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May 1, 2024

All-in-One Shopify App for Store Migration, Loyalty, and Sales

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Streamline your Shopify store management with a versatile and intuitive app boasting an array of tools designed to optimize your operations. This software suite integrates within a single subscription, a plethora of features that amalgamate both marketing and store management tools for enhanced performance.

Unlock the next level in customer management with capabilities such as bulk account invites and export account activation links. Additionally, easily manage customer self-invitations via a dedicated site link mechanism. This tool saves time, boosts the user experience, and helps maintain a seamless customer interaction cycle on your platform.

The embedded AI-powered assistant leverages cutting-edge technology like ChatGPT to help in customer engagement and conversion. It delivers more relevant and personalized responses that can lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

On the promotion side, the app offers versatility with bulk custom discount codes and QR codes. You can generate multiple codes and assess their performance which is crucial for successful and cost-effective promotional campaigns. This tool also easily integrates with various advertising platforms to ensure your brand is constantly exposed to new potential customers.

Experience the power of simplifying tasks and reducing hassle with this all-inclusive app, which is designed to meet the needs of today's dynamic and demanding Shopify store environment.


Streamline account management with automatic and bulk invitations configurable for targeting and timing
Enhance user engagement by allowing customers to send themselves account invites via a dedicated link
Boost sales with AI-powered customer engagement, delivering personalized responses for higher satisfaction
Generate multiple custom discount codes and QR codes for versatile and cost-effective promotional campaigns
Integrate easily with advertising platforms for maximum brand exposure and reach


Save time and enhance user experience with bulk account invites, export account activation links, and customer self-invitations
Increase customer satisfaction and boost sales with AI-powered customer engagement and personalized responses
Maximize promotional campaigns' success with bulk custom discount codes, QR codes, and integrations with advertising platforms

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Deeko Global LLC
5218 Bentley Oak Drive, Mason, OH, 45040, US
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Shopify Flow, Flow


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Owlfred Review

Woot hoot! Feast your eyes on the clever concoction that is WOTIO Account Invites Plus, brought to you by Deeko Global LLC. Designed to streamline your Shopify store operations, this app combines multiple utilities under one digital roof. WOTIO's goal is to eliminate the need for multiple app dependencies, something nearly every merchant dreams of. Offering automated and bulk account invitations, extensive marketing AI capabilities, customer self-invite options, and more, this toolbox is set to optimize your customer management process. Plus, with its bulk discount code generator, preparing for your next big sales promotion will be a breeze. WOTIO boasts an impressive score of 4.8 stars from 25 reviews, standing testimony to its effectiveness. Don't let the 8 installs fool you; not all powerful tools are widely recognized yet! Catering to both lean and expansive budgets, WOTIO features a free plan with additional services at a max cost of $15.00. It also works seamlessly with Shopify Flow. To conclude, I would recommend WOTIO Account Invites Plus for any merchant aiming at enhanced efficiency and sales growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main function of WOTIO Account Invites Plus?
WOTIO Account Invites Plus is designed to streamline the process of inviting customers to create accounts on your Shopify store. It eliminates manual invitations and allows for mass sending of invites.
Can WOTIO Account Invites Plus help in retaining customers?
Absolutely. Since the app simplifies the account creation process, it enhances customer experience which can lead to improved customer retention rates.
How does WOTIO Account Invites Plus fit into my Shopify store?
WOTIO Account Invites Plus integrates easily into your Shopify store allowing you to send out mass invites for account creation, thus making it a vital tool in managing accounts and login procedures.
Is WOTIO Account Invites Plus an alternative to a loyalty program?
While WOTIO Account Invites Plus isn't a loyalty program itself, it complements such programs by creating an easy process for customers to create accounts and become part of a loyalty program or customer database.

Shopify App Comparison: WOTIO Account Invites Plus vs Bonify Customer Account Fields - which is better?

The WOTIO Account Invites Plus app offers a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline Shopify store management. With features like bulk account invites and export account activation links, you can easily manage customer self-invitations and enhance the user experience. The app also leverages AI-powered customer engagement, delivering personalized responses that lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales. Additionally, the ability to generate multiple custom discount codes and QR codes for promotional campaigns, along with easy integration with advertising platforms, ensures maximum brand exposure and reach. Overall, this app saves time, boosts sales, and enhances the overall efficiency of your Shopify store.

In comparison, the Bonify Customer Account Fields app takes customer profiling to a new level by enabling the creation of detailed and dynamic user profiles. By capturing auxiliary profile information upon registration, you can obtain a better understanding of your customer base and easily segment them. This app leverages metafield storage to permeate customer data across the Shopify ecosystem, allowing for personalized marketing strategies, relationship building initiatives, and product development that aligns with your audience. With features like conditional fields, hidden fields, and easy data management with Excel import/export tools, this app empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and enhance their interactions with customers.

After evaluating both apps, we recommend the WOTIO Account Invites Plus app for its comprehensive set of features that enhance store management, customer engagement, and promotional campaigns. While the Bonify Customer Account Fields app offers detailed customer profiling capabilities, the WOTIO app provides a more well-rounded solution that addresses multiple aspects of Shopify store optimization. However, if your primary focus is on customer understanding and segmentation, the Bonify app can be a valuable tool to consider.

WOTIO Account Invites Plus Shopify AppWOTIO Account Invites Plus
Bonify Customer Account Fields Shopify AppBonify Customer Account Fields
Average Rating 4 out of 5 3.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 26 14
Estimated Installs 6 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $15.00 $29.00
Works With Shopify Flow, Flow Shopify POS , Arigato Automation
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