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Increase revenue and engagement with contests and games, offering discounts and prizes.

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BlingRush Gamification is a fun and easy way to increase revenue and engagement in your Shopify store with contests and prizes!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Engage Shoppers and Boost Sales with Interactive Contests and Prizes

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Increase your Shopify store’s revenue and customer engagement by creating contests at your store. The customers play a game and the winners get discounts and prizes. Use our out-of-the-box games (BlingSmash and Spin The Wheel) or ask us to adjust the game for your brand. You can also request us to develop a dedicated game just for your store

Transform the shopping experience in your online store with an interactive twist. Be a trendsetter in the eCommerce space by integrating gamification into your customer interactions. Engage your visitors by letting them participate in fun on-site contests and, in turn, elevate your store's revenue. Entice potential customers with exciting rewards and discounts, making every visit to your store an exploratory adventure.

With a selection of pre-built games such as BlingSmash and Spin The Wheel, create instant engagement, nudging customers towards purchase. Stress no more about personalization. The app offers flexibility by customizing games to suit your brand's identity, making your contests feel organic.

But what if you want something more? The app extends a dedicated service to construct a unique game exclusively for your store, fostering brand uniqueness and customer loyalty. So, adopt a fresh approach to merchandising. Break away from traditional marketing techniques. Create an immersive and rewarding shopping journey that will leave customers coming back for more and more.


Easily create engaging contests in minutes with the user-friendly admin panel
Keep visitors engaged on your store with in-site hosted games, no redirection needed
Support multilingual stores for a wider reach and better customer experience
Utilize Shopify flow for seamless management and user experience
Offer both free and paid contests to attract more customers and boost revenue.


Increase customer engagement and retention with interactive gamification, leading to higher conversion rates and increased average order value
Personalize and customize games to align with your brand identity, creating a unique and immersive shopping experience to set your store apart from competitors
Save time and effort with easy-to-use admin panel, allowing you to create contests quickly and efficiently, maximizing your marketing efforts and streamlining the process for increased revenue

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Owlfred Review

BlingRush Gamification is a unique Shopify app geared towards increasing customer engagement and boosting your store's revenue through captivating games and contests. Assuming the role of a digital games master, this app invites your shoppers to take part in fun contests at your store with the tempting offer of discounts and prizes for the winners. It comes with pre-made games such as BlingSmash and Spin The Wheel, but in the true spirit of customization, developers are willing to tweak the games to better fit your brand or even develop a dedicated game specifically for your store. BlingRush Gamification proudly supports multilingual stores and allows for ease of management through the integration of Shopify flow and entities. The admin panel is a breeze to use, enabling you to create contests in under 5 minutes. A standout feature is the option to roll out free to register contests for marketing or level up to paid contests with big prizes. Even though we can't track installs for this game changer, its two rave reviews, each a perfect score of 5, speak volumes about its potential. BlingRush Gamification is a dynamic option for merchant looking to infuse a dose of fun into their Shopify store while driving profits. Take the plunge, it's free to install with additional charges potentially contingent on your specific usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can incorporating games into my online store increase revenue?
By integrating games into your online store, you engage your customers in an interactive and fun way. This improves customer engagement, which can lead to increased visits and conversion rates. When customers are offered the chance to participate in contests and games, they are more likely to make a purchase. It is especially beneficial when prizes include discounts or rewards that can be redeemed on your products.
Is the gamification experience customizable to suit my brand?
Yes you can customize your games to match your brand's identity. Your contests and rewards can be tailored to be consistent with your brand's style and values, making this an organic part of the customer's shopping experience.
Can the app create a unique game specifically for my store?
Yes this app can construct a unique game exclusively for your store. By doing so, you emphasize brand uniqueness and foster customer loyalty, which is a key factor for maintaining returning customers.
What type of games are pre-built within the app?
The app comes with pre-built games such as BlingSmash and Spin The Wheel. These games aim to create instant engagement that can draw your customers towards making a purchase.

Shopify App Comparison: BlingRush Gamification vs Lucky Leads Email Popup - which is better?

We have compared two exciting apps that can elevate your online store and boost customer engagement and revenue potential. BlingRush Gamification App offers a unique twist to the shopping experience by integrating gamification into customer interactions. With pre-built games such as BlingSmash and Spin The Wheel, you can easily create engaging contests to nudge customers towards purchase. The app also allows for customization, ensuring that the contests align with your brand's identity. Additionally, BlingRush offers a dedicated service to construct a unique game exclusively for your store, fostering brand uniqueness and customer loyalty. By adopting this app, you can create an immersive and rewarding shopping journey that will leave customers coming back for more.

On the other hand, Lucky Leads Email Popup App offers a different approach to customer engagement. This app harnesses the power of display pop-ups to optimize email capture and increase revenue potential. With its unique spin-the-wheel feature, you can engage users and promote specific products, reducing bounce rates. The app creates an immersive shopping environment that leads to higher basket values and increased user retention. By strategically designing pop-ups that enhance user experience without irritating customers, Lucky Leads offers a seamless and less imposing way to engage customers. By adopting this app, you can boost customer engagement, increase revenue potential, and promote long-term customer value.

In conclusion, both BlingRush Gamification App and Lucky Leads Email Popup App offer exciting features and benefits that can elevate your online store. While BlingRush focuses on integrating gamification and creating an exploratory adventure for customers, Lucky Leads offers innovative pop-up features that provide a smooth and engaging shopping experience. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, we recommend considering one or both of these apps to enhance customer engagement, increase revenue potential, and differentiate your store from competitors.

BlingRush Gamification Shopify AppBlingRush Gamification
Lucky Leads Email Popup Shopify AppLucky Leads Email Popup
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