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Integrate Avelon Network for accurate affiliate sales attribution and fair commissions.

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Avelon Network is a must-have for attributing sales to your affiliates with easy acceptance and rejection features and custom commission settings.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Boost Affiliate Sales with Avelon Network Integration

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Engage with the power of affiliate marketing through Avelon Network's unique platform. This app focuses on data-driven results, providing easy ways to understand your impact and offering commissions that are fair and equitable. Following a straightforward sign-up process, you can effortlessly integrate Avelon Network's script into your Shopify store to ensure accurate affiliate sales attribution.

Directly harness the potential of affiliate marketing with a software solution that prioritizes transparent data analytics. Empower yourself with quick and effortless sales attribution tracking, successfully connecting each sale to the correct affiliate partner. Experience the satisfaction of a fair commission system that values your contribution and efficiently contributes to your earnings.

Get involved in effective marketing strategies like never before with this app. It works diligently behind the scenes, seamlessly integrating with your online store and allowing you to focus on what you do best - selling your products. Revel in the simplicity as you maintain a clear overview of your affiliated sales, while enjoying the benefits of equitable commission rewards. A refreshing, data-driven approach to ensuring your affiliates are accurately rewarded for the vital role they play.


Access a growing network of individual affiliates and publishers
Easily accept or reject affiliates onto your program
Set custom commissions for products and services
Generate links for affiliates through the platform
Create tracked links for internal affiliate partners


Track affiliate sales accurately and effortlessly, attributing each sale to the correct affiliate partner to increase affiliate marketing ROI
Enjoy transparent data analytics that provide a clear overview of affiliated sales, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your affiliate program
Save time and effort by effortlessly integrating the app into your Shopify store, allowing you to focus on selling products while the app works diligently behind the scenes

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! In an e-commerce world where affiliation is vital, the Avelon Network integration plugin swoops in to make life a tad bit easier for Shopify merchants. Despite it being a new player on the scene, and not tracking any installs yet, it's got a pair of shiny promising reviews that backed its average 5-star rating. Avelon is keyed up on simple, data-driven attribution, making for a more equitable commission structure, leaving both you and your affiliates happy. Plus, their eye-catching features include access to a growing network of individual affiliates and publishers, and a platform that allows affiliates to generate their own links. There are options for customized commission structures, which both retailers and brands can set based on their products and services. All of the above is wrapped together with the convenience of creating your own tracked links for use with internal affiliate partners. Although it is free to install, the signal from the roost is to keep an eye out for any additional charges that may apply. The wise owl thus flaps his wings in approval for any merchants in search of a handy tool for affiliates tracking and fairer commission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get traffic to my affiliate links?
One efficient way is by creating value-driven content where you can incorporate your affiliate links. This can be achieved through blogs, webinars, or social media posts. Another way is through SEO focused content, which helps improve the visibility of your content on search engines.
Where is the best place to promote affiliate links?
Affiliate links can be effectively promoted on your website or blog in relevant content, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or through email marketing. Just make sure to disclose the nature of these links to comply with advertising rules.
How do I promote my affiliate program?
Building a strong online presence through content marketing and SEO can help draw attention to your program. Also, reaching out to influencers, bloggers or the use of paid advertising can help reach a larger audience and attract potential affiliates.
What is affiliate integration?
Affiliate integration refers to the suite of software, tools and services that enables a merchant to track, manage and optimize their affiliate marketing program. This can range from tracking clicks and conversions to integrating with other marketing tools that a merchant may use.

Shopify App Comparison: Avelon Network vs Jaka Affiliate Marketing - which is better?

We have compared Avelon Network App and Jaka Affiliate Marketing App to determine which one is better suited to meet your needs. Avelon Network App focuses on data-driven results and provides transparent data analytics, allowing you to track affiliate sales accurately and effortlessly. With Avelon Network, you can integrate the app into your Shopify store and benefit from a fair commission system that values your contribution. Moreover, you can easily accept or reject affiliates onto your program, set custom commissions, and generate links for affiliates through the platform.

On the other hand, Jaka Affiliate Marketing App offers a robust and efficient tool for driving conversions and generating revenue effortlessly. With Jaka, you can build your own affiliate campaign with attractive commissions and discounts, connect influencers and customers to become your referral partners, and benefit from automated referral tracking and order attribution. Jaka also provides an intuitive and fully-customizable Affiliate Portal, making management and tracking simple and easy.

Overall, both apps offer valuable capabilities and features for affiliate marketing. However, if you are looking for a solution that prioritizes transparent data analytics and accurate sales attribution, Avelon Network App is the recommended choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a comprehensive tool that allows you to build your own affiliate campaign and offers an intuitive interface, Jaka Affiliate Marketing App is the way to go. Choose the app that aligns best with your specific needs and goals to optimize your affiliate marketing strategy.

Avelon Network Shopify AppAvelon Network
Jaka Affiliate Marketing Shopify AppJaka Affiliate Marketing
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