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Create customizable animated announcement banners to boost storefront visibility and sales engagement.

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If you want to increase visibility for upcoming events like sales and discounts, Bannerfy Announcement Banners is a great choice with its fully customizable and animated announcement banners!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
May 1, 2024

Customizable Animated Banners Boost Your Store's Sales and Promotions

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Highlight imminent promotions, sales, and events with the power of the Bannerfy Announcement Banners application. Route your potential customers to the most essential information in an attractive, easy-to-spot manner for maximum impact and unrivalled customer engagement.

This unique software comes with a vast array of customization possibilities. Select from an extensive library of fonts to market your offerings, utilize compelling call-to-action features, incorporate seamless animations, and adjust customized behaviour settings for an enhanced end-user experience.

Propel your visibility to the next level with Bannerfy's incomparable announcement banners platform, adept at shedding light on what truly matters for your customer base. Transform your marketing efforts with a sophisticated and customizable solution that drives attention and conversions for your most vital promotions. Through crafting captivating and visually stunning announcement banners, you can ensure your key messages won't just stand out - they'll command attention.


Fully customize your announcement banners to seamlessly match your theme for a cohesive look
Incorporate eye-catching animations to ensure your banners stand out and capture attention
Customize the behavior settings to effectively promote sales and events for maximum impact
Craft visually stunning announcement banners that drive customer engagement and boost conversions
Utilize compelling call-to-action features to enhance the end-user experience and drive traffic to your most vital promotions.


Increase customer engagement and drive sales by highlighting imminent promotions, sales, and events with attractive announcement banners that are fully customizable
Stand out from competitors by incorporating compelling call-to-action features, seamless animations, and customized behavior settings to enhance the end-user experience
Boost visibility and conversions by crafting visually stunning announcement banners that ensure key messages command attention and drive traffic to vital promotions.

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Sacco Digital
1880 Rue Favard, Montréal, QC, H3K1Y6, CA
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Owlfred Review

Bannerfy Announcement Banners, created by Sacco Digital, hoots with potential for merchants looking to feature critically significant events such as sales, discounts, promotions, and an array of other essentials on their storefront. Its strong suit lies in its high degree of customizability - a perfect fit for any theme, a handful of snazzy fonts, eye-catching animations and distinct call-to-action prompts. What I particularly love about Bannerfy is its unique "custom behaviour" module to strategically boost specific events or sales - a notable tool to drive visibility and engagement. You might say, it's like your personal neon signpost, tailored to your store. While the install counts are absent possibly due to its backend nature, the app ratings presently are on the lower end with an average of 1.4. As this feathery tech guru would advise, Bannerfy is a paid app with a free plan available, so do test out the waters before diving in. Tagged under a must-have category for retailers - banners, I'd recommend it for those who prize aesthetic, animation, and total customization in their announcement banners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a promotional banner?
To create a promotional banner you'll need to use design software or a platform like Bannerfy that offers customizable templates. Once you've designed the banner, you can upload it to your Shopify site using the banner tool in your dashboard.
How do I add a moving banner to Shopify?
Adding a moving banner to Shopify can be done easily using an app like Bannerfy. These types of apps allow you to create animated or moving banners and provide instructions on how to properly integrate them onto your Shopify store.
What is a promo banner?
A promo banner is a type of advertisement which is usually placed at the top or bottom of a website. It's aim is to highlight deals, news, or important updates. They're used by online merchants to draw attention to specific items or sales.
How do I customize my Shopify banner?
Customizing your Shopify banner can be done in your Shopify dashboard under Themes. Here you can change colors, text, and images. For more advanced customization such as animation or unique shapes an app like Bannerfy may be required.

Shopify App Comparison: Bannerfy Announcement Banners vs Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners - which is better?

We have thoroughly examined the capabilities and features of both the Bannerfy Announcement Banners app and the Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners app, and we believe that both of these apps offer unique and valuable solutions for businesses looking to optimize their marketing efforts and boost sales. However, there are some key differences that set these two apps apart.

The Bannerfy Announcement Banners app stands out with its extensive customization possibilities, allowing users to fully customize their announcement banners to seamlessly match their brand's theme. This level of customization, combined with eye-catching animations and compelling call-to-action features, ensures that the banners will capture attention and drive customer engagement. Additionally, the behavior settings can be adjusted to effectively promote sales and events for maximum impact. Overall, the Bannerfy app offers a sophisticated and customizable solution for businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies.

On the other hand, the Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners app offers a wide range of options for creating promotional banners and bars, each serving a specific purpose. With features such as the Multi Announcement Slider, Action Bar, and Sales Motivation Bar, businesses can easily drive revenue, grow their subscriber base, issue discounts, enhance customer satisfaction, create urgency, ensure compliance, and improve user experience. The app also offers the ability to analyze and A/B test different offers, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions to maximize profits. With its customizable design options, scheduling capabilities, and audience targeting features, the Quicky app provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their onsite marketing.

Both of these apps offer unique benefits and can greatly enhance a business's marketing efforts. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. However, we highly recommend both apps for businesses looking to increase customer engagement, drive sales, and optimize their marketing strategies.

Bannerfy Announcement Banners Shopify AppBannerfy Announcement Banners
Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners Shopify AppQuicky—Trending Bars & Banners
Average Rating 1.4 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 163
Estimated Installs 467 1832
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Max Price $3.99 $19.98
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