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Automatic Order Transfer for Shopify Stores

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Serving as the bridge between your Shopify store and Informer administration, this transformative app eliminates the cumbersome task of manual data entry. Orders from your webshop are promptly and automatically transferred to Informer in real-time, liberating merchants from time-consuming and error-prone manual data recording. Uniquely, this application offers the flexibility to dictate precisely when an order gets transferred, be it upon creation, full payment, or partial payment.

Not a single element of your ordering process will get overlooked. Each intricacy - from the comprehensive order details to the granular customer-information - is meticulously captured and relayed to the Informer system. Whether you are handling hundreds or thousands of orders, trust this application to incorporate every bit of information seamlessly into the Informer booking system, ensuring a more manageable and mistake-free administration.

Experience the power of automation and the convenience of real-time synchronization with an application built to streamline businesses operations. Competently handling both customer and order details, this tool offers merchants an efficient and accurate way to manage their data-processing tasks, allowing them to channel their efforts into growing their business.


Automate real-time order data transfer to Informer, reducing manual entry errors and boosting operational efficiency
Accurately capture and integrate comprehensive order details and customer information into Informer for enhanced administrative management
Streamline operations with real-time synchronization, allowing merchants to focus on business growth
Seamlessly transfer orders based on specific triggers like creation, full payment, or partial payment
Efficiently manage data-processing tasks with automation, ensuring mistake-free administration and freeing up time for business expansion.


Automate order data transfer in real-time to Informer, saving merchants from manual data entry errors and increasing operational efficiency
Ensure all order details and customer information are accurately captured and seamlessly integrated into Informer, preventing oversight and enhancing administrative management
Streamline business operations with real-time synchronization, freeing up merchant's time to focus on business growth.

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Owlfred Review

Look no further, my busy merchant friends! Introducing Informer - the ace in your deck for seamless, timely, and error-free order transfers from your Shopify webshop to your Informer administration. Enjoy the luxury of automatic data transferring avoiding the dreaded double entry and watch as your orders journey securely when they're created, paid or partially paid. This much-lauded app has a solid 5-star review which commends its razor-sharp accuracy with correct price-details and customer-details, not to mention the accurate assignment of taxes and ledger codesβ€”no more administrative errors! Its value for the price is impressive at $14.95/month, and with a 30-day free trial to boot, you can be click-ready in just 5 minutes! This savvy addition to your accounting arsenal is a must-have for e-commerce mavericks looking ease their administrative workload. So, why labour with manual entries when Informer can do the job for you? But remember, this isn't just any app, it's the app that informs your success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can accounting apps like Informer automate Shopify orders?
Accounting apps such as Informer can significantly reduce manual work by automating Shopify orders. They perform various tasks, including capturing order details, calculating totals, and recording transactions in your accounting system.
Does Informer app for Shopify automatically send orders to suppliers?
Informer, like some other accounting apps, can streamline the process of supplying management. It can forward order details to suppliers automatically, easing out operations for the merchants.
How does Informer help with the automatic export of Shopify orders?
Informer facilitates the automatic export of orders from Shopify. It extracts and processes order data, then transfers it into the accounting system, thus enhancing accuracy and increasing operational efficiency.
Can Informer assist in transferring products between different Shopify stores?
Informer can indeed streamline the transfer of products between different Shopify stores. It can help accurately replicate product details, ensuring inventory consistency across multiple e-stores.

Shopify App Comparison: Informer vs Combidesk SnelStart - which is better?

The Informer app serves as a powerful tool for streamlining businesses operations and managing data-processing tasks. Its automation capabilities enable real-time order data transfer to Informer, reducing manual entry errors and boosting operational efficiency. This app provides merchants with the flexibility to transfer orders based on specific triggers like creation, full payment, or partial payment, ensuring that not a single element of the ordering process is overlooked. The comprehensive order details and customer information are accurately captured and seamlessly integrated into Informer, preventing oversight and enhancing administrative management. With its seamless synchronization and real-time data transfer, the Informer app allows merchants to focus their efforts on growing their business, making it a invaluable asset for any online store.

The Combidesk SnelStart app is another remarkable tool for aligning online business operations with precision. It enables seamless synchronization between Shopify stores and SnelStart, a potent accounting tool. This app automates order and refund synchronization, creates customers in SnelStart based on Shopify information, and allows users to determine synchronization based on order status. The integration with Shopify Payments further enhances its capabilities. One of the standout features of this app is its ability to streamline accounting tasks, minimizing mistakes in financial data entries and stock control. With its user-friendly setup, merchants can eliminate manual work and focus on growing their business. Overall, the Combidesk SnelStart app offers a well-organized, harmonized flow of digital commerce and ensures efficient e-commerce operations.

Based on our evaluation, we highly recommend both the Informer app and the Combidesk SnelStart app. However, the decision ultimately depends on your specific business needs and preferences. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that efficiently manages both customer and order details, the Informer app is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you prioritize seamless synchronization and simplified accounting tasks, the Combidesk SnelStart app is a perfect fit. Whichever app you choose, you can expect increased operational efficiency, reduced errors, and more time to focus on growing your business.

Informer Shopify AppInformer
Combidesk SnelStart Shopify AppCombidesk SnelStart
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 4
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Min Price $14.95 $15.00
Max Price $14.95 $15.00
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