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April 9, 2024

Create Stunning Product Photos with One-Click Background Removal

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Creating professional product photos can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. Our app gives you the chance to shine against completely clear photo backgrounds. By harmonizing images across your entire store, you remove distractions, help your customers focus on your products and make more sales in the end. No need to do any editing on your side, our AI does everything for you. It automatically detects your subject in foreground and will beautifully remove the background.

Streamline the product photography process effortlessly with Pxl ‑ Photo Background Remover. This robust app excels at transforming images, skillfully isolating the subject matter and erasing the photo background with unerring precision. Streamlined, clutter-free images have never been easier to achieve, providing an aesthetic harmony throughout your entire online store.

By subtracting visual noise from product photos, your merchandise gets the spotlight it truly deserves, effectively funneling the customers' attention to the essential matter at hand. This distilled visual storytelling is instrumental in catalyzing a higher volume of sales. Leave the painstaking process of image editing behind and let the advanced AI of the app render professional solutions.

User-friendly, innovative, and efficient, this app meticulously identifies the foreground subject in an image and seamlessly separates it from the background. Unleash the optimum potential of your Shopify marketplace product listings through compelling true-to-life photographs.


Automatically remove backgrounds with one click for seamless image editing
Customize background colors to match your store design preferences
Remove up to 15 backgrounds simultaneously for efficient editing
Identify foreground subjects with precision using advanced AI technology
Streamline product photography for clutter-free, professional images that boost sales


Increase sales by showcasing products with clutter-free, professional images that direct customers' focus
Save time by automating the background removal process with just one click
Enhance product listings with true-to-life photographs that attract more shoppers

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Axel Hardy
346 route des ecombettes, Faverges, 74210, FR
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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot, Shopify merchants! Let's talk about "Pxl - Photo Background Remover". This innovative app, crafted by Axel Hardy, utilizes artificial intelligence to help you create professional-looking product photos with ease. With dazzling 5-star reviews all around, it scrubs out background distractions, allowing your products to shine! What's more, it does it all in bulk - up to 15 backgrounds at once, making it a real timesaver. Pxl is totally customizable, letting you pick any background color to match your store design. It's a 100% automatic process, meaning you click and voila, your background is magically removed! While it's an invisible hero with 0 publicly tracked installs (likely a backend app), Pxl's robust capacities are clear as day. Do remember that additional charges might occur, though the basic install is free. So, if you're in the market for an image-editor, I give a hearty two hoots up for Pxl! Throw away your editing headaches and let AI do the heavy lifting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove the background from my product pictures using Pxl?
By using Pxl's intuitive interface you can easily select and remove any unwanted background from your product images. Just upload your image, use the selection tool to choose the portion you want to keep, and Pxl will do the rest.
Is Pxl able to remove the background from a JPEG?
Absolutely. Pxl supports a wide range of file formats including JPEG. To remove a background, upload your JPEG file, select the areas to keep and Pxl will automatically remove the background.
Can Pxl perform similar functions to Canva and Photoshop for background removal?
Yes Pxl provides similar image editing functionalities like Canva and Photoshop, particularly in removing backgrounds from images. It's a powerful tool equipped with various features aimed at making the task of background removal straightforward and efficient.
How does Pxl handle the background removal process?
Pxl uses advanced algorithms to process and differentiate the foreground objects from the background in an image. Once you make the selection, the software seamlessly removes the background. This might help you improve your store visuals and customer experience.

Shopify App Comparison: Pxl ‑ Photo Background Remover vs Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities, Pxl ‑ Photo Background Remover and Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO offer different solutions for different needs. Pxl ‑ Photo Background Remover excels at removing backgrounds from product photos with unerring precision, showcasing products with clutter-free, professional images. With advanced AI technology, it automatically identifies foreground subjects and separates them from the background, streamlining the product photography process. On the other hand, Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO focuses on improving the aesthetics and performance of an online store through image editing and SEO optimization. It allows users to easily edit images in bulk, optimize image sizes for faster loading times, and enhance SEO with optimized alt-text and file names.

Overall, if your main priority is to showcase your products with professional images that direct customers' focus and boost sales, we recommend Pxl ‑ Photo Background Remover. Its precision and efficiency in removing backgrounds can greatly improve the visual storytelling of your product listings. However, if your goal is to enhance the overall aesthetics and performance of your online store, including improving loading times and optimizing SEO, then Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO would be the better choice. Its image editing capabilities and SEO optimization can contribute to a visually appealing storefront and better rankings on search engines.

Pxl ‑ Photo Background Remover Shopify AppPxl ‑ Photo Background Remover
Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO Shopify AppHextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 43 2220
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