Apollo Bundle Quantity Breaks

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Boost sales and increase order revenue with tiered pricing options and volume discount bundles using Apollo Bundle Quantity Breaks.

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Enhance your order revenue and sell more products by effortlessly creating volume discount bundles on your product pages with Apollo Bundle Quantity Breaks!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Boost Your Sales with Tiered Pricing and Volume Discounts

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Seize the power of tiered pricing with this versatile bundle discount application. Establishing quantity breaks on product pages becomes a breeze, leading to enhanced conversion rates and sales growth. Primed to meet the needs of diverse online stores, this tool is ever-evolving, frequently updated with fresh functionalities.

Rather than depending on discount codes creation, this application capitalizes on Shopify functions to directly apply discounts. Such an approach guarantees a frictionless shopping experience for your customers along with seamless operations on your side. This efficiency eliminates unnecessary steps, reinforcing customer retention and loyalty.

From online boutiques to tech stores, from handmade good stores to digital service platforms, this application caters to them all. Its innate adaptability ensures that regardless of your business niche, your sales strategy is supported, and your revenue prospects grow. Featuring an intuitive design for effortless usage, this app remains continually primed for you and your customers’ satisfaction. Embrace the potential to elevate your business model on the Shopify platform with this impressive bundle discount tool.


Choose eligible products or collections for volume discounts
Set discounts in percentage or dollar amount
Customize colors and styling to match your store's aesthetic
Increase conversion rates by offering tiered pricing discounts
Streamline operations by directly applying discounts, enhancing customer retention and loyalty


Increase conversion rates by offering tiered pricing discounts, leading to higher average order values and more sales
Streamline operations by directly applying discounts, eliminating the need for discount codes, and ensuring a smooth shopping experience for customers, enhancing customer retention and loyalty
Adapt to diverse business niches with an intuitive design, supporting various sales strategies and revenue growth opportunities for online stores of all types and sizes

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Owlfred Review

Say 'hello' to Apollo Bundle Quantity Breaksβ€”a cleverly designed Shopify app meant for boosting your sales by implementing varied volume discount bundles on your product pages. Despite being a newbie with just one rave review, this app is already showing promise. This comprehensive backend tool lets owners create, run, and manage tiered pricing schemes on their preferred products or collections. One significant advantage of the Apollo Bundle is that it doesn't rely on generating discount codes; it effectively employs Shopify functions for direct discount implementations, ensuring a seamless user experience. Plus, store owners can easily customize styling and colors to stay consistent with their brand's vibe. While the pricing sits comfortably at $9.90 per month, a 14-day free trial option is available for those seeking a test drive. Overall, if you're in search of ways to enhance order revenue and sell more, then this app is definitely worth considering! Remember, even the biggest of trees started as tiny seedlings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tiered pricing in bundling products?
Tiered pricing in bundling products refers to setting different prices for different quantities of the same product. The price per product decreases as the quantity purchased increases. This encourages customers to buy in larger volumes.
What are the benefits of tiered pricing in product bundles?
Benefits of tiered pricing in product bundles include stimulating larger purchases, increasing sales, helping to move overstocked items, and enhancing customer perception of value. It can also be used as a competitive strategy.
How does volume pricing strategy work?
A volume pricing strategy sets the price per unit that decreases with an increase in the quantity purchased. The strategy aims to incentivize customers to purchase more, resulting in increased sales and profits for the business.
How does volume pricing maximize a business's sales?
Volume pricing maximizes a business's sales by encouraging customers to purchase larger quantities of a product. When the unit price decreases as the quantity purchased increases, customers see more value in buying more. This leads to higher sales volumes and increased revenue for the business.

Shopify App Comparison: Apollo Bundle Quantity Breaks vs BOGO & Volume Discounts | HA - which is better?

We have reviewed two powerful apps that offer different capabilities and features to help drive sales and boost revenue on the Shopify platform. The Apollo Bundle Quantity Breaks App focuses on establishing quantity breaks on product pages, allowing you to offer tiered pricing discounts to customers. This app eliminates the need for discount codes and directly applies discounts, enhancing customer retention and loyalty. It also caters to various business niches with its intuitive design, supporting different sales strategies and revenue growth opportunities. Overall, the Apollo Bundle Quantity Breaks App is a versatile tool that can increase conversion rates and streamline operations for online stores.

On the other hand, the BOGO & Volume Discounts | HA App offers a suite of powerful promotional tools that entice customers to increase their cart volume. With features such as buy one get one, volume discounts, and free gifts, this app drives up the average order value by 20% and beyond. It allows you to promote the right mix of products and maximize revenue while enhancing customer satisfaction. The app provides an easy-to-use interface with ample customization options to match your storefront's aesthetics, simplifying your sales boosting strategies.

Both apps have their unique capabilities and benefits. However, if we were to recommend one, we would lean towards the BOGO & Volume Discounts | HA App. Its focus on proven psychological sales triggers, such as BOGO offers and volume discounts, can be highly effective in incentivizing customers to purchase more. The ability to showcase free gifts and promote different types of promotions adds versatility to your sales strategy. Ultimately, this app can drive higher average order values and revenue growth for your online store.

Apollo Bundle Quantity Breaks Shopify AppApollo Bundle Quantity Breaks
BOGO & Volume Discounts | HA Shopify AppBOGO & Volume Discounts | HA
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 86
Estimated Installs 82 106
Min Price $9.90 $7.99
Max Price $9.90 $49.99
Works With Checkout , Functions, Online Store 2.0, Currency Conversion, Cart Drawer, Slide Cart, App Blocks
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