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April 14, 2024

Never Lose User-Generated Content Again

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Often, hundreds of assets a day are created by a brand's top influencers and customers, and all that data and content disappears in 24 hours. Losing all of this community creativity is massively wasteful. Archive automatically detects & displays TikTok, Instagram posts, stories, and reels your brand gets tagged in.

Are you tired of seeing user-generated content (UGC) vanish in 24 hours? Conserve and showcase the influential social media posts that involve your brand with the Archive app. This tool can detect and exhibit content from Instagram posts, stories, and reels, as well as TikTok, where your brand is tagged, eliminating the need to scramble and preserve these valuable endorsements.

This contemporary tool excels at minimizing the waste of your community's creativity, conserving the genuine endorsements that positively amplify your brand's image. It works diligently behind the scenes—detecting, collecting, and presenting user-generated content, offering a hassle-free way for businesses to save and feature testimonials from their top influencers and customers on a daily basis.

Experience the ease of keeping the pulse on your brand's digital influence without the need for continuous monitoring or manual archiving. It’s time to reassess your approach and unlock the potential of user-generated content with this smart, convenient tool.


Request UGC usage rights and receive social proof with ease in just two clicks.
Save tagged UGC from your TikTok and Instafeed with unlimited storage.
Turn user content into sales with a conversion-boosting e-commerce widget.
Connect social media accounts, add tags & keywords, and start saving content effortlessly.
Organize into collections, securely share, and display downloaded UGC in one convenient place.


Detect and showcase branded Instagram & TikTok user-generated content to save and highlight valuable endorsements
Minimize time spent manually archiving content from top influencers and customers to feature testimonials effortlessly
Keep track of your brand's digital influence without continuous monitoring, unlocking the potential of user-generated content

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Owlfred Review Recap

Who-who knew that managing user-generated content could be simplified? Well, Archive knows! This Shopify app is a dream for brands leveraging social proof, as it pulls in Instagram and TikTok posts where your brand is tagged. That's right, even the Influencer and customer content that usually vanishes in 24 hours can be detected and displayed by Archive. Dropping your hard-earned UGC feels like leaving breadcrumbs behind, quite wasteful if you ask me! The magic of tonics, sorry, I mean, ticks doesn't end there – the app also assists in obtaining UGC rights and provides proof in just two swift clicks. It even boosts conversion with an e-commerce widget! It's like a potion brewed to perfection for brands keen on turning content into sales. The reviews speak for themselves with an average of 4.7, and it syncs with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Slack - a truly sociable hoot. Sure, it has seen only a limited number of installs, but trust me, this doesn't indicate anything less than quality. So, whether you're a nocturnal or a day-striding merchant, Archive is here to help, starting from a comfy free plan to the fully decked premium version priced at $99. I must say, as a slumberless owl, I'd definitely give Archive my feathered thumbs, sorry, talons up!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is user-generated content (UGC)?
User-generated content (UGC) is any form of content such as images,videos,blogs,reviews,etc. which is created by users rather than created by a company. This type of content is highly valuable as it adds authenticity and social proof to a brand's marketing efforts.
How can Archive Instagram & TikTok UGC app help me?
Archive Instagram & TikTok UGC helps Shopify merchants by leveraging and repurposing user-generated content from these platforms. This can effectively enhance their social proof and engagement levels.
What is a UGC strategy and how do I build one?
A UGC strategy refers to the plan of action deployed to encourage your target audience to share valuable,user-generated content. Creating a successful UGC strategy starts with recognizing the importance of your audience's content,encouraging users to submit content,and properly leveraging that content to boost your brand's image.
What are some potential disadvantages of user-generated content?
Potential disadvantages of user-generated content include: a lack of control over the content's quality,possible copyright infringement issues,negative posts/comments about your brand,and not all content submitted can be used. However,proper management and strategy can significantly mitigate these risks.

Shopify App Comparison: Archive Instagram & TikTok UGC vs Recenio Product Reviews & UGC - which is better?

When comparing Archive Instagram & TikTok UGC app and Recenio Product Reviews & UGC app, we find that both apps offer unique capabilities and features for businesses to harness user-generated content (UGC) to enhance their brand's image and boost conversions.

Archive excels in its ability to detect and showcase branded UGC from Instagram and TikTok, allowing businesses to save and highlight valuable endorsements effortlessly. With features like requesting UGC usage rights, unlimited storage, and organizing content into collections, Archive provides a convenient and hassle-free way to keep track of your brand's digital influence without continuous monitoring. It offers the potential to turn user content into sales with a conversion-boosting e-commerce widget. Overall, Archive provides businesses an opportunity to preserve and showcase the creativity of their community, saving time and effort in manual archiving and featuring testimonials.

On the other hand, Recenio focuses on reinventing the way businesses gather and handle customer feedback by automating the generation of product reviews, photos, and videos. With features like well-timed review request emails, customizable branded widgets, and automatic review moderation rules, Recenio simplifies the process of collecting and displaying customer feedback. It also offers the benefit of boosting user engagement and loyalty by offering unique discount offers for customers who submit reviews. Additionally, by showcasing product ratings in Google search results with rich snippets, Recenio enhances brand visibility and credibility, attracting more potential customers.

While both apps have their strengths, we recommend Archive Instagram & TikTok UGC app for businesses who want to focus on preserving and featuring user-generated content from Instagram and TikTok. With its user-friendly interface and convenient features, Archive offers businesses the opportunity to showcase valuable endorsements effortlessly, saving time and effort in manual archiving.

Archive Instagram & TikTok UGC Shopify AppArchive Instagram & TikTok UGC
Recenio Product Reviews & UGC Shopify AppRecenio Product Reviews & UGC
Average Rating 4.6 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 46 2
Estimated Installs 31 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $99.00 $19.00
Works With Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Slack Google search results
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