, and crucially, Upselling functionalities, offering a seamless experience for your users. The app is fully customizable, and even includes an animated checkout button in the cart drawer to catch your users' attention. Plus, with the perks of a free shipping progress bar, promo codes, and an announcement bar, it provides an efficient and effortless checkout experience at your customer's fingertips. With over 155 merchants already using it and an average hoot, I mean, score of 4.9 out of 5, it's a solid choice for businesses looking to improve their upselling and cross-selling potential. And with packages starting at an affordable $3.95 per month, this app won't ruffle your financial feathers. Endorsed by Owlfred, your wise Shopify companion!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase upselling with the Flying Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer app?
This app provides a user-friendly cart pop-up that encourages customers to add more products to their purchase.
What is the benefit of a slide cart drawer?
A slide cart drawer provides a smooth shopping experience. It allows the customer to view their cart contents without leaving their current page.
How can Flying Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer optimize my checkout experience?
Flying Cart promotes an efficient checkout process by reducing the number of clicks needed to complete a purchase. Its slide cart drawer lets customers navigate their cart and proceed to checkout seamlessly.
Can the Flying Cart- Slide Cart Drawer app help in cross-selling?
Yes. The app displays recommended products in the slide cart drawer which can boost cross-selling by suggesting relevant items to customers based on their current selection.

Shopify App Comparison: Flying Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer vs MyShopKit: Sale & Email Popup - which is better?

When it comes to comparing Flying Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer and MyShopKit: Sale & Email Popup, there are some notable differences in the apps' capabilities and features. Flying Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer excels in creating an unbroken shopping experience for customers by providing a seamless checkout process through a slider cart drawer. This eliminates the need for a separate cart page, improving conversion rates. Additionally, the app offers advanced features such as Upsell, which allows for real-time product recommendations to increase add-to-cart actions and maximize average order value. With its animation-enhanced checkout button, Flying Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer adds flair to the sales funnel and guides customers towards completing their purchase. Overall, this app is a sales optimization master toolkit for ambitious Shopify merchants.

On the other hand, MyShopKit: Sale & Email Popup focuses on enhancing the marketing efforts of Shopify storefronts. With its smart bars, popups, and slide-ins, this app aims to skyrocket email lists, showcase promotions, and broadcast announcements. It offers customizable email capture pop-ups and forms to efficiently collect subscriber lists for email marketing. Additionally, MyShopKit seamlessly integrates with popular email marketing apps like Klaviyo and Mailchimp, expanding marketing reach. Notifying customers about hot items, sales campaigns, and coupon codes with timely pop-ups boosts sales and customer engagement. The app also features clickable shipping bars to drive additional sales and increase conversion rates. Overall, MyShopKit is an essential tool for growing customer base and stepping up marketing game on Shopify.

Flying Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer Shopify AppFlying Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer
MyShopKit: Sale & Email Popup Shopify AppMyShopKit: Sale & Email Popup
Average Rating 4.2 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 41 7
Estimated Installs 140 0
Min Price $3.95 $0.00
Max Price $7.95 $0.00
Works With MailChimp, Klaviyo, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, iContact
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