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Sync Etsy orders in one place with Athlete ‑ Etsy Order Sync. Ship, track, and manage 100k+ orders seamlessly.

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Athlete - Etsy Order Sync is a must-have app for syncing orders and streamlining your shipping process, all while saving you time and hassle!

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June 13, 2024

Sync and Ship Etsy Orders Effortlessly with Athlete

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Experience uninterrupted eCommerce operations with this seamless synchronization tool, designed to centralize your Etsy and Shopify orders in a single, easy-to-navigate platform. This effective solution offers an all-encompassing approach to order management, shipping labels, and dropshipping processes, effectively reducing time and effort spent managing multiple platforms.

Leveraging Etsy's high-performing V3 API, this application goes beyond simple order syncing. It ensures your operations can cater to multiple dispatches, complete with their respective tracking numbers. Stay ahead with timely updates of Etsy's latest features and improvements, offering your business competitive edge through intelligent e-commerce management.

With a simple one-time setup, this multi-faceted synchronization tool evolves your manual processes into an efficient, automated system, freeing up your time to scale your business. An effective time-saving solution for Shopify merchants handling volume transactions on Etsy, this application brings convenience, productivity, and accuracy to your eCommerce storefront.

Make the optimum step towards improved business operations today. This application is your partner in syncing success for Etsy and Shopify, streamlining your business processes with accuracy and efficiency.


Orders and fulfillments are seamlessly synced between Etsy and Shopify
Scale your operations effortlessly by syncing thousands of orders, customers, and shipments daily
Full details including shipping methods, taxes, discounts, notes, and taxes are synchronized for comprehensive order management
Over 100,000 orders synced and counting, demonstrating the app's extensive experience
Tech-forward team supporting Etsy's latest V3 API for optimized performance.


Centralize your Etsy and Shopify orders in one platform, saving time and effort spent on managing multiple platforms
Stay ahead of the competition with timely updates and intelligent e-commerce management, giving your business a competitive edge
Transform manual processes into an efficient, automated system, freeing up time to scale your business efficiently.

About the Vendor

Lialta Holdings LLC
383 Grand Street, M1106, NY, NY, 10002, US
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Owlfred Review

The Etsy Order Sync - Athlete app by Lialta Holdings LLC is like a star athlete on your Shopify trading field! With zero installs it's a beast in the backend, helping you to streamline your operations by syncing your Etsy and Shopify orders, shipping labels, and dropshipping, all in one neat place. The efficiency is stunning, with orders and fulfillments synced in an average of 21 seconds! It's diligent with the details too, making sure shipping methods, taxes, discounts, and notes align perfectly. Plus, it's a stalwart supporter of Etsy's latest V3 API — your integration won't decidely break mid-play. Buyers rave about its performance with a solid 5-star average rating out of the three reviews. Notably, over 100,000 orders and customers have been synced so far! It's a valuable MVP in online marketplaces and order sync software, starting from $19.99/month, with a 14-day free trial so you can test its mettle. This app is perfect for Shopify-Etsy merchants looking to streamline their operations and speed up their game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of Athlete ‑ Etsy Order Sync?
Athlete ‑ Etsy Order Sync is an application designed to centralize your Etsy and Shopify orders providing an all-in-one solution for order management, shipping labels, and dropshipping processes. It is aimed at minimizing time and effort spent managing multiple platforms.
How does Athlete ‑ Etsy Order Sync work with Etsy's API?
The application leverages Etsy's high-performing V3 API. It goes beyond simple order syncing and can cater to multiple dispatches along with respective tracking numbers.
How time-consuming is the setup for Athlete ‑ Etsy Order Sync?
The setup process for Athlete ‑ Etsy Order Sync involves a one-time, simple procedure. Through this, it transforms manual processes into an efficient, automated system.
Who is the Athlete ‑ Etsy Order Sync best suited for?
The Athlete ‑ Etsy Order Sync is particularly beneficial for Shopify merchants who handle volume transactions on Etsy as it offers convenience, productivity, and increased accuracy.

Shopify App Comparison: Athlete ‑ Etsy Order Sync vs Syncerize Multi store sync - which is better?

When comparing Athlete - Etsy Order Sync and Syncerize Multi store sync, we can see that both apps offer the capability to sync orders between multiple platforms, such as Etsy and Shopify, in real-time. However, Athlete - Etsy Order Sync goes beyond simple order syncing by also providing comprehensive order management features, such as tracking numbers and timely updates on Etsy's latest features. This gives businesses using the app a competitive edge in e-commerce management. On the other hand, Syncerize Multi store sync focuses on managing inventory, products, and orders in a simple and reliable manner, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. The flexibility and adaptability of the app allow users to efficiently manage multiple online stores without the fear of overselling or underselling.

Although both apps offer valuable benefits, we recommend Athlete - Etsy Order Sync for businesses that prioritize order management and want to stay ahead of the competition. The app provides a centralized platform for managing Etsy and Shopify orders, saving time and effort spent on multiple platforms. It also helps businesses transform manual processes into automated systems, allowing them to focus on scaling their operations. For businesses looking for a tool that simplifies the complexities of managing multistore e-commerce, Syncerize Multi store sync is an excellent choice. The app's real-time syncing capability prevents overselling and increases efficiency, freeing up valuable resources for business growth.

Athlete ‑ Etsy Order Sync Shopify AppAthlete ‑ Etsy Order Sync
Syncerize Multi store sync Shopify AppSyncerize Multi store sync
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 4 6
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $19.98 $0.00
Max Price $59.99 $29.00
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