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Automate BOGO discounts and increase conversions with one-click upsells and gift offers.

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The Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y app is a fantastic way to set up irresistible buy one, get one offers on your products, boosting customer engagement and increasing sales effortlessly.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Increase conversions with auto-added BOGO discounts for your Shopify store.

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BOGO Discount auto add the product to the cart app is a powerful tool to set up one-click upsell discounts and increase your store conversion rate. Offer different types of discounts on selective products or entire collections of products. Streamlines your sales by automating discounts on your store and improving the customer user experience. Compatible with All Free and premium themes If you have any compatibility issues support team will fix it for you.

Empower your online store with a robust tool that efficiently manages upsell discounts, automating an enticing 'Buy X Get Y' offering strategy. This adept app seamlessly integrates with all free and premium themes, ensuring smooth functionality across your storefront.

Enrich your customer's purchasing journey through smart, one-click discounts on specific items or entire product collections. By auto-adding discounted items to shoppers' carts, the app enhances their shopping experience, driving an uplift in your store's conversion rate. This strategic value-based approach, allows for an exciting shopping experience, nudging customers to make an additional purchase.

The ultra-responsive support team stays readily available in event of any compatibility issues, ensuring that continuous sales streamlining isn't interrupted. With this app, effortlessly weave in discounted surprises for your customers, incentivizing them to explore your offering-catalog, truly shaping an engaging shopping experience.


Automate enticing 'Buy X Get Y' discounts to drive conversions.
Access ultra-responsive support for uninterrupted sales streamlining.
Offer discounted surprises to incentivize customer exploration.
Drive traffic and increase average order value with enticing discounts.
Streamline the shopping experience with auto-added discounted items.


Increase conversion rate by offering enticing 'Buy X Get Y' discounts, auto-adding discounted items to shoppers' carts, nudging them to make additional purchases.
Ensure continuous sales streamlining with ultra-responsive support team, preventing interruptions in the shopping experience and maintaining a steady revenue flow.
Incentivize customers to explore your offering-catalog with discounted surprises, driving more traffic to the website and increasing average order value.

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y - an app that's all about increasing conversion rates and enhancing customer shopping experience. A relatively new addition to the Shopify store offered by Extendons, it's been installed by just a couple merchants so far, and has an average rating of 3 out of 5. Like the name suggests, it's a BOGO discount tool that automatically adds freebies to your customers' shopping carts and offers a range of discount types on selected products or whole collections. One of its standout features includes an automatic BOGO Discount Offer setup while another allows for quantity-based pricing displays on product pages. It's compatible with free and premium themes, and they reassure merchants that the support team will swoop in help with any compatibility issues. Priced at $4.99 per month with a 5-day free trial, this app is an affordable way for merchants to offer their consumers special deals or promotional gifts. However, with only a couple of reviews under its wing, Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y is still growing its reputation among Shopify merchants. As always, give the free trial a go before you fully commit! It's a promising app for enchancing discounts on your Shopify store. It's hoot-worthy to me!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y app help increase my store conversion?
The Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y app can aid in boosting your store conversion by creating exciting discounts and deals. The key strategy is offering buy one, get one or buy X, get Y type offers which incentivize customers to make a purchase, thereby improving conversion rates.
How do I set up automatic discounts with the Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y app on Shopify?
Setting up automatic discounts with the Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y app is quite straightforward. Navigate to the app settings from your Shopify dashboard, select the products you want to put on sale and define your discount structure i.e., Buy X get Y or BOGO offers.
Can I set up multiple discounts using the Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y app on Shopify?
Absolutely. The Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y app supports the creation of multiple discount offers. You can apply different discount rules to different products or create tiered discount structures to encourage larger purchases.
What conversion rate can I expect with the Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y app?
The conversion rate depends on multiple factors including your product, pricing, and market. However, attractive offers such as BOGO and Buy X Get Y created by the Free Gifts app have been shown to positively impact conversion rates. By engaging your customers with enthralling deals, you have higher chances for conversion rate improvement.

Shopify App Comparison: Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y vs Pug Feed - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of the Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y app and the Pug Feed app, it is clear that they both offer unique features that are valuable for Shopify merchants. The Free Gifts app specializes in driving conversions by automating enticing 'Buy X Get Y' discounts and auto-adding discounted items to shoppers' carts. This not only increases the conversion rate but also incentivizes customers to explore the offering-catalog, driving more traffic and increasing the average order value. With the ultra-responsive support team, merchants can ensure uninterrupted sales streamlining, preventing any disruptions in the shopping experience and maintaining a steady revenue flow.

On the other hand, the Pug Feed app focuses on transforming social media engagement and increasing sales through tailored product feeds. The intelligent grouping of products by collection makes it easy to create Facebook sets, boosting social media impact and driving sales. The app also offers a unique discount embedding feature, preventing cart abandonment and leading to successful sales without the need for manual segmentation and grouping. In addition, the app saves time, reduces effort, and increases efficiency for Shopify merchants through seamless product feed management.

Overall, both apps offer valuable capabilities for Shopify merchants, but the decision between them depends on the specific needs and goals of the merchant. However, if you are looking to increase conversions and encourage customer exploration, we recommend the Free Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y app. Alternatively, if you are focused on maximizing social media impact and preventing cart abandonment, the Pug Feed app would be a great choice.

Free Gifts: BOGO  Buy X Get Y Shopify AppFree Gifts: BOGO Buy X Get Y
Pug Feed Shopify AppPug Feed
Average Rating 3 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 1
Estimated Installs 3 0
Min Price $4.99 $15.99
Max Price $4.99 $15.99
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