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April 11, 2024

Powerful reporting & analytics for Shopify marketplace success

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Analyze your sales, payments, inventory, customers, payouts and more. There are numerous pre-built reports. You can also create custom reports, or let us do it for you. Slice and dice your data with custom fields, metrics and formulas. Once you have the perfect report, you can export it, or have it emailed to your team automatically. Other features include POS support, Google Sheets integration, multi-store reporting and multi-currency.

Unearth invaluable business insights with an advanced data analysis tool designed to make your metrics count. Specializing in thorough sales, payments, inventory, and customer analysis, this app offers abundant pre-built templates and a wealth of custom reporting options to fit your unique business needs. Burst through the limitations of data with an array of custom fields, metrics, and formulas.

Whilst its customizable functionality is comprehensive, it also values ease and efficiency, allowing for your perfectly tailored report to be exported promptly or scheduled for automatic email dispatch to your team. The integration with POS and Google Sheets further simplifies data management and aids real-time monitoring. Multi-store reporting and multi-currency features eliminate the boundaries in your business scope, supporting your Shopify store on its path to global success.

Step up from basic analytics tools with this comprehensive app — offering a powerful combination of data analysis, flexibility, and automation. It's not just about having information, it's about having the right tool to dissect and understand it. Level up your data game and unlock a new world of business intelligence.


Uncover valuable business insights with thorough sales, payments, inventory, and customer analysis, using pre-built templates and custom reporting options tailored to your unique business needs
Utilize multiple chart visuals and custom metrics to create in-depth reports.
Export reports to PDF, Excel, CSV, and Google Sheets and schedule automated report delivery via email or Google Sheets
Integrate seamlessly with Google Sheets and POS systems for efficient data management and real-time monitoring
Support multi-store reporting and multi-currency features to help your Shopify store succeed globally.


Generate comprehensive custom reports tailored to your unique business needs
Export and share detailed reports in various formats with ease, saving you time and effort
Seamlessly integrate with Google Sheets and POS systems for streamlined data management and real-time monitoring.

About the Vendor

Better Reports Technologies
40 Ennerdale Cr, Wheeler Heights, NSW, 2097, AU
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Works with

Google Drive, Google Sheets, Email, Stripe, POS, Excel


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Owlfred Review Recap

Hoot! "Better Reports" is a must-have Shopify app for any merchant who's serious about their data. This app talks about custom report service, and boy, they mean it—with interactive features allowing you to slice, dice, and customize every metric and formula you need. Indeed, the power to analyze sales, payments, inventory, customers, and more is literally at your wingtips. You'll benefit from a range of pre-set reports and a complimentary report creation service. Interestingly enough, you can also have them integrate with Google Sheets and Email, enabling your team to stay abreast of your store's performance with automatic reports. Not to mention, their multi-store and multi-currency support gets a feather up from this old owl for being an international merchant's dream. The numerous positive reviews (over 900 with an average rating of 5), only reinforce my view that it's a sharp option. While there's a price starting from $19.90/month, the wealth of features offered makes it really worth considering. So fellow night creature, prepare to swoop into a lake of knowledge, and come out soaking with insights!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Better Reports?
Better Reports is a Shopify app that helps merchants obtain financial and sales analytics. Its functionalities include tracking sales trends, analyzing performance, and generating comprehensive financial reports.
How does Better Reports help with financial reporting?
Better Reports simplifies financial reporting by providing easy-to-read and detailed reports. It allows merchants to keep track of their finances within Shopify, eliminating the need for additional external tools.
How can Better Reports improve sales analytics?
Better Reports can boost sales analytics by providing in-depth sales data. This includes insights on the best selling products, purchase patterns, and other revenue-driving metrics. Merchants can use this information to guide their sales strategy.
What makes Better Reports better than other reporting tools?
Better Reports stands out for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive data insights, and customization options. It is designed specifically for Shopify, meaning it is optimized for e-commerce businesses and understands the nuances of the platform.

Shopify App Comparison: Better Reports vs Report Pundit - which is better?

The Better Reports app specializes in advanced data analysis, offering comprehensive sales, payments, inventory, and customer analysis. It stands out for its array of custom fields, metrics, and formulas, providing users with a powerful tool to uncover invaluable business insights. The app offers both pre-built templates and custom reporting options, allowing users to create in-depth reports tailored to their unique business needs. With the ability to export reports in various formats and schedule automatic email dispatch, Better Reports prioritizes ease and efficiency. Integration with POS and Google Sheets simplifies data management and aids real-time monitoring, while multi-store reporting and multi-currency features support global success for Shopify stores.

On the other hand, Report Pundit offers an inclusive reporting tool that unlocks access to all Shopify data, empowering users to generate custom-tailored reports aligned with their unique business needs. With a wide variety of report categories, this app covers all crucial aspects of an e-commerce venture, including sales, products, inventory, taxes, and customer data. Report Pundit stands out for its Report Designer feature, which allows users to create custom calculated fields and logic-based custom reports. With the ability to trim, filter, sort, and send data via email, FTP, Gsheets, and GDrive, this app streamlines data sharing and collaboration. Additionally, Report Pundit offers connectivity with third-party apps for comprehensive insights and provides unified reports for multiple stores across languages and regions for streamlined oversight and analysis.

Better Reports Shopify AppBetter Reports
Report Pundit Shopify AppReport Pundit
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1014 1451
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $19.89 $0.00
Max Price $299.89 $35.00
Works With Google Drive, Google Sheets, Email, Stripe, POS, Excel Ship Station, Facebook, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, PayPal, Stocky
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