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Set min-max order quantities for products, variants, and collections to control customer checkout.

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Order Limit is a fantastic tool for setting minimum and maximum quantities for products in your store, allowing you to control customer checkout and avoid unprofitable orders effortlessly.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Control customer orders with Order Limits - set minimum and maximum quantities.

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Navigate the waters of e-commerce smoothly by integrating a clever tool that refines product quantity limits on your virtual storefront. AOD - Order Limits (Min-Max) paves the way to better profit margins by giving you full control over order quantity parameters.

Adjust minimum and maximum order quantities for every product in your lineup with a straightforward interface. This guarantees streamlined inventory management, ensuring you have enough stock to accommodate your customer base effectively. More importantly, it also helps you side-step unprofitable orders.

Also enjoy the perk of having an adjustable order limit to help with wholesale transaction restrictions. This sophisticated app reimagines how you control customer purchasing behavior, culminating in a shopping environment that alloigns with your business goals effectively. Making adjustments to order limits has never been this efficient and profitable.


Set order limits based on Amounts, Weight, Quantities, etc
Customize limits for a single product, collection, or all products
Override limits for selected customers
Establish limits based on product tags
Quick and easy setup without any coding required


Set minimum and maximum order quantities for each product to streamline inventory management and avoid unprofitable orders
Easily adjust order limits for wholesale transactions, ensuring control over customer purchasing behavior to align with business goals
Efficiently set limits based on amounts, weights, quantities, and more without the need for coding

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Owlfred Review

The AOD ‑ Order Limits (Min‑Max) app is a practical, user-friendly utility for Shopify merchants seeking to streamline commerce activity on their site. With a high average rating of 4.9 from numerous pleased users, the app assists in defining product-specific or comprehensive storewide minimum-maximum order quantities. This helps to control customer checkout and prevent unprofitable orders. Features include setting order limits based on various factors including amounts, weight, quantities and product tags. This makes it an excellent choice for implementing wholesale limitations. The app also enables bypassing limits for certain customers, tailoring your cart modification and product bundle needs to your business model and clientele. For the affordable price of $3.99 a month, the app also offers a 7-day free trial. It also has a quick, easy setup requiring no coding, making it accessible for merchants of all tech skill levels. This app comes highly recommended, especially for vendors looking for robust order limit requirements and customizable options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is minimum maximum order quantities?
Minimum maximum order quantities refer to the set limit of how many items of a certain product a customer can purchase from your Shopify store. It's a way to manage stock and ensure fairness in distribution of products.
How do I set maximum order quantity in Shopify?
You can set maximum order quantity in Shopify using an app like AOD ‑ Order Limits (Min‑Max). Once installed, you can easily set order quantity limits for each product from your Shopify store admin.
What is the order quantity limit?
An order quantity limit is the total number of a particular product that a customer can purchase in a single transaction. This is controlled by the Shopify store owner to manage inventory or special promotions.
What is the minimum order quantity on Shopify?
The minimum order quantity on Shopify is the least amount of a specific product a customer is required to buy in a single purchase. Store owners set this to drive average order values or to clear bulk stock.

Shopify App Comparison: AOD ‑ Order Limits (Min‑Max) vs Dr. Shipping Calculator - which is better?

The AOD - Order Limits (Min-Max) app is the perfect solution for e-commerce businesses looking to refine product quantity limits on their virtual storefront. With a straightforward interface, you can easily adjust minimum and maximum order quantities for each product, streamlining inventory management and avoiding unprofitable orders. The app also allows for adjustable order limits for wholesale transactions, giving you control over customer purchasing behavior to align with your business goals. With the ability to set limits based on amounts, weights, quantities, and more without the need for coding, this app offers efficient and profitable order limit adjustments.

On the other hand, the Dr. Shipping Calculator app provides real-time shipping rate visibility for your customers, boosting transparency and trust. By leveraging IP geolocation technology, the app displays accurate shipping rates directly in the customer's cart or drawer, reducing checkout abandonment and increasing conversion rates. It also includes a Free Shipping Bar feature, incentivizing customers to increase their order value to qualify for free shipping. With the ability to easily integrate the app with other discount apps and exceptional customer service, this app simplifies the shipping process and enhances the overall shopping experience for customers.

If you prioritize effective control over customer purchasing behavior and streamlined inventory management, we recommend the AOD - Order Limits (Min-Max) app. However, if your focus is on boosting transparency, increasing conversion rates, and simplifying the shipping process, the Dr. Shipping Calculator app is the ideal choice. Both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits that cater to different business needs, so we recommend evaluating your priorities and selecting the app that aligns with your specific goals and objectives.

AOD ‑ Order Limits (Min‑Max) Shopify AppAOD ‑ Order Limits (Min‑Max)
Dr. Shipping Calculator Shopify AppDr. Shipping Calculator
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 14 90
Estimated Installs 1006 1171
Min Price $3.99 $0.00
Max Price $3.99 $14.99
Works With Dr. Volume Discounts, Dr. Free Gift on Cart, Dr. Discount On Cart
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