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April 9, 2024

Recover Unpaid Sales and Increase Conversions with Automated Messaging

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Envie mensagens automatizadas de recuperação de vendas não pagas via e-mail e SMS Veja de forma consolidada os resultados de recuperação de compras ao longo do tempo Edite as mensagens, o funil de recuperação e as configurações de envio Compatível com os checkouts transparentes Mercado Pago, Yampi, Cartpanda Digital Manager Guru, PagBrasil, MOIP, Samurai Experts e muito mais dentro do app. Pare de perder tempo recuperando carrinho abandonado, Boleto e PIX. Deixe esse trabalho com a gente!

Revolutionize your recovery strategy for unpaid sales with the strategic automation tool you've been waiting for. Specially designed for Shopify merchants, this unique app offers automated recovery messages, delivered directly through SMS and email. It successfully integrates with transparent checkouts like Mercado Pago, Yampi, Cartpanda Digital Manager Guru, PagBrasil, MOIP, Samurai Experts and more.

Monitor your recovery success with consolidated results, and tweak your messaging strategy through a user-friendly interface. Craft an arsenal of custom messages, design recovery funnels, and program effective scheduling configurations. Place emphasis where it's needed most, and track how your customer response evolves over time.

Our sophisticated software takes the demanding and time-consuming task of recovering abandoned carts, Boleto and PIX off of your shoulders. Offering you more time to focus on your business growth, while the app seamlessly manages your recovery process. This smart, structural and seamlessly integrated system propels your recovery strategy to a higher plane of efficiency.


Automated recovery messages through SMS and email for incomplete purchases
Increase revenue by capturing sales via boleto, cart, and PIX
Quick and easy installation and editing without the need for a programmer
Easily monitor recovery success, adjust messaging strategy, and track customer response evolution
Seamlessly manage the recovery process, allowing you to focus on business growth


Recover unpaid sales with automated messages through SMS and email, increasing revenue and saving time
Monitor recovery success, adjust messaging strategy, and track customer response evolution easily through a user-friendly interface
Focus on business growth as the app efficiently manages the recovery process, freeing up your time for other tasks

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Owlfred Review Recap

Hoot hoot! Boleto Carrinho & PIX Recovery is a hefty tool every Shopify merchant needs! The functionalities of this app are quite impressive, allowing you to reclaim non-paid sales through automated email and text message recovery processes. You'll see your lost sales turning into a flock of fruitful purchases in no time. It integrates flawlessly with Mercado Pago, Yampi, Cartpanda Digital Manager Guru, PagBrasil, MOIP, Samurai Experts and many more carts right within the app. What's even better is you don't need to hire a programmer to get started! In just minutes, this app can be fluttering around your workflow, automatically retrieving abandoned carts, boletos and PIX. Plus, it has exciting features that can help increase your revenue through boletos, carts and PIX sales. So far, the reviews are outstanding - an average of five hoots, I mean, stars from users. Starting from $14.99/month, it offers an appealing pricing structure. However, no installs have been tracked so far possibly because of its backend nature. Overall, this app may be worth taking under your wing if you dread the thought of losing abandoned carts and unpaid sales. Remember, sales slipping away are as bitter as a bad mouse, ensure your revenue doesn't fly away - you've got the power!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Boleto Carrinho & PIX Recovery help with lost sales recovery?
Boleto Carrinho & PIX Recovery uses an automated strategy to recover lost sales through abandoned cart reminders. It triggers follow-up actions such as SMS and email campaigns to persuade customers to complete their purchases.
How do abandoned cart recovery strategies increase sales?
Abandoned cart recovery strategies work by following up with customers who've left items in their carts, increasing the chances of them finalizing the purchase. They act as a reminder, nudging customers to complete transactions they may have forgotten or abandoned for various reasons.
Should I use abandoned cart emails?
Abandoned cart emails can be an effective tool for recovering potential lost sales. They remind customers of items they were interested in and can often include incentives like discounts or free shipping to encourage a completed purchase.
What is the ideal conversion rate for abandoned cart emails?
While conversion rates can vary greatly depending on factors like industry, product, and target audience, a good benchmark to aim for is a rate of around 10%. However, higher conversion rates are always better and achievable with optimized messaging and targeting.

Shopify App Comparison: Boleto Carrinho & PIX Recovery vs SH : WhatsApp Chat & Marketing - which is better?

When comparing Boleto Carrinho & PIX Recovery to SH : WhatsApp Chat & Marketing, both apps aim to assist merchants with the recovery of abandoned carts and increase revenue. However, there are key differences between the two that set them apart.

Boleto Carrinho & PIX Recovery offers automated recovery messages through SMS and email, allowing merchants to capture sales and focus on business growth. The app provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring recovery success, adjusting messaging strategy, and tracking customer response evolution. With easy installation and editing, this app is accessible without the need for a programmer. The emphasis is placed on streamlining the recovery process and saving time for the merchant.

On the other hand, SH : WhatsApp Chat & Marketing focuses on utilizing WhatsApp as a marketing tool for abandoned cart recovery. By enabling the WhatsApp Chat button, merchants can provide customer support and foster interactions. This app also offers automated recovery of abandoned carts via WhatsApp and SMS, along with features such as boosting revenues with discounts and notifying customers about order activities. The app's ability to synthesize real-time data ensures smooth sailing in the e-commerce journey and maximizes overall revenue, allowing the merchant to focus on running their business.

Overall, both apps have their unique strengths and features. Boleto Carrinho & PIX Recovery prioritizes efficiency and automation, while SH : WhatsApp Chat & Marketing emphasizes the use of WhatsApp as a marketing tool and provides advanced features for customer interactions. Based on your specific needs and preferences, we would recommend one or both of these apps to effectively recover abandoned carts and increase revenue in your online store.

Boleto Carrinho & PIX Recovery Shopify AppBoleto Carrinho & PIX Recovery
SH : WhatsApp Chat & Marketing Shopify AppSH : WhatsApp Chat & Marketing
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 15 101
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $14.99 $0.00
Max Price $89.99 $0.00
Works With WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Twilio, Gupshup
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