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Increase Conversions with Boomerang: Unlimited UGC

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Scaling your business while keeping marketing costs to a minimum just got easier with this revolutionary app. Promote a streamlined brand image and enhance customer loyalty with a unique approach that turns customers into brand advocates with cashback rewards.

Heighten customer participation dramatically by incentivizing tasks such as social media posting, writing reviews, or creating videos. Not only does this practice foster a sense of community around your brand, but it also offers a constant influx of authentic user-generated content (UGC) that you can incorporate into your promotional materials. Prominently featuring genuine customer experiences can aid in increasing conversions, as today's consumers value authenticity.

Moreover, you're in full control of the content since you have the final say on whether or not to approve the content submitted. This grants you the ability to discern and curate only the very best content that aligns with your brand image, all the while engaging your customers in an interactive shopping experience that's both fun and rewarding.

Shift your business into the new era of e-commerce where customer involvement is key and user-generated content reigns supreme. Discover the potential of transforming ordinary customers into loyal brand ambassadors with cashback incentives. Empower your business growth with this game-changing app.


Approve or reject user-generated content
Incentivize customers to create social media posts, reviews, and videos
Offer gift cards as rewards for customer engagement
Cultivate a community of creators around your brand
Amplify brand visibility with user-generated viral content


Increase website conversion by leveraging user-generated content from customers
Build a community of brand advocates through incentivized tasks such as social media posting and reviews
Streamline brand image and enhance customer loyalty with cashback rewards

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let's turn our gaze to Boomerang: Unlimited UGC. This engaging app celebrates customer-centric marketing with a unique twist, incentivizing customers to churn out organic user-generated content (UGC) in exchange for cashback rewards. Retailers can say cheerio to the expense of content production and coupon-based sales, while welcoming a boost in conversions and limitless quantities of UGC. The icing on the cake? The power to approve or reject content is all yours! This nifty feature ensures brand integrity while enabling the full rights to repurpose any UGC for promotions, ads, or your website. Boomerang sports a champion roster of additional features, including website conversion enhancement without coupon codes, a bonus-value gift card option for customers, the unique opportunity to cultivate a vibrant community of creators, and the golden prospect of supercharging your brand with viral content. Even with limited installs, it gets a thumbs up from every reviewer, pointing to high customer satisfaction. Boomerang is currently free to use, although some additional charges may apply. All in all, it's a distinctive and promising app for your Shopify store, great for those seeking a fresh and empowered approach to content and customer engagement. Make your marketing truly hit its target with Boomerang!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my business benefit from user-generated content (UGC)?
User-generated content (UGC) can significantly benefit your business as it cultivates a community around your brand while providing a steady stream of authentic promotional material. Showcasing genuine customer experiences can assist in enhancing conversions, as contemporary consumers value authenticity
What is the value of incentivising customer tasks?
Incentivising tasks like social media posts, product reviews or video creation encourages customer participation in your brand. It also generates a constant source of UGC for your promotional purposes
How can I ensure I maintain control over content generated by customers?
You maintain full control over user-generated content through the app. You have the prerogative to review and approve content submissions, assuring that only the best content that aligns with your brand image is displayed
How can I transform my customers into brand ambassadors?
You can transform your customers into brand ambassadors through cashback rewards in return for their active participation. This system not only increases your UGC but also promotes customer loyalty, simultaneously enhancing your brand's credibility and visibility.

Shopify App Comparison: Boomerang: Unlimited UGC vs Hextom: Free Shipping Bar - which is better?

We compared two apps, Boomerang: Unlimited UGC and Hextom: Free Shipping Bar, and found that both offer unique capabilities and benefits. Boomerang allows you to leverage user-generated content from customers, building a community of brand advocates through incentivized tasks such as social media posting and reviews. By incorporating genuine customer experiences, you can increase website conversion and enhance customer loyalty. Additionally, Boomerang empowers customers by offering cashback rewards and the ability to choose gift cards to your store, providing a fun and rewarding shopping experience. We highly recommend using Boomerang if you want to transform ordinary customers into loyal brand ambassadors and drive business growth.

On the other hand, Hextom: Free Shipping Bar offers a savvy approach to increasing customer order value and optimizing sales conversions. With customizable messages that adapt as buyers add to their carts, you can entice customers to reach the free shipping threshold effortlessly. This app utilizes advanced targeting options such as geo location and customer profiles to deliver the most impactful messaging, maximizing sales conversions. By appealing to customers' thrifty nature and providing a solution to inspire them to spend more, Hextom elegantly boosts your bottom line. We recommend using Hextom if you want to optimize your sales strategy and drive customer motivation to reach the free shipping benchmark.

Boomerang: Unlimited UGC Shopify AppBoomerang: Unlimited UGC
Hextom: Free Shipping Bar Shopify AppHextom: Free Shipping Bar
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