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Discover the Ultimate UK Multi-Channel DropShipping Marketplace

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Avasam is the UK’s only multi-channel DropShipping marketplace, providing all the tools needed for modern online sellers. We verify all of our UK-based product suppliers in our extensive onboarding process. -Push products to your Shopify store in a few clicks. -Bulk source and bulk list in minutes. -Orders flow from your online store directly to your supplier. -Order payments are taken automatically. -Automate your price updates -Returns management & escalation -Customer support 6 days a week

Featuring a premier collection of UK-based product suppliers, this app streamlines product sourcing with its multi-channel dropshipping infrastructure. Catering specifically to modern online sellers, it enables seamless product push to your Shopify store with just a few clicks, streamlining your workflow and increasing productivity.

Not stopping at mere product integration, it also offers automated bulk sourcing and listing saving you precious minutes. Your product orders effortlessly flow from your online store directly to the supplier, enhancing operational efficiency.

One of the remarkable features is the auto-update pricing mechanism, allowing for instantaneous updates aligning with market trends. Furthermore, it carefully manages returns reducing manual effort, and also provides an elevated customer support service six days a week, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

This app revolutionises the conventional approach to dropshipping, offering not only a simplified sourcing and listing process but a comprehensive solution for managing orders, returns and pricing updates. With this robust system, your business is set up for optimal success in the competitive world of e-commerce.


Choose from thousands of verified UK-based products suppliers
Push products to your Shopify store effortlessly with an automated listing tool
Automate order processing for efficient download, payment, and dispatch
Streamline post-sale support with return management and refund options
Access customer support six days a week via live chat, support tickets, and emails.


Streamline your product sourcing and increase productivity with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort
Enhance operational efficiency by effortlessly flowing product orders from your online store to the supplier, optimizing your workflow
Stay ahead of market trends with auto-update pricing mechanism, reducing manual work and ensuring a competitive edge.

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Avasam Limited
9 Oliver Business Park, Oliver Road, Park Royal, London, ENG, NW10 7JB, GB
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Owlfred Review Recap

Introducing Avasam, a unique asset in the world of UK-based dropshipping. Positioned as the UK's only multi-channel dropshipping marketplace, Avasam provides an extensive array of tools for the modern online merchant. The app enjoys a respectable average rating of 4.4 from nine reviews, suggesting those who have used it appreciate its value. Despite having no recorded installs, its features include everything from push product listing, automated order processing, to excellent post-sale support. The pricing is flexible, with a free plan on offer and more robust features available for up to $162. Promising features include a selection of thousands of products from verified UK-based suppliers, a user-friendly automated listing tool, returns management, and reliable customer support. Not to be overlooked is their approach towards customer support which is available 6 days a week via live chat, support tickets, and emails. Winking in your direction, I, Owlfred, would highly recommend Avasam for those looking to simplify and streamline their dropshipping efforts with a touch of British charm!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best supplier for dropshipping in the UK?
There isn't a definitive answer as the best supplier varies based on individual business needs. Avasam is a highly regarded option, known for its extensive product range and reliable service.
Is dropshipping legit in the UK?
Yes dropshipping is a legitimate business model in the UK albeit subject to the same regulations and legal requirements as any other ecommerce venture. It's key to choose a reputable supplier like Avasam for success.
Is there money in dropshipping in the UK?
While profit can be made from dropshipping in the UK, it largely depends on factors such as your business strategy, product selection, and customer service. It's not a guaranteed route to success, but rather a business model with potential for profitability.
Does CJ dropshipping work in UK?
CJ Dropshipping does cater to UK businesses. However, choosing a supplier should be dependent on their product range, dropshipping model, and whether they align with your business goals. Avasam is another UK-friendly option known for its effective service and broad product variety.

Shopify App Comparison: Avasam vs Shirtly ‑ Print on Demand - which is better?

When comparing Avasam and Shirtly - Print on Demand, we can see that both apps offer valuable features and benefits for e-commerce businesses. Avasam focuses on streamlining product sourcing and integration, offering a comprehensive dropshipping solution. With its automated listing tool and order processing, it saves you time and effort while enhancing operational efficiency. The app also provides an auto-update pricing mechanism, keeping you ahead of market trends and reducing manual work. Additionally, Avasam offers elevated customer support services, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Overall, Avasam is an excellent choice for businesses looking to simplify their dropshipping process and manage orders effectively.

On the other hand, Shirtly - Print on Demand offers a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes, simplifying the selling of unique, custom-designed products. With its streamlined order fulfillment process, from printing to shipping, the app saves you time and allows you to focus on sales and customer satisfaction. The two strategically located distribution centers ensure fast and efficient delivery, improving customer satisfaction and retention rates. Additionally, the app provides robust support backed by industry experts, enhancing the user experience and ensuring smooth operations. If you're looking to scale your business and simplify the complexities of order fulfillment, Shirtly - Print on Demand is the perfect choice.

Overall, both Avasam and Shirtly - Print on Demand offer valuable features and benefits. If you're primarily concerned with dropshipping and product integration, Avasam is the recommended app. On the other hand, if you're focused on selling unique, custom-designed products and streamlining the order fulfillment process, Shirtly - Print on Demand is the app for you. Assess your business needs and choose the app that aligns best with your goals.

Avasam Shopify AppAvasam
Shirtly ‑ Print on Demand Shopify AppShirtly ‑ Print on Demand
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 2 out of 5
Number of Reviews 43 1
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Max Price $162.00 $0.00
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