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Verify beauty licenses instantly and sell directly to licensed professionals.

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Licensify is a game-changer for selling to licensed beauty professionals by ensuring safety and upholding ethics through immediate license verification.

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Last Updated:
June 13, 2024

Verify Beauty Licenses Instantly and Sell to Professionals

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Unlock a heightened level of authenticity and credibility in the beauty sector with this cutting-edge app addressed to US-based store owners. By utilizing patented technology, this unique tool instantly verifies beauty licenses issued by varying state Boards of Barbering and Cosmetology. The primary objective is to foster safety and trust in the beauty industry, by driving legitimacy through digital data.

The application revolutionizes the way beauty license verification is handled, completely doing away with manual methods. Its fast, accurate and reliable; bringing in a new era of verification processes that uphold the loftiest professional standards and ethics within the beauty community. The tool not only simplifies verification but also raises the bar for safety standards within the beauty industry.

Get on board and foster a thriving beauty community backed by legitimacy and professional authenticity. This tool is a game-changer, the perfect ally for reinforcing safety norms while maintaining an efficient and user-friendly approach to license verification. Say goodbye to manual checks and promote a higher standard of safety within the professional beauty community.


Set professional pricing for products
Designate visibility for professional use only products
Support professionals by maintaining exclusivity with pro use only products
Instantly verify beauty licenses, saving time and effort for US-based store owners
Revolutionize verification processes, raising safety standards and promoting a higher level of authenticity within the beauty community


Verify beauty licenses instantly, saving time and effort for US-based store owners
Ensure safety and trust in the beauty industry by fostering legitimacy through digital data and professional authentication
Revolutionize verification processes, raising safety standards and promoting a higher level of authenticity within the beauty community

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Minin Inc
2 University Plaza, Suite 100, Hackensack, NJ, 07601, US
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Owlfred Review

Flutter your feathers, beauty professionals! You may want to perk your beaks at Licensify, a potentially game-changing Shopify app aimed specifically for the beauty industry. Although currently under the radar with no installs we can track and a lonely single review, it's clear that this app's vision is to set a higher safety standard in beauty commerce. It captures the magic of digital data to verify beauty licenses issued by various Barbering and Cosmetology Boards in the US. So, no more manual verifications - a hoot indeed! Tailored features include setting professional pricing for your products, designating visibility for pro-use-only items, and supporting other professionals by retaining exclusivity. A lofty mission, but perhaps a game-changer. Bearing in mind it's free to install, this owl thinks it might be worth a flutter if you're eager to automate and uphold ethical practices in the beauty industry!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Licensify fit into the discounts,add to cart categories?
Licensify is an app that works as a solution provider for merchants by offering potential customers discounts when they add items to their cart.
What can Licensify offer my Shopify store?
Licensify's main offer is to streamline the checkout process for your customers. It provides discounts at checkout, encouraging customers to complete their purchases.
How can I use Licensify to benefit my Shopify customers?
Using Licensify on your Shopify store can enhance customer experience. By offering real-time discounts when items are added to the cart, customers are incentivised to make a purchase.
Does Licensify require any specific licensing or verification to operate?
No Licensify does not require any specific licenses or verifications to operate. It runs seamlessly via the Shopify platform, enhancing your store's cart and checkout process.

Shopify App Comparison: Licensify vs Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart - which is better?

The Licensify app is a revolutionary tool that brings a new level of authenticity and credibility to the beauty industry. By instantly verifying beauty licenses issued by state boards, this app drastically simplifies and enhances the verification process. Unlike manual methods, Licensify is fast, accurate, and reliable, allowing US-based store owners to save time and effort. This app not only promotes safety and trust but also raises the industry's professional standards. With Licensify, you can foster a thriving beauty community backed by legitimacy and professional authenticity.

On the other hand, the Dcart - Discount in Cart app offers a unique solution to cart abandonment and boosts conversions for your online store. By streamlining the coupon code process, customers can easily apply discounts directly in their shopping cart, eliminating the need to search for the right place to incorporate codes. This user-friendly approach saves time and creates a seamless shopping experience. Investing in Dcart positions your online store ahead of competitors by offering a simplified checkout process and showcasing your commitment to exceptional customer service. By empowering customers with an effortless discount application, you will witness a marked improvement in sales and reduced cart abandonment rates.

In our opinion, both apps provide valuable features and benefits. If you're a US-based store owner in the beauty industry, we highly recommend Licensify as it revolutionizes license verification, ensuring safety and authenticity. However, if you operate an online store and want to tackle cart abandonment and boost conversions, Dcart - Discount in Cart is an excellent choice. Ultimately, the app you choose depends on your specific needs and goals.

Licensify Shopify AppLicensify
Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart Shopify AppDcart ‑ Discount in Cart
Average Rating 3 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 144
Estimated Installs 0 1540
Min Price $0.00 $5.99
Max Price $0.00 $5.99
Works With Infinite Options, shortly, checkify
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