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Restrict access to store content with password protection for products, prices, and more.

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Sami B2B Lock is a powerful tool that allows you to limit access to specific sections of your store, making it easy to manage wholesale and retail business from one online store.

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April 10, 2024

Restrict Access, Limit Content, and Protect Wholesale Business Seamlessly

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With simple locks, the app controls access to your store for specific customers. It allows users to hide product price and add to cart button, restrict access to pages and URLs or even lock the whole website. You can let your wholesalers access limited sections with multiple approaches such as account login, entering passcode or opening secret links. The easy-to-use features will help you run your wholesale and retail business from one online store with no coding required.

Secure, streamline, and strategize your online trade with a robust password protection tool specially developed for the Shopify marketplace. Uniquely created for business-to-business transactions, this app empowers you to reveal or hide specific elements of your marketplace. Your product prices, 'add to cart' buttons, access to pages, particular URLs, or the entirety of your digital storefront can be kept under wraps or disclosed at your will.

Offering varied levels of access, you can provide your wholesale patrons with the privilege of acquiring information through multiple channels. They can gain insights into restricted sections by using their account login details, entering a specific passcode, or through exclusive secret links. In other words, this tool gives you control over who sees what, ensuring both the preservation of business secrecy and the promotion of select items to special customers.

An integral part of your online shop's success hinges on efficient wholesale management. Embrace a powerful tool that seamlessly blends efficiency, user-friendliness, and advanced features to ensure an unrivalled B2B experience. Whether you're always on the go or just enjoy the convenience of straightforward solutions, you'll appreciate that this app doesn't require any coding knowledge to operate. Now, you can manage your wholesale and retail business with ease and effectiveness, directly from the comfort of your online store.


Password protect any pages, products, collections, and URLs
Hide prices from guests, requiring login for access
Restrict product visibility across all store pages by using secret URLs
Conceal store content based on customer tags or email addresses
Set password requirements to view product prices, add to cart, and access pages


Control access to your wholesale products and prices with password-protected pages and hidden content
Manage wholesale and retail business seamlessly without any coding knowledge
Provide exclusive access to special customers and preserve business secrecy

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Owlfred Review

Sami Wholesale Lock Hide Price, expertly crafted by the smart folks at, is a truly versatile and feature-packed tool for all Shopify merchants out there, especially ones in the wholesale and retail market. Earning a solid average rating of 4.3 from its user base, it excels at providing extensive control over various segments of an online store. The banner feature is its ability to effectively limit access to store content, whether it be products, prices, wholesale pages or specific URLs - a wise decision for segregating retail and wholesale operations. In need of a hidden store? This app's got you covered. The ability to hide products on all the pages of your store might just be the cloak of invisibility your business needs. It even brings the power to mask store's content for customers with specific tags or email addresses. And, the product price reveal secret? A passcode! Plus, the cherry on top - it's free! So for any merchants looking to give their wholesale pricing an element of exclusivity, this app could be a prey worth catching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Sami B2B Lock to protect my Shopify store?
Sami B2B Lock offers password protection for your Shopify store. It's particularly beneficial for wholesale businesses or providers of exclusive content, allowing you to protect specific pages or sections of your site for certain customers.
What does it mean to have wholesale pricing in an app like Sami B2B Lock?
Wholesale pricing means offering goods at reduced rates to buyers who purchase in bulk. An app like Sami B2B Lock enables you to set these pricing structures on your Shopify store, making it easy to manage and implement different pricing tiers for different types of customers.
How does Sami B2B Lock compare to Locksmith for Shopify?
Both Sami B2B Lock and Locksmith offer the ability to protect your Shopify store with passwords. While the specific features and interface may vary, they both aim to provide flexibility in terms of which pages or parts of your site are protected and who has access.
How can I restrict content in Shopify similar to WordPress?
With Sami B2B Lock, you can restrict content on your Shopify store similar to WordPress. You can protect certain pages with a password, or make them accessible only to certain customers. This allows for control and customization in who can access specific parts of your store.

Shopify App Comparison: Sami B2B Lock,Password Protect vs Ymq B2B & Wholesale Solution - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of the two apps, Sami B2B Lock stands out for its robust password protection tool specifically designed for the Shopify marketplace. This app allows you to control access to your marketplace by revealing or hiding specific elements, such as product prices, 'add to cart' buttons, access to pages, and URLs. It also offers varied levels of access, allowing you to provide wholesale patrons with privileges like account login details, passcodes, or exclusive secret links. On the other hand, Ymq B2B & Wholesale Solution offers a comprehensive functionality that integrates seamlessly into existing systems. It focuses on streamlining wholesale operations by enabling tagging of B2B customers, displaying special wholesale prices, and automating processes like order minimums and quantity breaks. So while both apps offer password protection and wholesale management features, Sami B2B Lock emphasizes control over specific elements, while Ymq B2B & Wholesale Solution emphasizes overall efficiency and automation.

In terms of benefits, Sami B2B Lock offers the advantage of preserving business secrecy and providing exclusive access to special customers. By controlling access to wholesale products and prices, this app ensures the protection of valuable information and provides a tailored experience to select customers. Additionally, it allows you to manage both wholesale and retail business seamlessly without any coding knowledge. On the other hand, Ymq B2B & Wholesale Solution benefits businesses by streamlining B2B customer tagging, eliminating the need for multiple Shopify stores, and automating processes like order minimums and quantity breaks. It condenses wholesale operations into a single platform, making it an effective cornerstone for ambitious business strategies. Both apps offer unique benefits, so the choice depends on whether you prioritize enhanced control and customization (Sami B2B Lock) or overall efficiency and automation (Ymq B2B & Wholesale Solution).

Sami B2B Lock,Password Protect Shopify AppSami B2B Lock,Password Protect
Ymq B2B & Wholesale Solution Shopify AppYmq B2B & Wholesale Solution
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