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Optimize your upcoming charge emails with ARPU and drive sales and reduce churn.

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ARPU is a must-have app for Recharge merchants looking to boost sales with personalized upsells and streamline the charge delay process for subscribers.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Boost Sales and Retention with Customizable Charge Emails and Upsells

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When you notify people their card is about to be charged and a shipment is on the way, you provide the type of customer experience that grows your brand. With ARPU, you can customize the upcoming charge email to highlight relevant upsells while also giving subscribers a 2-click, zero friction way to delay their next shipment. Our templates can also handle variant swaps, gifts, and 1-time discounts, all without making subscribers log into their Recharge portal to manage subscriptions.

Maximize customer retention and increase revenue streams effectively with this distinctive Shopify app. This tool facilitates customer-brand interaction resources in a simplified and user-friendly design, promoting enhanced customer experiences. Its integral function lies in its ability to notify customers about imminent card charges and forthcoming shipments, offering a remarkable measure to boost your brand image.

Reimagine email templates by customizing notifications that not only inform but also act as marketing tools. Elegantly weave in suitable upsells in impending charge emails, leading customers to consider extended purchases or services. For subscribers, a swift 2-click feature adds convenience by providing an easy method to postpone their forthcoming shipments, embodying a frictionless flow of operations.

What sets this innovative solution apart is its adept handling of variant swaps, gifts, and single-instance discounts in email templates. This capability delivers a frictionless experience for subscribers, freeing them from the necessity of accessing their recharge portals to administer subscriptions, translating into a seamless customer journey.

Harness the power of personalized communication and influence your customers' decision-making process proficiently with this app - your one-stop for remarkable customer engagement and scaled business growth.


Helps Recharge merchants enhance their upcoming order email notifications
Add 2-click upsells to increase Average Order Value
Simplifies the charge delay process for subscribers, reducing churn
Adept handling of variant swaps, gifts, and single-instance discounts in email templates
Harness personalized communication to influence customer decision-making and improve brand image


Increase revenue by customizing notifications with upsells, fostering extended purchases and additional services
Reduce churn by simplifying charge delay process for subscribers, ensuring seamless operations and enhancing customer retention
Improve customer engagement and brand image with personalized communication, influencing customer decision-making for scaled business growth

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Simple Focus Software
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Owlfred Review Recap

Hoo-hoot! Let me swoop in with some insights about ARPU, a well-received backend Shopify app from Simple Focus Software that's all about boosting sales and reducing churn through strategic email notifications. With a flawless 5-star rating from 8 savvy Shopify users, ARPU's charm lies in its bespoke upcoming charge emails. It features oh-so-easy 2-click upsells and shipment delays, eliminating customer friction and offering a full delightful experience that will help your brand soar to great heights! Need to swap variants, add gifts or apply 1-time discounts? No worries, ARPU's formidable templates have got you covered. The best part is, there's no need for your customers to log into their Recharge portal to manage subscriptions. For $45 per month (after a 14-day free trial), you'll revamp your email approach, enhance customer experience, and effortlessly uplift your Average Order Value. Now that's what I call a wise investment! Fancy an app that simplifies the charge delay process for your subscribers and helps reduce churn? Then ARPU is your go-to! As for the upselling and cross-selling category, this app is a hoot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can email marketing improve upselling?
Email marketing is a powerful tool for upselling as it allows businesses to send targeted offers to customers based on their purchasing history. It can remind customers of products they've previously shown interest in, present them with similar higher-margin items or promote special deals.
What is ARPU in terms of upselling and cross-selling?
ARPU stands for Average Revenue Per User. In the context of upselling and cross-selling, it is a measure of how much additional revenue a business can generate from each customer by selling them more or higher-priced products.
How does ARPU app facilitate increase in sales?
The ARPU app assists in increasing sales by providing comprehensive features for upselling and cross-selling. These include crafting personalized email marketing campaigns and setting up intuitive upsell strategies to encourage customers to add more items to their cart or opt for pricier options.
What are some ways to increase sales through upselling and cross-selling?
Upselling and cross-selling can consist of tactics like offering higher-end alternatives to products that customers are viewing, suggesting add-ons or accessories that complement their purchase, or creating bundle deals that offer a better value proposition. These strategies can help enhance customer satisfaction and increase the overall value of each sale.

Shopify App Comparison: ARPU vs Checkout Upsell - which is better?

We compared the ARPU app and the Checkout Upsell app to see which one offers more comprehensive and valuable features for businesses. The ARPU app stands out with its ability to enhance customer experiences and boost brand image through personalized notifications and customized email templates. It allows businesses to add upsells in impending charge emails, leading to increased revenue and extended purchases. The app also simplifies the charge delay process for subscribers, reducing churn and improving customer retention. Additionally, its adept handling of variant swaps, gifts, and single-instance discounts in email templates provides a seamless customer journey. Overall, the ARPU app offers a holistic solution for customer engagement and scaled business growth.

On the other hand, the Checkout Upsell app focuses on upselling opportunities at the checkout stage. It allows businesses to promote related products based on recent purchases and creates customized offers to entice customers. The app offers customizable appearance settings for the display and product block design, giving businesses full control over the visual appeal. Furthermore, it enables personalization of the thank you page with custom text, images, and CSS, leaving a lasting impression on customers. Overall, the Checkout Upsell app provides businesses with a unique approach to upselling and an opportunity to increase sales, enhance customer engagement, and uplift brand identity.

Based on our evaluation, we recommend both the ARPU app and the Checkout Upsell app, as they cater to different aspects of customer engagement and revenue generation. The ARPU app is ideal for businesses looking to improve customer experiences, enhance brand image, and boost revenue through personalized communications. On the other hand, the Checkout Upsell app is perfect for businesses aiming to maximize upselling opportunities at the checkout stage and leave a lasting impression with personalized offers. Depending on the specific needs and goals of your business, both apps can contribute to your success and growth.

ARPU Shopify AppARPU
Checkout Upsell Shopify AppCheckout Upsell
Average Rating 5 out of 5 1 out of 5
Number of Reviews 8 2
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $45.00 $5.00
Max Price $45.00 $5.00
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