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Automatically issue invoices by seamlessly integrating your webshop with Billingo for hassle-free invoicing.

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If you're looking for a hassle-free way to automate your invoicing process, the Billingo integration is the perfect solution for your webshop.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Automate Invoicing with Billingo Integration

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If you are tired of manually issuing invoices and difficult-to-use solutions, this Billingo integration is the ideal solution for you. Install the app, connect it to your Billingo account, and invoices will be issued automatically. You can set up automated invoicing based on order status, manage VAT rate and all necessary settings. Our customer service will answer your questions every day of the week. Customer and order records will be shared with Billingo to issue the invoices.

Break free from the hassle of manual invoice creation with this seamless integration specifically designed to streamline your billing process. With just a few clicks, connect your existing account and enjoy the luxury of auto-generated invoices, saving you valuable time and reducing errors.

Offering comprehensive controls over the invoicing process, this integration shines with features like managing VAT rates and all essential settings through its intuitive interface. No more invoices overlooked or delayed, as you can schedule automated invoicing specifically based on your preferred order status.

In addition, this application ensures data synchronization. It notably shares customer and order records with your billing account allowing swift and accurate invoice issuance.

Have any questions or encountered an issue? You are never alone. Rely on a dedicated customer service team, ready to respond seven days a week. Turn the chore of invoicing into a breeze with an application that truly understands your needs and takes the burden off your shoulders.


Automate invoice creation and effortlessly send invoices via email
Customize invoice information with ease
Automatically process VAT keys for international orders
Ensure data synchronization with customer and order records
Access dedicated customer service seven days a week


Save valuable time by automating invoice creation and enjoy error-free billing
Ensure accurate and timely invoicing by scheduling automated invoices based on order status
Access dedicated customer service seven days a week to resolve any issues or queries

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2023 Projects, Inc
651 N Broad St, Suite 201, Middletown, DE, 19709, US
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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Whoo needs some insight on the EasyConnect for Billingo app? This app deserves a fine feather in its cap for its high-flying functionality and convenience in the realm of invoice management. With an average rating of 5 from only eight reviewers, it paints a picture of an underrated gem in the vast Shopify jungle. While it may not have any measurable installs due to its backend nature, don't let that daunt you! It's the night and day solution for those tired of laborious manual invoice issuing. Key features include automatic issuance of invoices by connecting your webshop to your Billingo account, simple invoice information management, and automated VAT key processing for international orders. All these features are thoughtfully designed to lift the taxing weight of the invoicing process off your shoulders. Given it's a free to install app with potential additional charges and it works seamlessly with Billingo, I, Owlfred, give a wise nod of approval for those seeking to simplify their invoicing and receipt systems. Just remember, customer and order records will be shared with Billingo to issue the invoices. Owlsome!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I automate my invoice process?
With the help of invoicing apps like Billingo - Hivatalos, you can automate your entire invoice process. These tools create and send invoices on predetermined schedules or triggers.
What exactly is an automated billing process?
An automated billing process is a system that automates recurring invoices or billing cycles. This relieves you of the manual work and ensures timely, accurate billing.
Can an automated billing system be created for my online store?
Yes by integrating an invoice and receipt processing app like Billingo - Hivatalos to your online shopify store, an automated billing system can be set up.
What does automated invoice processing workflow entail?
Automated invoice processing workflow involves automated creation, dispatch, tracking and management of invoices, thus streamlining the billing process and reducing errors and delays.

Shopify App Comparison: Billingo ‑ Hivatalos vs Order Printer Pro: Invoice App - which is better?

When comparing Billingo ‑ Hivatalos with Order Printer Pro: Invoice App, we can see that both apps offer robust capabilities and features to streamline the invoicing and order management process. Billingo ‑ Hivatalos excels in automating invoice creation by seamlessly integrating with existing accounts and generating invoices with just a few clicks. It also offers comprehensive controls over the invoicing process, allowing users to manage VAT rates and schedule automated invoicing based on order status. The app ensures accurate and timely invoicing by synchronizing customer and order records with the billing account. Additionally, users can rely on a dedicated customer service team for assistance seven days a week. Overall, Billingo ‑ Hivatalos is a reliable app that saves valuable time and ensures error-free billing.

On the other hand, Order Printer Pro: Invoice App provides users with efficient invoice automation for their order management needs. With the ability to bulk print tailored invoices, packing slips, and returns forms adorned with the store's logo and colors, this app offers a professional touch. It simplifies setup for both novice and advanced users with dynamic templates and customization options. The app also allows hassle-free printing and exporting of draft orders and supports multiple languages and currencies, making it suitable for growing businesses of all sizes. With its dedicated 24/7 support team, users can rely on assistance for any e-store operation challenges. Overall, Order Printer Pro: Invoice App is a reliable solution for streamlined order management and personalized customer experience.

In conclusion, both Billingo ‑ Hivatalos and Order Printer Pro: Invoice App offer valuable features and benefits for users. Depending on the specific needs of the user, we would recommend either app. If the user is looking for a comprehensive invoicing solution with automated invoice creation, scheduling, and data synchronization, Billingo ‑ Hivatalos would be the recommended choice. However, if the user prioritizes a professional branding experience and streamlined order management with customizable templates and support for multiple languages and currencies, Order Printer Pro: Invoice App would be the recommended choice. Both apps provide dedicated customer service support, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Billingo ‑ Hivatalos Shopify AppBillingo ‑ Hivatalos
Order Printer Pro: Invoice App Shopify AppOrder Printer Pro: Invoice App
Average Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 17 1170
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Max Price $0.00 $10.00
Works With Billingo Shopify POS , Order Printer, Order Printer Templates, OrderlyEmails, Point of Sale, Store Pickup + Delivery, Infinite Options
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