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Increase customer retention and CLV with a fully customizable loyalty & rewards platform.

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Bingage is a fantastic choice for turning your customers into repeat buyers by offering a fully customized loyalty and rewards platform that is easy to set up and fully customizable for your growing business needs.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Boost Customer Loyalty & Repeat Sales with Customized Reward Platform

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Transforming the way e-commerce and retail brands engage with their customers, Bingage presents a unified platform combining gamified rewards, customer loyalty, referral schemes, and VIP tier programs. This no-code solution aids in boosting customer retention and augmenting Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), directly impacting the bottom-line of businesses.

Easy to set up within minutes, this fully customizable solution fits seamlessly into any business operation, ideal for businesses with a goal for exponential growth. Equipped with API-centricity, the app invites businesses to integrate with their existing systems easily, making operations smoother and more seamless.

Prioritizing success, the app features 24/7 support that extends beyond just issue-solving. Backed by years of expertise in customer loyalty and reward schemes, the support team strides as a partner, advising towards achieving greater goals. Using this application, brands can truly turn their customers into loyal patrons.


Select your preferred loyalty program, cashback program, or points program
Provide multiple ways for customers to earn and redeem rewards
Customize the widget, public reward page, and emails to match your brand's style
Increase sales by rewarding your consumers for referrals
Build a fully customized solution using Bingage's Developer Toolkit


Increase customer retention and CLV with gamified rewards, loyalty programs, and referral schemes tailored to your brand
Seamless integration with existing systems through API-centricity saves time and streamlines operations for exponential business growth
24/7 expert support transforms customers into loyal patrons with tailored advice for achieving greater business goals

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Bingage IT Labs Pvt Ltd
Metro Tower, 705, B Clock, Vijaynagar, Indore, Indore, MP, 452010, IN
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Owlfred Review

Owlfred here! Bingage: Loyalty & Rewards is a bit of a hidden gem, growing businesses love it! This app turns your one-time shoppers into repeat customers using its no-fuss, easy-to-configure loyalty programs. With a variety of customizable reward options like cashback and point schemes, Bingage ensures your customers constantly feel valued and appreciated on your e-commerce platform. While it doesn't boast a long line of reviews, the couple that exist shower it with high praise, indicating that Bingage has truly mastered customer loyalty and rewards. This Shopify app also encourages increase in sales by effortlessly integrating a referral system where consumers are rewarded for bringing in new business; plus, the fact that its widget, public reward page, and emails can all be customized to match your brand's style is a nice cherry on top. Offering 24/7 all-in customer support, Bingage's dedicated team is always around to iron out any wrinkles you may come across, ensuring your loyalty platform operates without a hitch. With a generous free starting plan, this Shopify app makes customer loyalty and increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) accessible for everyone. Would I recommend this budget-friendly, feature-loaded customer loyalty and reward platform? Wise Owls say hoot-yes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What impacts customer loyalty?
A variety of factors can impact customer loyalty, including product quality, customer service experience, pricing, and the perceived value of rewards or perks
How does customer loyalty benefit my business?
Customer loyalty can lead to repeat purchases, reducing acquisition costs. It can also lead to positive word-of-mouth, effectively acting as a form of free advertising for your business
How can I enhance client loyalty using Bingage: Loyalty & Rewards app?
By using Bingage: Loyalty & Rewards app, you can offer customer-specific rewards and discounts. Personalized offers engage customers and foster loyalty, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases
What are some successful customer loyalty strategies?
Successful customer loyalty strategies can include reward programs, exclusive discounts, personalized offers, and superior customer service. Remember, every business is unique and what works best will depend on your specific circumstances and target market.

Shopify App Comparison: Bingage: Loyalty & Rewards vs Joy: Rewards & Loyalty Program - which is better?

When comparing Bingage and Joy, we find that both apps offer robust capabilities to enhance customer loyalty and increase business growth. However, Bingage stands out with its no-code solution that allows for easy setup and customization, making it suitable for businesses aiming for rapid expansion. With Bingage, brands can select their preferred loyalty program, cashback program, or points program, and provide multiple ways for customers to earn and redeem rewards. Additionally, the app offers 24/7 expert support, going beyond issue-solving to provide tailored advice for achieving greater business goals. This personalized support sets Bingage apart, as it positions itself as a true partner in transforming customers into loyal patrons.

On the other hand, Joy offers a powerful and intuitive app that focuses on customer satisfaction and increasing store purchase frequency. It supports Point-of-Sale (POS) operations, streamlining tasks and enabling seamless integration with other apps. Joy also features automated email notifications to provide real-time insights on loyalty programs. While both apps prioritize customer engagement and satisfaction, Joy emphasizes the importance of rewarding customer loyalty in maintaining a competitive edge. The app allows for the creation of custom loyalty programs, VIP tiers, and rewards rooted in customer interaction. With its emphasis on enhancing the customer shopping experience, Joy aims to boost store purchase frequency to maximize profits.

In conclusion, both Bingage and Joy offer valuable features and benefits for boosting customer loyalty and increasing business growth. Depending on your specific goals and priorities, we recommend Bingage for its no-code solution, easy customization, and personalized support. If you are looking for an app that can be tailored to your brand's style and provides expert guidance for achieving greater business goals, Bingage is the ideal choice. However, if you prioritize creating custom loyalty programs and VIP tiers to enhance customer satisfaction and drive repeat purchases, Joy is the app for you. It offers seamless integration with other apps, automated email notifications, and real-time insights to optimize customer engagement and increase store purchase frequency.

Bingage: Loyalty & Rewards Shopify AppBingage: Loyalty & Rewards
Joy: Rewards & Loyalty Program Shopify AppJoy: Rewards & Loyalty Program
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 1544
Estimated Installs 0 5109
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Max Price $249.00 $29.00
Works With Shopify Flow, Shopify POS , Checkout , POS, Transcy,, Klaviyo, Loox, Product reviews
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